7 Randoms For Friday

TGIF!! I’m SO glad that Friday is finally here, and ready to kick off this holiday weekend in style!

Well, maybe not in style… unless you consider wearing my Blend t-shirt and leggings and flip flops “in style.”

Best outfit ever.

I’m not going out of town this weekend- and couldn’t be happier about that. In fact, I don’t even have a whole lot planned, except for having some family over for lunch on Monday. I love being able to do anything or nothing for a few days.


I’ve got a bunch of random things on my mind, so follow along as I go all A.D.D. with this post…

Random #1: I’ve been on a crazy muffin making spree this week- as in microwave protein muffins. Don’t be confused- I still don’t really do any baking that involves an actual oven. I go through phases where I make a different flavor every day- which is super easy to do. I have these for breakfast along with yogurt and fruit and they keep me full for hours.

Yesterday’s combo was definitely a winner:

I combined 1 T of each of the following: Sunwarrior Vanilla Warrior Blend powder, coconut flour and oat bran with 3 T of each: pumpkin puree, egg whites and flax milk, some pumpkin pie seasoning, chia seeds, baking powder and stevia. All mixed together and zapped in the microwave for 2 minutes, and finished off in the toaster oven for that awesome crunch. I just re-heat it when I get to work in the morning.

I topped this one with “homemade applesauce,” which is just 1/2 of an apple chopped up and heated and mashed, sprinkled with cinnamon; peanut flour mixed with chia seeds and flax milk and some plain Fage 2%. I feel like I’m cheating on Chobani, but man- I love 2 % plain Fage SO MUCH.


Random #2: Speaking of Chobani,  I used the last little bit from a 16 oz. container last night to make my lunch for today. And the empty container is perfect for storage!

In the mix: 3 oz chopped up roasted turkey breast, about 2 oz Chobani, 1 tsp Veganaise, 1 tsp dijon mustard, chopped up red onion, celery and tomato, fresh basil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I brought a container of chopped up mixed greens to dump this over, along with some avocado to smash onto a few crackers and top with the turkey salad. The work day is a little easier to get through when you know that a good lunch awaits.


Random #3: I got my laptop worked on recently. I have a Macbook Pro that I bought in 2006, and it was great for a few years. But, for the last two years or so, it’s been running SUPER slow- to the point that I barely want to use it. Opening a file in Photoshop takes at least two minutes, and forget having more than two applications open at once! I thought that it may need more RAM, but dropped it off to get checked out last Saturday. I picked it up on Monday and it had a new hard drive and double the memory. And it’s running beautifully now! I know that I will have to suck it up and get a new one in the next few years, but I’m not in a position to be shelling out $2k for a laptop now. I was told that my laptop is considered vintage and they don’t even make parts for it anymore. Apple advances technology way too fast!


Random #4: I paid off my credit card!! I now have zero debt! (And I can mark another thing off my 32 while 32 list!)

Well, that’s not true- I have no credit card debt. I still have student loans, a mortgage (you don’t need to see that balance- it’s scary!) and a car payment. But, at least I’ve finally paid off that stupid amount of debt that I’ve had hanging around since I finished grad school seven years ago! My mama raised me right, and taught me never to carry debt or buy things that I can’t afford. However, my last semester of grad school was full-time student teaching and classes for four hours each night. I worked at a gym for $8/hr on the weekends, but that wasn’t enough to pay bills and my rent. So, my credit card was my lifeline for four months- and I racked up thousands of dollars. I don’t even want to say how much I racked up. I’m sure I ended up paying at least double what I owed, thanks to a high interest rate. Luckily, I had transferred my balance to a 0% interest card two years ago, which is why I was able to finally pay it off. Slowly but surely I chipped away at that sucker. When I saw that there was $500 left at the beginning of this month, I just bit the bullet and got rid of it. IT FEELS GOOD.


Random #5: Are there any words or phrases that you just hate? Like, just hearing/reading them makes you cringe? I’ve got one: dippy egg. I don’t know why- i just HATE that phrase. And I happened to see or hear it about 10 times this week. (And I’m sorry if you are a person that uses this phrase- but ICK.)

Runny egg, soft-boiled egg, egg over easy- those are all okay. But dippy egg? It just drive me nuts. I *shudder* at the fact that the combination of those two words will not be on my blog for eternity.


Random #6: I can’t say it enough- almost 2 weeks in and I LOVE fitmixer bootcamp. Sure, it’s been challenging. But, it’s freaking awesome and I’m so excited to see where it takes me over the next 11 weeks. I get so exicted to see what the new workout is each day and am so hopeful and optimistic about where this process is going to take me. I’m also very grateful that blogging (and meeting some awesome fellow bloggers) is what led me to this opportunity!

I doubled up yesterday’s workout with the one from Tuesday and actually did them in my classroom after the school day was over.

