I’m leaving for Colorado today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am just a little excited. But before I am able to get on the plane, I’ve got to take care of some stuff. First thing on the list? Packing.

I am horrible at packing. I would venture to say that I am the worst packer ever. And you would think that I would have gotten the hang of it by now! Greg and I go on trips quite often- and fly several times each year. Yet, I still manage to suck at the whole packing thing. To my credit- I have managed to just bring a carry-on bag nearly every time we go to Boston.

Packing for a trip that will most likely involve a lot of hiking is the worst. And typically, every vacation that we take has a lot of outdoor adventure (hiking, biking, etc.) involved. You have to consider what you’ll be wearing each day… hiking apparel (including hiking shoes), jackets, backpacks, etc…. And then you also have to think about what to wear for the rest of the day/night. So that’s at least two outfits per day, plus whatever you’re going to sleep in. For this particular trip- I’ll need all of those things PLUS workout clothes for the morning boot camps. I also plan to practice Bodypump on Friday morning (with whatever equipment they’ve got) in the hotel gym, so that I can stay fresh with the choreography.

I always, always make a packing list:

If I actually stuck to packing just what was on the list, I’d be fine! But I generally end up bringing 2-3 times the amount of clothing that I actually end up wearing. The problem is, I have no idea today what I’ll feel like wearing on Sunday- I need options! I’m not a fashionista – FAR from it in fact, but I do like to choose what I’m going to wear about 5 minutes before I get dressed. As much of a crazy planner as I am- I just don’t like to plan ahead in that way.

I typically always bring a ton of snacks and breakfast things, but I’m actually bring NO food this time. Well, except for a maybe a few snacks for the plane ride out.

Since we’ll be staying right by a Whole Foods, I can stock up on a few items there. Plus, I’m thinking that we’re going to be getting a ton of goodies in the swag bags from Blend- so I won’t be a shortage for granola or bars. :)

And I always bring my own sweetener… in case I need it. :)

I also always leave a note for our friend that watches our house and dogs while we’re gone. We have a really sweet deal worked out with a friend Justin who stays here when we go away, and in return, we take his dog in when he’s out of town. It saves us both a LOT of money. He likes house-sitting for us, and it’s much easier to not have to pack up all of your dogs’ stuff too when you’re already packing up everything for yourself. Justin’s stayed at our house so many times that he knows where everything is and all of our dogs’ quirks, but I always leave him a note anyway.

For now, I’ve got a plane to catch! See you in Colorado. :)

Are you good at packing? Tell me your secret if you are!


  1. You have to read the CNC packing post. She’s insane !! I have no secrets. I always bring tons of books that are so heavy. But I usually read them all. I guess my secret is I need a kindle. lol. have so much fun!

  2. That is SO exciting!

    I always roll my clothes to make them fit, and I choose ONE main color (black OR brown) to make outfits around. It helps tons!

    HAVE fun :)

  3. I am terrible at packing, too. I way, way, way overpack. Usually I just throw everything I currently like in my closet in my bag and call it good.

  4. I’m already stressing. I need like 3 outfits for Saturday but we need to have room for schwag! Argh!!!

    • I packed exactly what I need… Which was HARD! I also figure that I might buy a few things out there…. ;)

  5. nancyo says:

    hey! I live in Colorado. Do you need any suggestions on food places or hikes?

    Eh – I’m going to tell you anyway,

    My favorite local hike is South Boulder Peak in Eldorado Springs. My favorite food places are Root Down, Snooze and Little Man.

    Oh – and if you have time – check out Core Power Yoga. The best studios are JustinK Live Music Class (or any of Justin’s classes), Hot Yoga Sculpt (for butt kicking) with JessicaDe or Hot Power Fusion on with NancyV.

    Let me know if I can help in any way.

    • Thanks Nancy! Look out for my post tomorrow- its all about where I’ve been during my trips to Colorado. :)
      We actually have reservations at Root Down tomorrow! We went two or three years ago and LOVED it! I will definitely look up that hike- we haven’t decided where we’re hiking Friday and were thinking either Golden Gate Canyon or El Dorado Canyon (I guess that’s different than what you said?) we’ve been to and loved both.
      We are going to Loveland Pass and then to Breck and Frisco tomorrow. :)
      I can’t wait!

  6. nancyo says:

    OH, Qi Fitness has a killer hot spin class .. you know, in case you want to go spinning then have some oatmeal

  7. We’ll be staying next to a whole foods! OMG. i don’t have one near by. So I think I better bring an extra suitcase…. just saying. ;)

    • Well… My hotel wed/thurs is next to a Whole Foods.. But there IS one in Boulder too. Plus a Sunflower market, which is equally as awesome. :)

  8. I always bring my own sweetener too! Although, Jason advised me not to take packets of white powder to Mexico when we went last year. Point taken.

  9. Welcome back! I’m not sure what hotel you’re staying in but you might want to check out a 24 Hour Fitness – I know they have the BodyPump classes so I’m sure they’d have the equipment! ANd they’re all over Denver. See you this weekend (and maybe tomorrow!)

  10. OMG sooo excited you will be here…but sad I won’t get to meet you till next time! Have a great trip, enjoy meeting bloggers, and be CONFIDENT cause you look amazing!

  11. I hate having to wait for checked luggage so I’ve gotten pretty good at fitting everything into a bag small enough to work as a carry on…and then my “purse/personal item” is a fully stuffed back pack! My biggest space saver…simplify the shoes!

    Enjoy your flight, welcome to Colorado and see you this weekend! :)

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