Mid-Weekend Check In

I love that the fact that it’s Sunday- and I’m still only halfway through the weekend! I think that the world would be a better place if we had every Monday off.

So far the weekend has been busy- it’s funny how that can happen when you have zero plans!

Fridays are like a broken record (but in a good way!):

I taught cycle express (only 30 minutes instead of 45- though I usually go about 38!) followed by Bodypump, and had a very fun and vocal group of women in my second class! I have to tell you as an instructor- it really helps when people aren’t afraid to make a little noise (like an OW! or Woo-hoo!) to make it known that you are feeling your workout. It drives the energy level up, and it just makes it more fun! I love it.

Since it was Friday night, pizza was for dinner. Once again, I used the P28 bagels as a crust- and they work like a charm! It’s such an easy and tasty way to get a ton of added protein into pizza night.

Why yes, I would like some pizza with my veggies.

Greg and I spent the rest of the evening exhausted and enjoying some much-needed couch and DVR time. Friday nights are kind of perfect that way.


Saturday is designated “rest” day and boy was it needed! After the combination of Fitmixer Bootcamp workouts this week and teaching a ton of classes, my body needed some recovery big time. We got up early and took the dogs for a nice long walk, taking advantage of the few hours in the morning before it got too hot out.

I made an awesome smoothie using Fitmixer vanilla protein powder, peanut flour, 1/2 a frozen banana, flax milk, ice, a handful of spinach and guar + xantham gum. It was topped off with some granola and sliced banana and a sprinkle of sea salt (which just makes this smoothie!) and eaten in a bowl with a spoon (which I always do- because it takes longer to eat!).

We spent the rest of the day running errands- starting at the Farmers Market. I got all of this for under $20!

Spinach, kale, strawberries, sugar-snap peas, broccoli and eggs

We also stopped by one of the health clubs that I teach at to pick up a spin bike! My cousin Gillian (who loves in Morgantown, WV) really wanted one, so I went and got it for her to hold on to in the meantime.

We got brand new Keiser bikes in our cycle studio, and I am so excited about them!

See me and Greg in the mirror? :)

The club canceled all cycle classes over the weekend so that the new bikes could be set up – and I get to be the first instructor to break them in on Tuesday morning! This is really going to change the way I teach, since the new bikes have a computer that reads RPM, heart rate (if you wear a strap), gear (tension level), and overall mileage!

I’ve always had to just tell the people in my classes to find a gear range of 1-10 and go from there- but now they can actually have that number right in front of them (and these go from 1-24!). Having the RPM will help so much, too. This will all really challenge people to work harder and break out of their comfort zones!

We headed down south to hit up Trader Joes for some groceries + TJs essentials. Here’s a look inside of my shopping cart:

and this :)

And then of course, we also drove over to Whole Foods to get a few more things. I found this crazy Siamese twin looking sweet potato

…and we had lunch while we were there.

My weekends are a little too predictable, aren’t they?

After being gone all day, it was nice to come home and play with the pups for a bit. I tackled the pantry, which desperately needed to be cleaned out and organized!



Notice all of the KIND bars?? :)

His and her protein/amino supply:

My Fitmixer protein powders are too big for the top shelf, so they’re at the bottom!

I also made Janetha’s blueberry lemon protein scones! I’m horrible at baking, so I cut the recipe in half. The only substitutions I made to her recipe were that I used Sun Warrior Vanilla Warrior Blend protein powder and only 1 T of Earth Balance + 1 T pumpkin puree.

I was a little nervous as they went into the oven…

But they turned out perfectly! And they taste really good.

Greg has recorded the movie Yes Man a few weeks ago because neither of us had ever seen it. So that’s how we capped off our wild Saturday night. And I fought to stay awake until 10 pm. :)

It’s been a great weekend so far- but I definitely got off track with “mindful eating” on Saturday. Nothing too bad- just way too much snacking. But that’s okay, today’s a new day, and I’m back at it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Don’t forget to enter my Nature’s Indulgence granola giveaway- I’ll be choosing a winner at 8pm EST tonight!



  1. I use those exact spin bikes at my gym! They’re awesome, and the seat is so much more comfortable than most bikes. I can’t imagine not being able to see RPM or what gear I’m in, since I constantly use those numbers to push myself and track progress. I have yet to try any gear above 20 though – it’s seriously hard!

  2. wow what a great weekend so far!!!!! :) I loved reading all about it babe!

    I love that picture of the sweet potato! I always like finding things like that :) it’s those things that make me really smile ;) The little things!!!!

    Your smoothie sounds great girl! I haven’t tried sea salt on a smoothie before!?!? Maybe I will have to take your advice?? ;) I also need those bagels for pizza! I agree! What a great way to add some protein!!!!

  3. I really like that pizza bagel idea! I might have to try it next time I want pizza.

  4. I definitely have those scones on my list to bake soon! They look so freakin’ delicious!

  5. Those Keiser bikes are awesome!!!

  6. Shout out for Morgantown–woo hoo!

    Yes Man was a cute movie, added bonus that Bradley Cooper is in it–rawr. This wknd has been so tame, I’ve done nothing at night and I’m fine with that. Sometimes it nice just to veg out and not worrying about doing stuff. Plus I’m a morning person so I’d rather go to bed early and wake early. I’m so jealous of your TJ’s trip, I can’t wait til we get one.

    Nice job on the organzing, I’m envious of your pantry space!

  7. Ashley @ Freckles & Spice says:

    Those spin bikes are beautiful! I cant wait to get back into it.
    Your weekend sounds perfect to me. Thanks how I like my weekends too.
    And I cant wait to make those scones. Ive beeb waiting until I go home this week to do it

  8. I love that you keep it real on how life sometimes gets in the way of the pantry! I need to do a revamp of mine today :)

  9. i love kind bars – especiall the walnut & date flavor! mmm! all those classes and workouts sound intense! im pooped after just one! :) :)

  10. Love the farmer market finds. I loaded up on greens, toms, tasty bread, cucs, mushrooms, etc.
    My gym has those bikes and they are great! I prefer being able to select and adjust gears vs. the bikes that just have a twist gear nob and you have no idea of what’s going on!

  11. DId you like “Yes Man”? We thought it was stupidly hilarious! Haha.

    And YAY for the new bikes!! that ROCKS :)

  12. Those spin bikes look awesome! I always wondered how far I went in spin classes but had no real way to find out. Wonder if I would be amazed or depressed by my distance…?

    Enjoy your long weekend! :)

  13. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend. Those lemon blueberry protein scones look delicious. I may have to try out the receipe this weekend.

  14. All of that looks awesome! I want to try those bagels. I always eat my smoothies in a bowl too. I can slurp down a shake so fast I hardly know it was ever there!

  15. dude. good thing you did a MID-weekend check in because even half your weekend was a LOT! lots of good, though, i loved reading about it. those are some shiny bikes!

  16. I freaking love weekends like this…when Glenn and I have a day off and just go to Whole Foods and spend time together. Those are the classiest spin bikes ever BTW. Seriously, it would make me push myself to the max!

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