Why not take advantage of a linoleum floor and big screen monitor? And I already keep a yoga mat in my room…

It took 50 minutes to do both workouts, and this was me at the end:

Nope, someone didn’t dump a bucket of water over my head- that’s pure sweaty bliss, baby!

You know you had a good workout when your legs glisten.

The fitness part of this program is locked down. I found myself grabbing a few bites of things mindlessly (what I call pantry munching) the last couple of days, and need to nip that in the bud right away. Other than that, the nutrition plan is also working well (I guess I’ll find out more on Monday morning when I weigh in.) But- I’m feeling good, and I like that. :)


Random #7: Lance has a thing for stealing shoes- especially flip flops.

How could you not love that face?

He doesn’t destroy them- but more cuddles with them. He does this every single night. I even started a hasgtag on Instagram- #sillylance. Check it out!


Be sure to enter my giveaway because it’s awesome. I hope you win.

Have an amazing, relaxing and adventuresome holiday weekend!

What’s a phrase/word that drives you nuts? And don’t say “moist.” Everyone says that.

Are you going out of town this weekend?



  1. Dang girl! I think today might be a double up day for me too! I didn’t have enough time to do them both (and shower) before heading to breakfast with my family in a few so I’ll probably do the other later on. I must catch up and I know tomorrow I won’t have enough time to fit one in. AH!

    • Doing two back to back isn’t SO bad- I just make sure to stay on the lower end (like if it says repeat 3-6 times, I’ll stick with 3!). It’s definitely a pain to have to shower twice in a day- it will be a lot easier when I can do them in the morning!

  2. way to go with the CC! and what a sweet puppy. I love goldens!

  3. Paying off credit card debt is always an awesome feeling! Love the photos of you getting your sweat on – looks like you got a great workout.

  4. Congratulations on paying off your credit card debt!!!! I mean CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS!!!!!!!!!! That must be really, really, really satisfying!

  5. I have a HUGE smile on my face from that Lance pic!!! Sooooooooooooo cute. And he’s sooooo not being naughty! HA!! You go girl with the bootcamp exercises. That in-classroom setup looks pretty awesome, and that sweat… you were rockin’ it!! Shower not optional!! No plans for the weekend. Just going to relax, maybe setup Babycakes’ giant backyard pool/play monstrosity, cook a couple fun meals, etc.

    • You need to get on Instagram- you’ll see me post photos of him and Jackson all day long!
      Hope you’re having a good weekend!! xo

  6. NICE job on paying off that debt!! That rocks :)

    And way to sweat it out–Itz Linz does that in her classroom too (big screen, workouts on the floor). Genius! Happy weekend to you!!!

  7. So happy not to be going anywhere this weekend either!! We had to drive downtown last night and traffic was INSANE!!! I don’t know really what we’re doing. We’re kinda tired after being in Minnesota last weekend and going straight back to work. Congrats on paying that card off! That has got to feel good. We have to pay on the house we sold in Minnesota since we took a loss (boo!!!!!!!!!), but we’re hoping to pay that off by the end of the year adn that will feel sooo good. I hate paying for nothing!!! I’m not a fan of people saying “prego” for pregnant. I’m not sure if it’s just a MN thing, but I HATE IT!!!!

    • I’m sure you’re tired- hope you’re having a nice relaxing weekend!
      Ha! I say Preggo. Or Preggers. ;)

  8. Such a cute pic of Lance :D … the phrase that ircks me is “mountains out of mole hills” Everytime I hear someone say that it annoys me very much. Not much planned for this weekend other than spending time with my family. I plan on enjoying the long weekend! Thought I’d admit to being one of those said blog “lurkers”, but have recently been finding my voice and wanting to comment. Anyway… I hope you have a great weeekend.

    • Yeah… the words “mole hills” just sound gross to me- I’ve always thought that! :)
      Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks for finding your voice! I love to hear your comments. :)

  9. I have a long list of words that drive me nuts. Moist is one (sorry!). So is panties, hubby, preggers, preggo, amazeballs and cray cray are a few of them. :)

    • Lol… NOW I remember you posting about this once. I say “hubby and preggers” but I hate amazeballs and CRAY CRAY!!! UGH!!!

  10. Damn girl, you’re sweaty!!! It’s a compliment, there’s nothing like a good sweat! I was gonna go out of town but decided to stay in town and have another stayvacation. There is a lot going on in Denver Memorial Day wknd plus I can actually get around to cooking and cleaning and maybe even *gasp* relaxing like I’ve been wanting to do!

    Congrats on the credit card payment—that is a huge weight to be lifted off your shoulders! I have a couple small balances to pay off and then it will just be car and student loan payments for me. I can’t wait.

    • I bet you’re having an awesome weekend. If I lived in Colorado, I’d never travel anywhere else!!!

