Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal + Fitmixer Bootcamp Week 4


It’s Tuesday… and I’m tired. But- I am also very happy as this is the last Tuesday that I have to rush to shower and get ready at the gym after teaching spin class- because it’s the last Tuesday of the school year! Monday nights will be a lot nicer too, since I won’t have to worry about packing a bag and making sure I don’t forget something crucial like underwear or shoes. Starting next Tuesday, I’ll be able to extend my class for an hour, or even longer if I want (the morning people are animals- they’d go for 3 hours if I’d teach that long!). I’m also planning on doing a 30ish minute class afterwards of yoga/abs/stretching, but need to make sure there’s enough interest. I plan on piloting it next week.

Ahh… next week. No more rushing… I can’t wait. :)

I actually took yesterday off from work. One last “mental health day” before the craziness of wrapping up the end of the school year. It’s going to be a very busy week, and it was nice to start it off in a relaxed way. I caught up on some blog stuff, ran some errands, did some cleaning, and baked. I started off the day with the fitmixer bootcamp workout of the day (which was another Tabata workout- my favorite!) and then finally practiced the whole routine of the latest Bodypump release. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now, and just haven’t found the time to fit it in between all of the bootcamp workouts and classes that I teach- but yesterday was the day. And- I LOVE IT. A lot of the tracks are quite different than the last few releases (which I feel were kind of the same over and over again) and the chest, triceps and lunges (can’t believe I said that!) are my favorite. We’ll be launching it next month at my gym, so I need to get crackin’ on the choreography asap.

As I mentioned above, I baked. Like, I actually used an oven- not just the microwave. Shocking, I know. I decided to make some oatmeal after my workout, but was in the mood for a little something different. So, I took a stab at finally making some baked oatmeal. I used most of the same ingredients that I would for slow-cooked oats (which is what I usually make) and added a few more ingredients.

I poured the whole mixture into a loaf pan and crossed my fingers. It turned out great!

Not super pretty, but pretty darn delicious.

I topped it first with some PB2 mixed with chia seeds and water

Still not pretty…

and the added some heated blueberries for the win.

Much better.

It was ooey-gooey and awesome- and tasted like banana bread. I ate this very slowly, savoring each and every bite. Yup. I’ll be making this again.

Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal (serves 1)

1/3 c.  oats (the multi-grain oats are my favorite!)

2 T oat bran

1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/2 T chia seeds

1 tsp brown sugar

1 packet stevia (or sweetener of choice)

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 T pumpkin puree

1/2 small banana, chopped

1/4 c liquid egg whites

1/3 c unsweetened milk of choice (I used flax)

Pre-heat oven to 350. Mix all ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl. Spray a loaf pan and pour the mixture in. Sprinkle additional cinnamon over the top. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown and the center is completely cooked through.

Nutritional Stats (without any toppings): 290 calories, 50 g carbs, 6 g fat, 21 g protein, 10 g fiber


I also baked two versions of cupcakes yesterday- one using fitmixer protein powder and the other using Casein protein powder. The Casein did NOT turn out, and I won’t be trying to bake with it again. It just turned into a weird custard-y mess. Luckily, I only used a little bit with my experimentation, so not much went to waste.

This was my second attempt at a fitmixer cupcake, and this time it turned out perfectly!

You’ll have to wait on that recipe for another day- but I promise it’s coming soon. :)


Speaking of fitmixer, I want to talk about how I’m doing with the bootcamp. You may remember that when I started the program a few weeks ago, I was super stoked and optimistic about the changes it could bring for my body and my mind. I’m now entering week 4, and my motivation is still pretty high. The only thing I’m not super happy with is that I haven’t seen much from the results on the scale. I’ve lost a total of 1.2 lbs since I started the program (and I’m hoping to lose 10 by the end of 12 weeks). Weekly weigh-ins are on Monday mornings, and yesterday I was the same as I was the week before. It is definitely a little frustrating, because I know that I am working really hard and eating less than I was before. But, I know that there a few factors that could be the reason that I’m not really losing:

- I am eating less, but still have not completely eliminated mindless snacking. I’ll be great for a few days, but then overdo it on the weekend.

- I could be eating fewer calories in general- and am not being 100% honest in my tracking every day (I definitely don’t record every bite)

- My monthly cycle is all messed up. I had my period 2 weeks ago, and then it was back yesterday (and is gone again…), which may be attributed to the next point…

- I’m pretty stressed right now with my jam-packed schedule… but that will be lifted when the school year is over!

- I am gaining more muscle definition, and muscle weighs more than fat

I try to focus on that last one, to help me be a little more accepting of my body. My clothes don’t really feel any looser yet, but my husband has told me several times in the last week that when he hugs me I feel smaller and tighter. I am definitely all about focusing on being strong and have no desire to be skinny- but a little less fat on the tummy would be nice. :)

Cheesy bicep pic…

I have noticed a little more definition in my back (which is hard to capture when you’re taking a self portrait)

But man… what to do about that flat pancake butt? I’ve had it my whole life. My mom has it too- and her mother had it as well. Thanks a lot, genetics.

I’ve still got my eye on the prize. I signed up for this 12-week program, and plan to stay dedicated for all 12 weeks – and beyond. I’ve just got to continue to focus on and celebrate the positives and figure out how to change the negatives.

Have you ever done a “program” for weight loss or toning? What was your motivation to keep on pushing forward?

What’s your favorite thing to bake (in the oven) for breakfast?