fixtmixer bootcamp: The Workouts


Happy Tuesday y’all!

My morning started bright and early with the wonderful sound of my alarm blaring at 4:30…ish telling me to get my butt out of the bed and to the gym.

My spin class doesn’t start until 5:30, but I like to get there a little bit early to do my own workout, which is usually some form of strength training.

Got there at 4:59 today… a few minutes later than I would have liked, but I was dragging…

This morning I did the fitmixer bootcamp workout that I had missed last week (from last Tuesday), which focused on Isometric movements. As you can see, I was wide awake and ready to ROLL!

This workout focused on slow movements coupled with a few faster repetitions and worked the biceps, triceps, abs and back, and took about 20 minutes.

Then I went in here and taught a 50-minute sweaty spin session (and took pleasure in showing no mercy for participants in the class!).

We’re getting new bikes at the end of the month! Yipee!!!

My butt was thoroughly kicked- all before 6:30 in the morning. Most sane people are still asleep at that hour, right? :)


Let’s talk a little about the fitmixer bootcamp workouts.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that I am absolutely loving this process. It’s tough, challenging (mentally and physically), but it’s also just what I need.

I’ll be honest- the workouts were something that I was very skeptical about before I signed up for this program. Not because I was afraid of the exercises or didn’t think I could/would do them- but more that I didn’t want to overdo it and add another hour or so of exercise onto my workout schedule, which is already pretty full! One week into the program, I’m happy to say that I’ve easily been able to perform and adapt the workouts to fit my needs. And I have had my butt kicked by every single one! Even though I joined the boot camp two days late, I was still able to get all but one of the workouts in during the first week.

On days that I teach Spinning and Bodypump back to back (Wed and Fri), I just do that and not the fitmixer workouts. On Sunday and Tuesday mornings, I’ll do the workout before I teach. As for the other three days: Monday and Thursday will be devoted to fitmixer workouts (possibly doubling up with the ones I miss on Wed and Fri) and Saturday is REST. Saturday is also my one day for sleeping in, and I look forward to it every single week!

This is how it all works:

Every morning, boot camp participants log in to the “Boot Camp Hub” and can access the workout of the day. The workout itself is broken down in list form and also has a PDF that can be downloaded to print out.

A video is also posted that shows the fit mixer ladies performing each exercise and explaining how to maintain proper form (which is super helpful!).

(This is the workout I missed last week, but did today!)

Most workouts don’t involve any equipment and can be performed anywhere- which is a huge bonus. And the best thing? None take more than 30 minutes to complete! I’m a big fan of working at a higher level on intensity for a shorter amount of time. It kind of eliminates that whole excuse that I hear people say all the time of  “I don’t have time to work out.”

There’s also a comments section on each of the daily workouts where participants can compare notes!

I love reading the comments and seeing what everyone else thinks of the workouts!

You can access any of the previous workouts on the side bar in the Boot Camp Hub, which is really convenient. That way, if you want to repeat one of the workouts or if you missed one, you can easily find them in one place. I’m a big fan of things being organized and easy to find!

One thing I really appreciate about the workouts (from what I’ve seen so far) is that they are all so different. Many of the exercises from last week had me drenched with sweat within five minutes, and wanting to collapse to the floor by the time I was done (which is a good thing, of course). Yesterday’s workout (which is listed on the print out above) actually didn’t leave me too sweaty- but that doesn’t mean it was easy. It focused on the hamstrings, back and core more than anything else and had the option of repeating it several times (or until your legs were ready to fall off). I went through it three times, and was still smiling at the end (and just a little bit sweaty)!

My muscles were happy- but very tired!

One thing that I’ve been slacking on a bit is devoting the proper amount of time to stretching after my workouts. When I’m teaching classes, it’s incorporated into the workout. When I’m working out on my own, it’s up to me to make sure it’s done, and that doesn’t always happen. I think I’m going to make a suggestion to Robin to put together a 5-10 minute guided stretching video for us to watch after workouts. I’d probably be a lot more likely to do it that way (and a foam rolling video would be even better…).

Speaking of which, I definitely ran out of the gym without stretching this morning. Good thing I have a deep tissue massage lined up for this afternoon- I’m going to need it!

Have a great day!

Did you exercise today- and what did you do? How much time do you typically devote to your workouts?