Spills, Thrills and Instagram [obsession!]


Just a quick note to start: I’m in the process of (finally) moving my blog to self-hosting… as soon as I can figure out how the heck to do it. I am so illiterate about these things. I spend an hour trying to follow the “easy” step-by-step instructions on WordPress.org yesterday and gave up. If anyone wants to do this for me, let me know. :)

If you tried to visit my blog yesterday, you may have missed this post.

Moving right along- yes, as the title says, the weekend was full of spills, thrills and spending WAY too much time looking at Instagram.

Let’s start with the spills!

I had the house to myself all weekend (well, me and the two mutts) because Greg has been in Chicago for work since Friday morning and comes back sometime tonight (hopefully- this crazy weather will surely cause some flight delays…). The forecast called for rain and nasty weather all weekend, so I got out of the house pretty quickly on Saturday morning to squeeze in a quick trail run. I wanted to stay in bed and snuggle with the pups, but didn’t want to miss my chance at being outside before the monsoon started. It ended up not raining until much later in the afternoon, so in the end I could have waited… but whatever.

The weather in the morning was gorgeous. I was really excited to try out my new trail-running shoes that I bought recently, and had only work for hiking so far. I set out for my favorite 5-ish mile loop at Gambrill and felt great. I was running fast and loving life. And the scenery was beautiful, as always.

I love seeing these little rock piles. I’ve seen them on hiking trails all around the country. :)

I had only passed by a few people on the trail. I was a little surprised that more people weren’t out, but it was kind of early after all. So there I was, running along, not a care in the world when SPLAT! I face-planted running downhill. I was on a pretty technical section, but I also know these trails like the back of my hand. I know ever rock and root and where to step- but apparently that didn’t help. I kind of braced my fall with my forearms, but my legs took a beating. I just laid there for a minute and thought oh crap…. I moved my ankles and thank God I hadn’t twisted one of them. I pulled my legs up and sat on my butt and felt my left leg throbbing. I rolled up my pant leg and saw a huge gash right below my knee – a pretty deep cut with a good amount of blood. I had scrapes on my ankles, arms and other leg, but no other real blood (well, until I noticed that I had also cut one of my fingers!). I stood up and bent my knee, whichkilled. I leaned against a tree for a minute and thought about what to do. I felt nauseous and thought I might puke, but I didn’t. :) I was exactly half way through the trail (of course!) and had just ran down a huge, long hill, so turning back around was not appealing. The hill I was running down leveled out a little further ahead, and then it was flat before one more big incline to get back to the parking lot. I decided to just keep going. I hobbled along, as fast as I could, which definitely wasn’t the same pace I was running right before. I was covered in dirt from head to toe and probably looked pretty interesting, but luckily, I didn’t pass a single person on the way back up!

I’ve fallen a few times while trail-running, but never had anything more than a scrape. I haven’t had a bad fall in a long time- my last “bad” one was three and a half years ago, and that was on pavement, with a lot more blood involved.

Here’s the damage, which looks pretty tame actually.

If you can avert your eyes from my gigantic bunion, you’ll see my next future scar (just adding another to the collection!). My leg hurt so much that I dashed all of my plans to be productive for the remaining hours of the morning and sat on the couch with a big pack of ice on my leg and two pups curled up beside me. That wasn’t so bad.

Later on in the afternoon, I got ready, hobbled out to my car, and headed over to my mom’s house for my step-dad Joe’s  “surprise” birthday party. He knew that all of the kids were coming, but the surprise was that a number of other people came over too. We had a really nice night! I really wish Greg could have been there, but it’s always fun hanging out with my family.

We had an awesome dinner of pizza and salad, which was followed by the opening of presents. The first gift that Joe opened was from his friends Dawn and Bill, which was a gag gift that they keep re-gifting back and and forth. It was some weird-o frog sculpture thing that Joe brought back for Dawn from New Orleans about 30 years ago. We were all cracking up over this one- Joe even had tears in his eyes. :)

My niece, Makayla very patiently waited for Joe to open her present, which was a beautiful hand-made booklet called “10 Reasons why we love Grandpa.” Her and her brother thought of 10 reasons to write and drew illustrations on each page. It was so sweet. :)

You can see that the boys had lost interest by this point (the blur on the left), and decided to wrestle instead.

Here’s me with my stepsister Casey and stepsister-in-law, Tiffany.

And then it was time for cake! Or should I say, cakes.

My Aunt Janet made a carrot cake:

And my mom picked up a fudge and peanut butter cake from a local farmer’s market that they go to every Saturday. (You can see on the bottom right corner that Joe couldn’t resist trying the frosting!)

Of course, I had a little slice of both. And ice cream. And then went back for seconds! My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach and my tummy definitely felt upset later. Whatever, it was worth it.


On Sunday I woke up to a throbbing knee and immediately downed some Advil. I headed out to the gym to do Bodypump (by myself) before teaching my 8:30 spin class, and hoped that my leg wouldn’t give me problems. Thank goodness, it was fine. The only thing I couldn’t do were lunges in Bodypump, but the Spinning actually felt great.

To make up for the sitting around I did on Saturday, I spent the rest of Sunday marathon cleaning. It was raining pretty heavily all day long, which motivated me to do things inside that I usually ditch for playing outdoors. When I wasn’t cleaning, I was probably playing with Instagram.I am obsessed. Here are some photos that I took over the last few days…

From Saturday’s trail run: the overlook along the black/green trail at Gambrill where Greg and I had our private ceremony on the morning of our wedding:

Kombucha, which was on sale at Mom’s:

Yesterday’s lunch (tempeh, kelp noodles, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms with a peanut flour/Bragg’s sauce):

And of course, the boys:

Jackson passed out while I was folding laundry:

Lance likes to run around with an empty dog food bag in his mouth, but I wasn’t able to catch him doing that and got this instead.

And from today- breakfast:

That’s a high-protein bagel (I’ll elaborate more on that tomorrow!) with peanut flour “butter” and banana, and a Siggi’s with strawberries.

I’m off to conquer the work week (and hope that this stupid cut on my leg stops hurting)!

Have you ever taken a spill while running? Are you on Instagram? (my username is laurenbeach1- feel free to follow me!)