Simple Things


Hello! I hope that you are having a great weekend, and that the weather is just as wonderful wherever you are as it is here in Maryland. My weekend has been a perfect combination of activity and relaxation so far, and today is no different.

This is just a quick check-in to talk about my Friday, and a couple of things that I am thankful for – and a few things that made me stop and think for a minute. These days, it is taking every ounce of energy to make it through the work day. It’s always like this at the end of the school year- the kids have checked out mentally, and the teachers are trying to push through and make every last day count. I’ll tell ya- some days I just don’t know where I find the effort. And by Friday, I’m always beat. My schedule is so jam-packed between my two jobs, and then finding time for my own workouts, the blog, and quality time with my husband- I just find a way to fit it all in.

I came home exhausted, not in the best of moods on Friday, but my spirits quickly lifted when I saw a surprise package for me on the kitchen table! And inside that package was this:

A very thoughtful gift, sent from Lindsay! What a sweetheart she is! Predictably, I dug right into that chocolate PB2- I love that stuff. And the crackers- I’ve never even seen these before (you can find them here)! And they are just as tasty as you would think. THANK YOU Lindsay- I’m very grateful for your friendship and generosity!

I had to rush out the door to get to the gym pretty soon after getting home. My cycling class was canceled due to assembling the new bikes (yay!) so I used the opportunity to catch up on a fitmixer bootcamp workout.

There’s that Instagram obsession again…

This was another “House of Cards” workout, where each suit represents a different exercise and the number on the cards corresponds with the number of reps. This one was just slightly less butt-kicking than the first House of Cards workout, but still made me work up a sweat. I taught Bodypump right after that, and was definitely ready for my Saturday rest day by the end.

On the way home, I called Greg to let him know to get dinner started, and he told me that the power was out. Again! We’ve been having these insane storms lately, which keep causing power outages. The one we had the other night lasted about 90 minutes, so I was hoping that this would be the same. He said that it had already been out for over an hour at that point, so I had my fingers crossed. Luckily, we were making pizza, which could easily be cooked on the grill (and tastes better that way anyway!)

We ate in the dim light of the kitchen while it continued raining outside… and waited. You might think I’m a total brat for saying this- but I have absolutely zero patience for power outages. I was born and raised to depend on electricity- and I depend on it! I’m all for going out camping or planning something that doesn’t rely on using power, but when you are depending on it, and it isn’t there- it sucks. All I have the energy for by the time I get to Friday is to sit on the couch and catch up on some DVR- and I look forward to it all week. Obviously, that wasn’t happening.

We kept waiting… and it never came back on. It started getting dark, so we lit some candles and talked about playing board games. I stopped pouting and decided to suck it up. Unfortunately, most of our board games required 4 or more players, but we did find one that we could play. It was a game called Wine Wars- a gift from a friend a few years ago.

It’s a trivia game about all different things relating to wine. We both have a little bit of knowledge about wine- slightly more than the average person- but neither of us are experts by any means. By playing the game, we actually learned a lot- and it was really fun!

The power actually came on halfway through our game, but we kept the lights off and kept playing up until the end. And it was great! I said “man, we need to do this more often,” and Greg agreed. Sometimes we just get so caught up in our schedules and routines, that we don’t take time out for simplicity. I have to say- playing board games with my husband by candlelight beats sitting on the couch watching tv any night of the week. Sometimes I just need a reminder. :)

We went right out the next morning and bought Yahtzee.

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