Memorial Day + Granola Winner

Three day weekends are the best… but it’s so hard to go back to work!

However, this particular Tuesday morning started off with a BANG! I was so excited to teach spin class, since we have brand new bikes, that I could hardly sleep! I will definitely be feeling that later today…

I started off the morning with the Tabata II workout from Fitmixer bootcamp, which kicked my BUTT. Push-ups right from the start!

After a workout like that, teaching 50 minutes of spinning seems pretty darn easy! Okay, well not easy, but it sure was FUN! Having the bikes with the computers makes all the difference in the world. It was so nice to be able to say an exact gear and RPM to be at- and everyone was fascinated by the numbers (and seeing how many miles they rode total!). I rode just under 21 in 50 minutes (which includes warm-up and cool down) and everyone else should have been right around the same. I’m really excited about how the new bikes will change the way I teach and how hard everyone works- there was definitely a little extra sweat going on in the cycle room this morning.

Let me get back to Monday. I started out the day with the first Tababta workout, since I had to teach Bodypump that morning and thought it would pair well.

I should have considered how much that workout killed my quads though- I was definitely struggling through the squat track when I was teaching Bodypump!

After a morning of sweaty workouts, I rushed back home to shower and prep some food for our company that was coming over. I had invited my dad, stepmom (Sherry) and siblings (Noah and Keating) over for lunch, because I hadn’t seen them in forever! It also happened to be the day after my baby brother’s 16th birthday- which is crazy to me! I was 16 when he was born (and it seems like yesterday!). My cousin Gillian and her fiancee Joey also came over- she had bought one of the used spin bikes from the gym, and I had it stored in my garage for her.

After I got presentable, I had Greg take a photo of me for my Fitmixer Bootcamp profile. When I was looking for a photo to send, I realized that I have almost zero photos of me where I’m not in hiking or workout clothes. There is a woman under there somewhere!

See that scar on my right arm? It’s from leaning against a hot iron when I was trying to flatten out a shirt to iron. That is very typical “me.”

Gil and Joey arrived first- and it was so great to see them!

I hadn’t seen Gil since we baked bread right after Christmas, but she reads my blog and knows what’s going on in my life. :)

Dad and Sherry arrived a few minutes later

along with Noah and Keating

a rare moment of sibling affection :)

And of course there was me and Greg (he just loves posing for photos!):

We didn’t waste any time, and got right the the food!

Check out this bread that Gillian made- it was to die for!

It had whey in it (hooray for high protein!), which she had leftover from making cheese (this girl is amazing), along with sunflower, flax (I think?) and chia seeds and was made with spelt flour. It was so dense and delicious and I think I ended up having three slices (one of which was smothered in sunflower butter and agave nectar later on that day).

Greg grilled up some grass-fed beef burgers and a few (nitrate-free) hot dogs

My dad and Sherry brought some dips and chips and a few other sides (including watermelon!). I boiled some corn and marinated some grilled up veggies in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh basil.

I piled up my plate with all kinds of good stuff!

A plate full of colorful food makes me very happy!

We had a great afternoon of eating and chatting- but it was way too hot to be outside! I ate my lunch out there, but quickly came inside after because I felt like I was melting!

Greg found a new love: siracha + watermelon

Our friend Wayne posted a photo of this combination on Facebook and Greg was anxious test it out. It’s actually good!

Seriously- try it!

I had registered for this beverage dispenser for our wedding, and got it as a bridal shower gift. I figured it would come in handy one day, and I finally broke it out!

I filled it up with water and sliced lemon. Greg and I decided that we want to have this around ALL the time. It was great to just keep getting fresh, cold, lemony water from the spout!

For dessert, my stepmom brought “stuffed strawberries” that she had seen on Pinterest:

They were hollowed out and filled with a cheesecake filling and dipped in chocolate. I could have probably eaten about 20, but I just had one (since my belly was already full of so much other good food!).

By the time everyone left later in the afternoon, I was hungry again. I mindlessly snacked a bit too much, and definitely didn’t track my food. I don’t think I totally blew it- but I definitely did not follow my fitmixer Bootcamp diet plan. So TODAY I really am back at it- and more motivated than ever!


One more thing I want to share: I stumbled upon Lindsay’s blog the other day, upon the recommendation of Annette (who told me that she works out in her school classroom too!). While I was reading through her posts, I stumbled upon Meg’s blog- and discovered THIS. You have to check it out! She talks about how to make “casein fudge” on her video and explains the benefits of casein vs. whey protein. I have to admit- I didn’t know much about the difference between the two, but now I’m very intrigued!

Since Greg had the exact same casein protein that she used, I wasted no time in making my own version:

Looks like fudge, doesn’t it?

I’ll be honest- I’m not crazy about the flavor or this protein, but it’s got potential. I ordered some vanilla casein online and am excited about all of the flavor combinations I will be able to make (starting with lemon blueberry!). I’m excited to eat this every night before bed!


Oh yeah- I almost forgot…. I need to announce the winner of the Nature’s Indulgence granola giveaway!

Drumroll, please….

The winner is CORRIE ANNE! Email me your mailing address using the contact page, and I’ll send you some love!

Please stay tuned tomorrow, I have another fantastic giveaway coming up!

Have a great (short) week!


  1. Wow thank you so much for the shout out sweetheart :) That means so much to me <3 So happy we are blog friends now :) <3 !!!!! Thanks for giving the casein fudge a try! That makes me so happy!

    Looks like you had a great weekend with your family! You look beautiful in all of those photos <3

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Those pushups were definitely killer for me because my arms were still SUPER sore from my weekend bachelorette party workout. haha!

  3. No way!!!!! I can’t believe I won!! lol. Love that you broke out a drink dispenser. Those things are awesome. And the stuffed strawberries look like a winner!

  4. Gillian says:

    It was so great to get together! Also, just used my spin bike for the first time–AH-mazing. After a frustrating morning negotiating with the Registrar, it was so perfect to be able to jump on the bike, blast some music, and sweat out the stress. Now I feel great :-) Thank you again for getting it to me!!

  5. Yummy looking food! That bread looks amazing. Learn how to make it and share! OR guest post Gillian?

    And don’t feel bad about the iron burn. I was doing the army crawls from bootcamp on Friday and ended up with rug burns on my elbows! D-OH! I’m so lame, lol.

  6. wow nice food spread! everything looks awesome!! my husband and i went to thailand last yr and they actually served watermelon with this spicy was good!

    i know the casein fudge is supposed to be casein (obviously) but i wonder if whey would work? thats all i have..wa waaa…it looks so good!

  7. Yes, Meg is great! I have to make that fudge–but first, must get casein. I guess I could do it with whey though.

    Looks like the get-together was a blast!! YAY for yummy colorful food–and that bread looks DELISH!

  8. YOU LOOK SO DAMN CUTE! :) Love it.

    And those veggies look nom-tastic. Oh, and Mark doesn’t believe you about the siracha + melon. I told him that I’ve heard of salted watermelon before, but he thinks there’s too much garlic. Neither of us really are wild about watermelon, so I’ll take your word for it (in my book, siracha + anything = good).

    Also, you have to know that you’re funding my salary when you buy a seedless watermelon. Iowa State University holds the patent. ;)

  9. Yumm that bread looks so good!

  10. Love your outfit! I’ve been diggin’ the stripes lately as well. :) And I also love when my plate is full of color!

  11. WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU MOVING HERE? I wanna eat at your bbqs!!! I also want you to teach me body pump. Hope you had a great Memorial day! And I can eat Sriatcha on anything!

  12. Sriracha and watermelon??? Haha that sounds so crazy I might just have to try it! :)

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