My Exercise Classes [+ Convenient Snacks]


As you may already know, I have two jobs. I have my full-time job as a high school art teacher, and then my second job as a group exercise instructor. For the last three or four years, I have been teaching two Spinning classes each week, and occasionally cover a class for another instructor as needed. Sometimes in the summer, I am lucky enough to teach a class every day, because of instructors going on vacation. In recent months, I’ve been subbing Bodypump classes, which has been really great.

A few weeks ago, the aerobics coordinator at my gym (the boss lady :)) contacted me about possibly picking up some additional classes. She let me in on the secret that Fitness First (the gym I teach at) would be purchasing another gym in Frederick, and it might be opening in the next few weeks (and that nothing was completely certain yet- and to be flexible and ready to teach at a moment’s notice)! I told her that of course was interested in picking up some classes- I love to teach! About a week ago, the boss lady contacted me again and asked if I wanted to pick up a Spinning and a Bodypump class on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. I jumped on that opportunity and happily picked up the extra four classes. So now, I have six classes a week! I’m really excited about this, because it will make me a better instructor and lets me do what I love- and the money is pretty nice too. Let’s face it, it’s awesome to get paid to work out. If only that could translate to a full-time job…

Some people might think it’s nuts to teach 6 classes on top of having a full-time job (and people have told me that!), but it works for me. I’m going to be working out anyway- why not get the most of out it?


Yesterday as I was leaving the gym, I noticed a basket of freebies at the front desk. The gym is often mailed sample items like this, and I almost always grab whatever it is. This time it was Dole Real Fruit Bites. I quickly grabbed one of each flavor, thinking it might be a good pre-workout snack- especially for those early morning classes.

When I got to work, I dug one of the bags out to read the ingredients:

Whoa... my skin is dry.

Whoa! That’s a lot of ingredients- half of which I can’t pronounce! I think I’ll stick to my standard pre-workout half banana with a spoonful of peanut butter.

I’m not really big on pre-packaged stuff, period. I think it’s really important to take the extra time to prepare things that taste good and keep me full (or give me energy, if it’s pre-workout). And usually, for the calories, I’d rather just make something from scratch or grab something simple (like whole grain bread with almond butter) with minimal ingredients. That being said, there are times that it is really helpful to have something that is pre-packaged to grab and go. I always keep a few energy/protein bars on hand for this very reason- but I’m very picky and particular about what I buy. I discovered Rise bars at M.O.M. the over the weekend, and bought this flavor:

The ingredients for this bar include Almonds, Honey and Whey Protein Isolate. That’s it- just 3 ingredients! They had a lot of really delicious sounding flavors, but I chose this one because it was super high in protein (20 g). I ate it on Monday morning, after I got to work. I had worked out that morning and had a small smoothie right afterwards, and it was about an hour and a half later that I had this bar. It was really delicious, but my stomach was grumbling an hour later. This once again proved that bars just do not fill me up.

One more thing- look what I finally got yesterday:

Yay! I chose gray because I wanted something neutral. Greg thinks these are the ugliest shoes ever, but I love ‘em.

What do you eat before working out? What about right after?