fixtmixer bootcamp: The Workouts

Happy Tuesday y’all!

My morning started bright and early with the wonderful sound of my alarm blaring at 4:30…ish telling me to get my butt out of the bed and to the gym.

My spin class doesn’t start until 5:30, but I like to get there a little bit early to do my own workout, which is usually some form of strength training.

Got there at 4:59 today… a few minutes later than I would have liked, but I was dragging…

This morning I did the fitmixer bootcamp workout that I had missed last week (from last Tuesday), which focused on Isometric movements. As you can see, I was wide awake and ready to ROLL!

This workout focused on slow movements coupled with a few faster repetitions and worked the biceps, triceps, abs and back, and took about 20 minutes.

Then I went in here and taught a 50-minute sweaty spin session (and took pleasure in showing no mercy for participants in the class!).

We’re getting new bikes at the end of the month! Yipee!!!

My butt was thoroughly kicked- all before 6:30 in the morning. Most sane people are still asleep at that hour, right? :)


Let’s talk a little about the fitmixer bootcamp workouts.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that I am absolutely loving this process. It’s tough, challenging (mentally and physically), but it’s also just what I need.

I’ll be honest- the workouts were something that I was very skeptical about before I signed up for this program. Not because I was afraid of the exercises or didn’t think I could/would do them- but more that I didn’t want to overdo it and add another hour or so of exercise onto my workout schedule, which is already pretty full! One week into the program, I’m happy to say that I’ve easily been able to perform and adapt the workouts to fit my needs. And I have had my butt kicked by every single one! Even though I joined the boot camp two days late, I was still able to get all but one of the workouts in during the first week.

On days that I teach Spinning and Bodypump back to back (Wed and Fri), I just do that and not the fitmixer workouts. On Sunday and Tuesday mornings, I’ll do the workout before I teach. As for the other three days: Monday and Thursday will be devoted to fitmixer workouts (possibly doubling up with the ones I miss on Wed and Fri) and Saturday is REST. Saturday is also my one day for sleeping in, and I look forward to it every single week!

This is how it all works:

Every morning, boot camp participants log in to the “Boot Camp Hub” and can access the workout of the day. The workout itself is broken down in list form and also has a PDF that can be downloaded to print out.

A video is also posted that shows the fit mixer ladies performing each exercise and explaining how to maintain proper form (which is super helpful!).

(This is the workout I missed last week, but did today!)

Most workouts don’t involve any equipment and can be performed anywhere- which is a huge bonus. And the best thing? None take more than 30 minutes to complete! I’m a big fan of working at a higher level on intensity for a shorter amount of time. It kind of eliminates that whole excuse that I hear people say all the time of  “I don’t have time to work out.”

There’s also a comments section on each of the daily workouts where participants can compare notes!

I love reading the comments and seeing what everyone else thinks of the workouts!

You can access any of the previous workouts on the side bar in the Boot Camp Hub, which is really convenient. That way, if you want to repeat one of the workouts or if you missed one, you can easily find them in one place. I’m a big fan of things being organized and easy to find!

One thing I really appreciate about the workouts (from what I’ve seen so far) is that they are all so different. Many of the exercises from last week had me drenched with sweat within five minutes, and wanting to collapse to the floor by the time I was done (which is a good thing, of course). Yesterday’s workout (which is listed on the print out above) actually didn’t leave me too sweaty- but that doesn’t mean it was easy. It focused on the hamstrings, back and core more than anything else and had the option of repeating it several times (or until your legs were ready to fall off). I went through it three times, and was still smiling at the end (and just a little bit sweaty)!

My muscles were happy- but very tired!

One thing that I’ve been slacking on a bit is devoting the proper amount of time to stretching after my workouts. When I’m teaching classes, it’s incorporated into the workout. When I’m working out on my own, it’s up to me to make sure it’s done, and that doesn’t always happen. I think I’m going to make a suggestion to Robin to put together a 5-10 minute guided stretching video for us to watch after workouts. I’d probably be a lot more likely to do it that way (and a foam rolling video would be even better…).

Speaking of which, I definitely ran out of the gym without stretching this morning. Good thing I have a deep tissue massage lined up for this afternoon- I’m going to need it!

Have a great day!

Did you exercise today- and what did you do? How much time do you typically devote to your workouts?


  1. I love that your phone background is us Blend ladies :) So cute. I also love all your info/descriptions of the bootcamp exercises. I MIGHT have to sign up for the next one. MIGHT :) Do you know when the next one starts? August? As for workout today – I will be running about 2.5 miles, then ending at the playground with this fabulous workout I found this morning by Ashley over at My Food N Fitness Diaries! I’m sooooooooooo excited!!

    • I lover her playground workout- and the detailed photos and descriptions! I gotta say though- I’d be pretty amazed with myself if I could do the monkey bar sit-ups. Probably NOT happening.
      I would imagine that the next bootcamp would start in August. It would be a great way to switch things up and have some extra motivation for sure- AND to get in some great muscle-building exercises!

