It’s June! [+ Tweeting Popchips + Eats From The week]

Whoa, June 1st- where did you come from? I’m super happy that it’s June and that it’s Friday! I have at least 2 good reasons to celebrate today:

#1 This is the LAST Friday of the school year for kids- and I brought Jackson with me to celebrate.  I’ll be at work next Friday, but will be grading work and wrapping things up.

#2 My spin class is canceled today because we’re getting new bikes at that gym also! (I teach at two different branches of the health club Fitness First- and the other location got the new bikes last week.) I’m still teaching Bodypump today, but will get to do a fitmixer bootcamp workout beforehand since I usually teach spin during that time.

Oh yeah- and it’s also one of my favorite Blend’s birthday today!! I tried to get Jackson to nicely hold a sign for her, but he was more interested in eating it. So, plan B was to attach a new sign to his collar.



I’ve had some pretty delicious eats this week, and wanted to share a few of them with you! I made some awesome black bean burgers last Sunday- arguably the best ones I’ve ever made. I had a few left over and have been enjoying them for lunch this week. They don’t photograph well, but they sure do taste good!

I used a recipe from Veganomicon and followed it pretty closely with one major substitution. Instead of using any of the herbs/spices listed, I used 1/3 of a pack of Trader Joes taco seasoning instead. The combination of the seasoning and the great texture that comes from the Vital Wheat Gluten was incredible. The burgers weren’t dry at all, and the texture was just really perfect. I also cooked them in coconut oil, rather than olive oil. Coconut + black beans is one of the best flavor combos ever. :)


Speaking of things that don’t photograph well- I also dehydrated some watermelon to make fruit leather (I pureed it and poured it in the fruit leather mold in my food dehydrator).

Watermelon is my absolute favorite thing to dehydrate. It takes like candy!


Over the weekend, Greg and I also finally broke into the Popchips that I received from my Blend swag bag!

Look at those flavors- yum! Naturally, Greg went right for sea salt & vinegar.

I discovered Popchips a while ago- and have been a big fan of them ever since! While I’m not much of a “chip eater,” I can definitely get down with some Popchips, especially since they’re made from natural & organic ingredients. I’m not a big fan of how a “serving” of most potato chips is so high in calories for so little- it makes me feel cheated. That’s definitely not the case with Pop Chips!

I dare you to find any other variety of chips where a serving is 17 chips for 100 calories- that actually tastes good and isn’t made with something crazy like Olestra.

The light & airy texture is wonderful!

I’m dying to try the sweet potato flavor, but haven’t been able to find them anywhere!

FYI-  if you follow Popchips on Twitter @popchipsCO and tweet that you read my blog, you will be entered to win a month supply of Popchips! That sounds pretty easy to me- go tweet away!


Greg’s was in Connecticut for work for three days this week, and returned late last night. Though I miss him when he’s gone, I did get a little excited to have “single lady dinners” a few nights in a row! Usually I just make breakfast for dinner when it’s just me, but mixed it up a bit this week.

Tuesday night:

Japanese sweet potato, roasted kale with spicy ketchup (siracha + ketchup) egg + egg white, roasted onion, tomato and mushrooms

There was actually a power outage from a crazy thunderstorm that happened about 20 minutes after I put my sweet potato in the oven. I waited about an hour, and the power still didn’t come back on but it had stopped raining. I was determined to cook the dinner that I had in my mind, so I ended up firing up the grill! I actually put the kale on a the little tray that came with the toaster oven so it could roast and used a tiny little frying pan for the egg + egg whites. Cooking the other veggies on the grill was a no-brainer. It ended up turning out quite well- and of course the power came back on within seconds of dinner being ready.

Wednesday night:

Roasted broccoli

Smoothie with Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder, peanut flour, 1/2 frozen banana, frozen peach slices, spinach, guar + xanthan gum, flax milk and ice

Wednesday night is usually Greg’s dinner duty, since I get home so late after teaching Spin + Bodypump. Since he wasn’t around, I needed something that I could quickly throw together. This was perfect!

Thursday night:

Mixed greens + romaine lettuce, assorted veggies, avocado + shrimp salad with “croutons” (ripped up pieces of toasted bread) and a tiny Japanese sweet potato

Shrimp is also something that I have when I’m not cooking for Greg- he’s not a fan. I think he says it’s a “texture” thing.


