I Love You, Blend: Part II

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats to read about the rest of Blend- so here it is! And I promise- it’s a lot shorter that part one. :)

I woke up Sunday morning with mixed emotions.  I was really excited to get the day started with another boot camp, followed by breakfast and a hike. But I was also really sad that in a few short hours, it would all be over, and we would all be saying our goodbyes. I was also really glad that I took it easy on the drinks the night before and wasn’t waking up to feeling like I wanted to spend the day with my head in a toilet.

Sunday morning started with another fabulous boot camp, let by Tiffany and the fabulous Chobani Fit team!

This workout was a lot different than the one that we did the day before, but both were equally awesome, butt-kicking and fun! After some warming up (more running, squatting, lunging, etc.), we were divided into different teams. Each team rotated to different stations and did 50 reps each of two different exercises.

There was a lot of leg + glute work and my booty was burning up by the end (and my quads!!) but it was all good. We finished with a much-needed stretching session, which felt amazing.

After the quickest shower + blow dry + change of clothes in history (12 minutes!) I headed over to eat our delicious Chobani sponsored breakfast. Of course, there were lots of containers of Chobani yogurt:

Hard-boiled eggs and fresh fruit:

Assorted bagels with peanut butter, cream cheese, and jelly:

And some boxes of Love Grown Foods granola that we all couldn’t keep our hands out of!

The little single-serve packets are the best. I may or may not have filled my purse with them.


(I also had half a bagel with peanut butter- I had to fuel up for one more big hike after breakfast!)

After breakfast, it was time for the three amigas to raffle off some prizes. The sponsors sure were generous, and there were some really great stuff!

I had my eye on the Bob’s Red Mill $50 gift card (which Laura won!), but was definitely happy with my prize: a month’s supply of KIND bars!

Here’s Calee, Kelly and me with our winnings!

(Calee won a nice Chobani Fit gym bag and Kelly got a huge box of Pro Bars and a Pro Bar hat.)

I also got about 10 years’ worth of NuNaturals stevia that was left over from breakfast.

Seriously, I’ll never have to buy stevia again.

I had a great chat with the lovely Emily from Chobani- who is just the sweetest! And it turns out that her mom is an acupuncturist in Frederick – right where I live! We posed for one last group shot before leaving breakfast.

Kelly, Lynne, Emily, me, Amy (who is the cutest little preggo ever!) and Tiffany.

After breakfast, we all gathered outside to do a few group shots. Luckily again, I had my photographer husband to capture it! First, a serious shot:

And then, of course, we had to all flex our muscles!

(I gotta say- my biceps look pretty good!)

And then … it was time to say goodbye.





There were lots of hugs, smiles and tears as well all said goodbye. I went back to my cottage to finish packing up my stuff, and enjoyed a few last moments of company with of some of my favorite Colorado girls:

Megan, me, Lynne, Tiffany and Heidi.

And just one more with ma bitches:

Okay, one more photo… me and Greg.

I forgot to mention yesterday- THIS was the view from our cottage!

Yeah- we will definitely be staying there again (and hopefully next year for Blend 2013)! Greg says that next year he will go away and camp while I blend. :)

I still can’t get over how wonderful this whole experience was, and how much it changed me as a person. I have made some true friends for life. And really- I am kind of amazed at how close I feel to so many of these girls in such a short amount of time. Some of them I truly feel like I have known for years- and I will know them for years to come! (And this will be a lot easier whenever we make that move to Colorado!)

I’ve never had an experience quite like this- and felt so inspired to be a better person, to live life, and to love me (and stop being so critical of myself all of the time).

(One more thing I learned about myself last weekend? I need an iPhone intervention. Or more specifically, an Instagram intervention.)

I need to give a big thank you and BIG HUG to everyone that made this event happen- from the bottom of my heart: thank you, and I love you all.


  1. Woman, your biceps are intense in that photo! ;)

  2. I love those group shots – they are so bright and airy and you can see how happy everyone is! Poor Greg did an awesome job with all the ladies this weekend, but I don’t blame him from passing next year. ;)

  3. Haha. embrace the iPhone addiction!!! :) I love that Greg was there with you!! haha. that totally sounds like something i would trick kevin into. and that view is amazing!!

  4. that view!!! i would love to wake up everyday to it. and to all the lovely people from blend. there cannot possibly be a better group of women in the world!

  5. Holy Moly looks like so much fun! You’re a girl after my own heart, I LOVE free food. And if it’s still there at the end, you better believe it’s going home with me, I totally would have taken all those granola samples.

  6. Looks like an amazing time. I really want to go next year!

  7. You’re right–your biceps are HOT!

    SOunds amazing, that is for sure!!! Glad you had a blast :)

  8. Check out your bicep in that pic! Hot! That weekend was seriously the best. Can’t wait to go again. And I think you need to come become an honorary Atlanta blogger and hang out with us.

  9. Poor Greg…all those girls…haha. I’m so happy you had a great time at Blend and colorado again. You guys need to start REALLY looking to move here!! You look like you fit in with Lynne and Tiffany so easily…I need to join! Hope to see you in July girl!

  10. i wanna go back!!

  11. It was so great meeting you, Lauren! I hope we get to hang again soon. And preferably, somewhere just as beautiful as Chautauqua. Though, I could settle for downtown Frederick. :)


    Nothing but good,



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