  11. WOOOOO

    Congrats on paying off your card! I remember the feeling of doing this. And then again. And again. And then I figured out how to handle my credit. I now put everything for the month on my discover card and pay it off at the end of the month. I stick to my budget spreadsheet (except this month) and if I accidentally go over a bit, I pull from savings.

    LOVE Lance. I keep showing Mark the #sillylance posts. And if he didn’t love goldens as much as he does, he might be sick of them.

    • I show Greg all of your photos of Barney. But, you need more. I love him.
      I need to do a budget spreadsheet.. guess I’d have to learn Excel…

  12. Wow must’ve been some workout!

  13. I hate when people say “Orientate”.

  14. I hate when people say “warsh” or “warshington”. My grandma says it…there is no “r” in wash. And Q-pon instead of coupon. Come on people where are your phonics skills???

    Congrats on the pay off. That’s a BIG deal. Woohoo. We r staying local. Love it on the holidays. Reminds me of northern VA 20 years ago. A whole heck of a lot less people.

    • I hate those too! There’s a bunch of other words like that that are commonly mispronounced and make my skin crawl!
      I just thought of another- I hear this ALL the time: When you’re talking about yourself and someone else (I’ll say Greg), and you say “Greg’s and I’s” rather than “Greg’s and my…”

  15. The phrase you dislike made me laugh big time. I can feel your pain while imagining words I don’t like, such as the universal word “moist.” I am almost positive 99% of society hates that word.

    • Moist doesn’t bother me- but I know it bothers almost everyone else I know! An old roommate of mine would scream if she heard it!

  16. We call those “dunkers” in my family. I have to say that I’ve never heard them called dippy but I don’t think I’d like it either. I have so many word/phrase pet peeves that I literally cannot choose one to share here.
    I have to work tomorrow but then I get to enjoy Sunday & Monday off. We’re traveling just about an hour away to my parents’ house on Sunday for a little fun. Golf for the boys, graduation party for the girls & a Bob Dylan music festival if the the forecasted hot weather (96 degrees!) doesn’t keep us indoors.

    Congratuations on your credit card payoff. I’m getting pretty close myself!

    • I’ve never heard dunkers! That’s a new one to me!
      Bob Dylan music festival sounds awesome- hope you had a great time!

  17. A phrase that makes me roll my eyes every time…”It is what it is.” I mean, WHAT IS IT?!?! It isn’t just what it is. That’s the lazy answer. And the word that makes me go: “AHHHH!” is “synergy”. I don’t know why, it’s just such a fad word that was overused by people who thought it was hip. I feel your pain about MacBooks. I got my Pro in ’08, and I have the whole Adobe Creative Suite5 for work and freelance. Mine is still pretty fast because I archive photos and large projects. But chin up—word on the street…Apple is rolling out a new family of laptops this summer. Fingers crossed, it’s something more exciting than what we’ve got now. =)

    • Lol- synergy!!! :)
      Sigh… I’m going to want one of those new Macbooks… and might have to cave. I hate that Apple keeps coming out with a bigger better model of everything constantly- I’m going to need to start making a lot more money to be able to keep up!

  18. I hate the phrase “good for you.” It feels so condescending to me.

    I loved your 32/32 that I decided for 31 I’d do the same! I have 9 more things to think up before I get to 31. :)

    • Good for you can DEFINITELY be condescending!
      That’s awesome that you’re doing the list- once I got going, it was actually hard to stop at 32!

  19. Congrats on paying off the credit card! Love that feeling. Have a wonderful looonnnnggg weekend. ;)

  20. The BLEND t-shirt is high fashion. High on LIFE fashion.

    (That didn’t even make sense. I’m sorry.)

    Cognrats on zero debt! That truly is amazing….

  21. The Blend t-shirt is so comfy!! I love it! I have an obsession with microwave muffins too. :) Congrats on paying off your debt! WOO-HOO!

    • I need to remember to go buy more American Apparel t-shirts- just the plain ones! The fabric is the softest I’ve ever felt!

  22. congrats on being (cc) debt free! student loans are normal, and so is a mortgage. having no debt is a great feeling.

    I had a giggle over the “vintage” laptop… I have one of those too, an older macbook pro. nothing makes me cringe more with my computer than what I call the beach ball. ;)

    have a nice relaxing weekend!

    • The worst thing about paying off student loans is that it’s for a degree that I am not even going to using after 2 more weeks, since I’m going to be changing careers. But oh well- things happen for a reason I guess!

      The beach ball- my friend Lee and I call that “the spinning ball of death!”

  23. Love that savory Chobani mixup! Yum! And wow–shin sweat–that is hardcore.

  24. EWWWWWWWWWWW who says moist??? Gross…I will give you the side eye and fake barf if you use that in front of me. Anyways, having ZERO debt is the most amazing feeling…it’s like…almost drug like…or post wedding like…or post red velvet cake slice like…Congrats!

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