One last food item: I went into work late yesterday and it was glorious. I slept in until 7:00, played with the dogs, did two fitmixer bootcamp workouts, and made pancakes for breakfast:

The pancakes were made with Sunwarrior protein powder, coconut flour, egg whites and baking powder, plus a half of a chopped up banana. Pancakes were topped with three different things- the first layer was peanut flour, chia seeds and water. For the second layer, I heated up some fresh strawberries and rhubarb and mixed that with chia and stevia to make a “jam” that was crazy good. They’re topped off with some plain Greek yogurt mixed with a little agave/maple syrup blend.

Getting to eat breakfast at home on a work day is so wonderful- and pretty soon I’ll be able to do it every morning!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend- and eat some good food!

If you usually cook for two (or more) do you look forward to “single lady” meals? If so, what do you make?




  1. I totally appreciate the break when I can make dinner for 1. It usually ends up being a huge salad or an omelette.

  2. Good morning!

    My comment isn’t really relevant to this post, but I did have a question. Any chance you happen to know when the next fitmixter bootcamp will be? I triend to find out from their site but it kept taking me back to the same spot which didn’t say much.


    • Hey Jessica! I would imagine that it would start in August, since this one wraps up in July. I’ll post any details as soon as I hear about them!

  3. Love all the meals! I tweeted about the giveaway and would LOVE to win a months supply of popchips!

  4. Gillian says:

    Mmmm, so many yummy food pics. I like my pop chips topped with cottage cheese! Joe works til 9 several days a weeks, so I have lots of single lady dinners…lately, Ive been hooked on my Chinese favorite, stir fried tomato and egg. Its pretty fast and delicious…and Joey hates it :-)

    • Mmm your dinner sounds great! You’ll have to take a picture of it and send it to me so I know exactly what you’re talking about!

  5. oh my gosh I will so be tweeting! I love pop chips, a lot.

  6. All your food looks so yummy :) Popchips are amazing.

    I’m so jealous of your summer break!

  7. My husband was working crazy hours (3 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.) a few weeks ago, which left me in charge of dinner for myself and are 2 year old daughter. I opted to make breakfast for dinner – which included protein pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sweet potato hashbrowns. I made enough that we were able to have it 2 nights in a row. I also like to make smoothies and salads for dinners when the hubby isn’t home.

  8. I love to make sweet potaoto fries when I’m home alone. And of course eat fro-yo. Love pop chips! We even had them at our wedding!

  9. love the janetha love! how cute! and pop chips are our favorite!! Salt and vinegar PLEASE!!!

  10. I’ve had the sweet potato. They’re good, but I prefer the other kinds. The salt & vinegar is my favorite.

    My single girl meal is always sauteed peppers (from frozen) mixed with refried beans and salsa. Sometimes I throw some lettuce in there and call it a salad.

    • Oooh that sounds good. ANYTHING withe Mexican flavors is a hit with me! I forget how awesome refried beans are all the time, and need to have them on hand more often!

  11. the dog’s b-day wishes are too cute!

    i’m a firm believer that the ugliest food taste the best. of course this coming from the girls that primarily eats green or brown…

    • I agree. But at least your “brown” comes from all colors mixed together! My “gray” smoothies are usually the best!

  12. LOVE the pics of Jackson wishing Janetha a happy b’day, and I loved it even more that he just wanted to eat it :) Mine would have too!! You’ve been making some good eats, girlio. How has the whole Fitmixer thing been going? Have you noticed any weight loss or toning? (Just curious). As for single lady meals – I look forward to mexican, and egg based meals… b/c dear hubby doesn’t love either of those. Me, I could eat them every day.

    • Oh man- dear hubby is missing out!! Mexican is awesome- and I’m a big fan of anything with eggs!

  13. Single lady meals are usually a HUGE salad (in a mixing bowl) or a panini. SOOO yumm. Or ice cream ;)

    Yay for yummy chips! I want to try them so bad! Have fun tonight at BP and doing your workout!

  14. I smiled so big when saw the puppy holding the sign!! LOL what a great idea!!! so cute

  15. I just love you so damn much. I think you guys need to make a summer trip to Utah ;)

    • Ditto! We’re going to be in Colorado for possibly two weeks in July. I’d love to talk Greg into adding a flight to Salt Lake onto that trip.. I mean, since we’re right there…

  16. delicious foods as usual…still can’t find the sweet potato popchip flavor!!!


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