Airport stuff


The flight from Logan airport in Boston to BWI (Baltimore) is surprisingly short. I almost always forget just how short it is- right around an hour! We got to the airport around 8:15 yesterday to catch a 9:30 flight. But, we were up before 6 am in order to get to the airport on time. I’m not a big fan of airplane travel, but unfortunately, it’s usually the quickest option. It’s not flying that I don’t like, I’m actually fine with that. It’s all of the hassle to get to the airport early, get through security, rush to be early, only to find out that your flight is delayed. Greg and I actually have horrible luck with this- we’ve even had to sleep at the airport before, which was probably the most miserable night of my life. But, that’s another story for another time.

We got to the airport really fast yesterday and breezed through security. There was literally no one in line at our gate! Awesome!

Since we were in Boston, I had to play the part and get a typical Boston-ite breakfast.

Come on, people- you should know me well enough by now. Do you really think that I would have a doughnut for breakfast? Not in a million years. This was Greg’s.

Greg’s a big fan of Dunkin’ Donuts… I guess that’s the New Englander in him. Truth be told, doughnuts do absolutely nothing for me. I would pretty much choose anything else for breakfast- healthy or not. I think doughnuts are a waste, because they’re usually gone in about 4 bites and full of nothing that makes me feel good. If I was ever to eat one, it would probably be for dessert.

My breakfast was much more satisfying!

I asked for a cup of hot water at Cosi and mixed in one of my oatmeal-to-go bags that I made before we left our house on Saturday. I added in a banana and some Barney butter, and it was perfect! The Cosi at the airport actually had an oatmeal bar, which was very cool, but the oatmeal itself looked a little gross. Nothing better than getting to eat my breakfast while catching up on blogs! Thanks airport WiFi!

I actually didn’t get too far into my blog reading, because of this distraction:

Greg and I are totally lame awesome. We play against each other right when we’re sitting side by side. Here’s my hair gel drawing for him:

And his “Horton.” I thought this was pretty cute!

We eventually boarded the plane, and I reached for the goods:


Even better, our flight was only about half full, so we had a whole row to ourselves.

Right after I took this photo, the captain announced that something had to be checked on the engine, and it would be another 10-15 minutes before we took off. That turned into about 45, but Greg and I weren’t complaining because we had WiFi and iPads to keep us entertained. Ahh, technology…

We made it home safe and sound, and were THRILLED to see our pups. We always miss them so much. :)

Just wondering- do you find that you eat more when you travel? Not like, do you eat more on vacation because you’re at restaurants, but like, on the plane, in the car, etc.? I find that I am always hungry when traveling. I don’t know if it’s boredom or having your food be the only thing you can control or what, but I snack like crazy! I was actually good about it yesterday, because the oatmeal was filling and the flight was short, but in general I’m just waiting for the next meal!