Weekend Snapshots


Hello and Happy Monday! As much as it saddens me to write this, today’s post isn’t about Blend. But don’t worry- I’m sure there will be another one about it in the near future. :)

This post is about my fabulous weekend! (And warning- it’s an Instagram photo explosion! I didn’t even touch my DSLR all weekend. Horrible, I know.)

Saturday morning means sleeping in- which is exactly what we did: until 7:30! Wild, I tell you (hey- when you wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 during the week, 7:30 is a dream!). After finally getting out of bed, Greg and I made some breakfast and headed to Home Depot to buy some gardening supplies. I saw these whiskey barrels and wanted one so bad- it would be perfect for a little herb garden!

But, I didn’t get one. Greg suggested that I email our friend that works at Flying Dog Brewery first to see if they get rid of barrels there. When we were standing at the checkout, there was a little flower garden sitting in a fire and ice bowl, which I thought was also a great idea- and we already have one of those at home.

We bought a bunch of soil, mulch, flowers and a tomato plant. (And paper towels + tp, since it’s cheaper there!)

After Home Depot, we headed over to the Farmers’ Market, which just started back up last weekend! (Yay!!) One of the vendors had these two little kittens at his stand! I’m not a cat person – at all – but even I couldn’t resist these two. :)

I bought eggs, strawberries, salad greens, kale, bread and some herbs to plant- including this!

I’ve never actually seen a stevia plant before. I don’t know what I’ll do with it- but wanted to get it anyway!

After leaving the farmers’ market, we went home to quickly unload the car and grab the boys to head up the mountain for a hike. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. I grabbed my fitmixer amino (LOVE THIS STUFF!!) to fuel me up for a little hiking.

At the trail head, we ran into my good friend Brie, who had just finished a bad-ass trail run!

Brie and I are so much alike, we even buy the same shoes!

Greg and I headed out on the trail, which was remarkably easy. I don’t know if it was the trail itself (it was one that I haven’t done much) or the fact that our last hike was at a much higher altitude (and much more strenuous in general. I always feel like a super athlete when I come back from Colorado, since everything is more intense out there.). Regardless, it was a good hike and nice to be out with my favorite guys.

After our hike, we came back home and enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio.

I toasted a piece of Naan bread with ham, cheddar and roasted red peppers for Greg (along with chips, celery and hummus) and I had an awesome salad with an egg from the farmers’ market, avocado (I’m a little obsessed with the egg + avocado combo lately) and some crushed up Beanitos from my swag bag.

Salsa was added after the photo was taken- and man, this combo is DELICIOUS.

Jackson watched over the yard for us while we ate.

I had to go run a few errands in the afternoon, so Greg got started on some weed whacking and mulching in the yard. When I got back, we planted some begonias in the flower bed behind our tulips (which are now all dead)

and some petunias around the mailbox- which I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now!

And I made my little herb garden, which contains dill, oregano, stevia, sage, basil, cinnamon basil (yum!) and cilantro. I am horrible at raising plants and herbs, so I hope these don’t die. I just have to remember to water them!

A little later, we enjoyed another nice meal on the patio (I never get sick of dining al fresco!). I bought some Gardein veggie burgers at my co-op that afternoon and was eager to try them. I made a little fresh guacamole to put on top, along with some baked kale chips and sweet potato.

Dinner was great- but I was more excited about desert! I had been reading (the adorable) Amy’s blog earlier that day and came across a photo of chocolate banana “ice cream.” Of all of the times I’ve made banana ice cream (which is just frozen bananas blended up into a creamy consistency), I’ve never thought to add chocolate protein powder! Genius! Luckily I had a ton of frozen bananas in the freezer, and had bought a pack of this so I was all set.

For two servings, I threw 3 small frozen bananas, the protein powder and a little almond milk in the Vitamix and blended away.  It took all of 60 seconds to make- and was totally decadent.

Toppings were a crumbled up (vegan) cookie, peanut butter and a few carob chips. Unintentionally vegan- and super delicious.

Greg and I ended the night by watching Goonies. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I practically have it memorized (and couldn’t help but talk along with it several times). Greg had only seen it once or twice and it had been decades- which I couldn’t believe! It had been a little while since I had seen it last, but was as AWESOME as I remember.


Sunday morning started super early, since my Spinning class was changed from 8:30 to 8:00. I like to get my Bodypump workout in before  I teach on Sundays (since I’m just doing it by myself and not teaching a Bodypump class that day), so I was at the gym by 7. It felt REALLY GOOD to work so intensely and sweat like crazy that morning!

When I got back home around 9:30, I was greeted by two puppies running around, one of which had a card in his mouth (and was hard to photograph!).

How cute!

The boys also got me some flowers.

Apparently they picked them out themselves and just needed to borrow some money from dad and get a ride to the store. ;)

(Yes, Greg and I celebrate both Mothers’ and Fathers’ day, since we are the proud parents of Jackson and Lance!)

I love these little goobers.

Greg headed out to meet a friend for some mountain biking, and I made myself a delicious protein-packed breakfast.

A mini Vega smoothie and some SUPER protein lemon-blueberry pancakes. Oh man. These pancakes were so good- I might just have to make them for dinner tonight (recipe to follow, I promise).

I spent the next few hours trying to clean up around the house a little bit and finally unpack my awesome Blend swag bag. Greg, the dogs and I headed over to my mom and stepdad’s house in the afternoon. The boys all stayed behind while my mom and I ran out to a nearby nursery to look at some trees and flowers that she wanted to buy.

There was SO much great stuff there- and I have to say- the quality was much better than what I had seen at Home Depot the day before. But of course, the price was much higher as well.

When we got back to my mom’s, I whipped up a fabulous dinner of crab cakes, grilled grouper, roasted squash and some multi-grain rolls that I had bought at the farmers’ market.

We also had a delicious salad, with greens I bought yesterday from the herb guy at the farmers’ market.

Greg cracked open on of these, which I have been dying to try since I first saw them at our beer store in January!

I love all 21st Amendment Brewery beers- and this was no exception! And really- can you think of anything more refreshing than watermelon beer?

Joe (my stepdad) mocked me photographing  my food by shooting his own!


The boys loved playing with their “Uncle” Brady, who is my mom’s favorite child.

He turns 13 this month- and has no problem keeping up with the boys’ crazy energy!

I tried to get a photo of all three, which was nearly impossible.

You can see that Goldens run in the family!

Whenever I eat dinner at my mom’s, she follows it up with a fabulous dessert. Last night it was frozen custard and cookies that are made locally at an organic farm’s market that she shops at. (I devoured it too quickly to take a photo of course.) My eyes were a little bigger than my stomach and I feel pretty squishy today. But- this motivates me even more to clean up my eating a bit (namely, cutting out the mindless eating and added sugar). I’ve been a little relaxed on that for a few weeks, and it’s time to kick that butt back into gear!

Awesome weekend overall- the countdown is already on for next Friday (do I say that every Monday?).

What did you do this past weekend?