Food Sharing At Great Sage


I can’t think of a much better way to celebrate the last day of school (for the students) than having a fabulous dinner date at one of my favorite restaurants, Great Sage. I’ve gushed about how much I love Great Sage before here and here- and I really can’t say it enough: I love everything about this restaurant. I could easily live a vegan lifestyle if their chefs prepared my food every day! I also love that it’s a place that I can take my carnivore husband, and he doesn’t complain about the fact that there’s no meat on the menu. He likes the food just as much as I do!

My dinner date last night was my good friend (and favorite Great Sage date) Brie. I love so many things about Brie, because she is a really amazing person and friend- but one of my favorite things about Brie is that she is a food sharer. What I mean by that is that she likes to order a few different things and share them- as do I! Greg does not like to do this. He doesn’t like to share food, period. He’ll give me a bite of his food if I ask, but he’s just one of those people that orders what he wants and prefers to just have that. I have a hard time understanding that, because if I’m eating something that tastes really great, I want everyone to know how great it is. I have to admit- I definitely get jealous of my friend Sara and her hubby Will, who share plates every time they go out to dinner. I’m hoping that maybe one day Greg will become a food sharer…

We got to the restaurant pretty early, and decided to visit some of the other shops in the Conscious Corner, just like we always do! I absolutely love the stores in the Conscious Corner- and really wish that I didn’t have to drive so far to find restaurants/shops like that. It would be nice to live in Colorado, where you can find similar stores around every street corner….

An eco-friendly men’s clothing store called Boulder (love that name!!) just opened, and we were both eager to check it out! The selection was great, and it’s the kind of store that Greg (and Brie’s hubby, Mic) would love. I was really tempted to buy Greg a great shirt or something (even underwear- the selection was awesome!), but resisted. I definitely need to bring him back there.

We also went over to Bark!, where I was tempted to buy this shirt.

I didn’t (but should have)- and bought a new toy for the doggies instead.

We briefly strolled through Nest, where I drooled over the PrAna and Patagonia dresses, and finally ended up at Great Sage. The weather was perfect, and we got a seat outside where we were greeted by our spunky and funny waitress, Jessica. She told me the news that my pal Katie (who is the assistant marketing manager there) had gotten engaged the night before- CONGRATS KATIE!!!)

Jessica told us the specials and Brie and I glanced over the menu. Ah… the Great Sage menu… it kills me. Since I hadn’t been there for a while, there were several entrees that I had never tried. And as always- every single one of them sounded good. Brie and I agreed to start with the Raw California salad, described on the menu as Detoxify with baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, purple cabbage, beets, almonds, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, guacamole and red bell pepper vinaigrette. (RAW, Gluten free).

We had this the last time we ate there together, and both really liked it. And how could you not? Look at this thing!

Hooray for food sharing!

For entrees, we split the Hearts of Palm “Crab Cake” (‘Crab cake’ of grilled hearts of palm, bell peppers and onions with house-made remoulade. Served over a salad of roasted red peppers, wilted arugula and red onions with a pink peppercorn vinaigrette.)

And the Chick Pea and Quinoa Burger (Hot-off-the-griddle vegetable burger made with chick peas, quinoa, shredded zucchini, caramelized onion and fresh herbs. Topped with shaved cucumber, tomato and grilled pepper coulis. Served on a toasted Kaiser roll with polenta frits.)

My very happy plate:

Neither of us had tried either dish before and were really excited about both of them! The burger was hearty and delicious, but needed something. I asked for some brown mustard, and that was the perfect addition! I’m definitely not one to be excited about a Kaiser roll- but this one was different. It had great texture and flavor- almost sourdough-like. The polenta frits were also delicious (I’m a big polenta fan!) – especially when dipped in the side of marinara sauce!

The “crab cake” was the real star. I’ve seen this entree on the Great Sage menu from time to time, but had never ordered it. I’m so glad that I finally did! It might just be the best thing I’ve ever had there…maybe. That’s a really though statement to make, because I’ve never had a dish there that I didn’t absolutely love. Nothing has ever even been just okay. But man, this crabcake… it was phenomenal. And this is coming from a Maryland girl who loves real crab more than almost any other food. I can’t believe that the main ingredient was hearts of palm (canned at that!), because the texture and flavor were so close to real crab. I need to learn to make this asap!

After a yummy dinner, we focused on dessert. We started with a scoop of mango-hibiscus sorbet, which was bright and refreshing!

And then we moved on to the Grilled Pineapple Crisp (Grilled pineapple baked with ginger, brown sugar, a hint of chili
and a crisp walnut-oat topping) with a scoop of homemade (coconut milk) vanilla ice cream…


That was awesome.

I think we both cried a little bit after the last bite.

The food and company were both stellar- as always! It was nice to have my iPhone to take pictures with (even though the lighting was a bit harsh), because sometimes I feel like a tool breaking out my big DSLR at the dinner table. I also introduced Brie to Instagram, which she downloaded and immediately started uploading photos! I warned her that it’s a bad addiction. :)

(fyi- if you want to follow me, my name is OatmealLauren. Original, right?)

We made a quick stop over to Roots Market after dinner to browse and grab a few things. And then I saw this:

I picked up the jar of the Cinnamon Bun flavor and contemplated buying it. And then I noticed the price tag! Whoa! When I posted it on Instagram, Deb suggested that I just take out a second mortgage on my house, and then I could afford it! That’s not far from the truth! I made a salad at the salad bar (for work today) and grabbed a few other items, and managed to walk out of there spending just under $40. Oye.

On the way home, we saw this!

A double rainbow!! Perfect end to a great evening.

Thanks to Jessica and Great Sage for yet another perfect meal- and to my super great friend Brie for treating me to dinner and great conversation!

Are you a food sharer? If you have a significant other, are they?