  2. Gillian says:

    Haha, I like how at 9:30am, your question about working out is in the past tense. You are already 4 hours into your day before I even roll out of bed (and today was an “early” morning)! I cant get into the gym until I register for summer classes, so Ive been hitting the trails around here–biking, “running”, walking etc. And I cant WAIT to get my spin bike!

  3. Your workout sounds great. I love that you have access to a video, that’s one of my issues is not knowing how to do an exercise properly. And the comment section, so helpful. I love a good workout and have very recently started to implement weights (it’s about time) I love feeling sore and knowing what I am doing is working.

    • Having some demonstrate the moves properly is definitely key!
      I love/hate being sore. Of course it hurts, but I just think “my muscles are getting stronger!”

  4. Love it – it sounds like so much fun! What I noticed from doing the bootcamps at Blend is how much doing something new challenges your body differently. I wonder if I could do this plus running/biking and not want to shoot myself – you’ll have to tell me after a few weeks if you think that would be do-able.

    And YES, I got up and ran this morning. Not far or fast, but I got my butt out the door!

    • So far it’s all do-able. And school is out in 3 weeks, so after that, it will DEFINITELY be do-able for me. Heck, I can work out all day after that if I want to (but um, no. that won’t be happening).

  5. LUCKY! Deep tissue massage sounds amazing!! And this bootcamp seems like it rocks! That is awesome that you’ve found something that works for YOU. I am impressed you do it all :)

    • Deep tissue is definitely essential! Especially when you beat your body up on a daily basis. I budget for it (and mine’s realllllly cheap).

  6. ur so dedicated to be up that early!! good for u!

    i usually workout for an hr or so. i love fitmixer’s bootcamp setup and will definitely have to try it next time. today im heading to prenatal yoga…pretty slow..but feels good!

    • Given that you’ve stayed in such good shape, I predict that you’ll be back in your ‘pre-baby’ body within 5 minutes! :)
      The bootcamp is awesome though- definitely look into it in the future!

  7. I have been doing my own thing AND the workouts, too, and I like it. They aren’t tough in the sense that I can’t take it, they are just new, challenging moves for my body. I am a couple workouts behind, but I think I will make them up on the weekend. Love you!

    • I love that I can pick and choose the workouts- then again- I hate missing one of the fitmixer ones, because when I read the comments they sound so awesome! I’ll have to miss two or three this week, and will just save them for another day. Saturday is rest though- I’m forcing myself to keep it work-out free (unless you count dog walking or hiking as a workout, which I don’t).
      Love you more!

  8. Kudos to you for getting up so early, I just can’t work out in the morning!

  9. your phone background ROCKS!!!

    i can’t believe you wake up that early and actually move. i was sleeping like a baby at that hour. :)

    • Getting out of bed is the hardest part, but once I’m actually at the gym, I’m good! My Tuesday morning class is actually my favorite of all of them. It’s such a crazy dedicated group of people that come to the gym at that hour- I love them!

  10. Whew! You are one motivated woman! I might could manage a 4:30 wake up call once in a blue moon, but to wake up that early and do TWO workouts? Oh geez, I’d be dead! Haha! Honestly, I could probably do the early morning thing more often if I could just get my butt in bed at a decent hour…the past two nights I haven’t climbed into bed before 11am and I have to be up at 5am for work! Miraculously, I have made it to the gym both days this week (in my mind, weeks start on Monday) instead of crashing right after work! Before Blend, I was doing LiveFit and made it all the way through Phase 1, but since getting back from Colorado and finding myself in a bit of a slump (a totally de-motivated slump), I’ve been playing around with different circuit workouts that I make up on the fly. It amazes me how I always seem to underestimate myself when creating a workout…I seem to do a pretty good job of kicking my own butt! Lol I’m with you, I don’t want to be at the gym forever. I typically take no more than 45 minutes to an hour to warmup, workout, and cool down.

    I’ve been hearing EVERYBODY talk about the FitMixer workouts…they sound fun and challenging! And it’s definitely nice to change things up every once in a while!

    • I’m telling you- knowing that I’m getting paid to work out is a huge motivator. Plus, I just really, really love teaching classes. And the bootcamp workout is only 20 minutes- it’s a great warm-up!
      It sounds like you need to catch up on sleep this weekend!

      I was in a big slump before Blend too. Really, I’ve been in a slump for a good 2-3 years. The fitmixer bootcamp is the first thing that’s really kicked my butt into gear, as far as the whole eating right-exercising smart-loving yourself equation is concerned.
      And there’s no reason to spend hours at the gym. I’m telling you- you can get it ALL DONE in 30 minutes or less- you just have to know what to do!

  11. I am SO glad you’re doing this. I have 4 to catch up on. Maybe 5. WHICH is ridiculous. I’m planning to pair a lower-impact one with a high impact one to catch up.

    Also, in Austin, I gained 5 lbs. Because my colon didn’t travel with me apparently. (read: 5 days. No poo! OUCH.) This week’s weight was a little off.

  12. One thing…I miss spinning! I had a nearby gym where I would spin 3 times a week back in WI and I miss it! My job starts before any AM spin classes and I am not a fan of afternoon spinning so I’ll keep missing it…or I’ll buy a bike trainer and make up my own. Just wanted you to know that all your spin talk makes me jealous!


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