Summer Bucket List


I keep seeing “summer bucket lists” popping up on Facebook and blogs, so I decided to join in on the party and create my own:

I definitely stole a few ideas from Calee and Janetha because, well, we share similar interests (and have good taste)!

Calee even created a cute little graphic for the bucket-list trend:

Here’s the breakdown of my Summer Bucket List:

  1. Organize my home office – My “home office” consists of a bunch of junk in boxes that was shoved into a spare room when we bought our house in November 2010. I was too busy with wedding stuff last summer to give it much attention, but it’s time to turn it into a functional “office” asap!
  2. Big Goodwill donation – I definitely have a lot of clothing, books and junk that I don’t use and needs to be donated.
  3. Hang wall art - I have a bunch in frames… just waiting…
  4. Brew Kombucha – I feel like I’ve been talking about doing this forever and just haven’t done it yet. I keep seeing other bloggers post about how easy it is- and how much money it saves!
  5. Go to wineries – Greg and I go through phases where we take advantages of the tons of local wineries in Northern Virginia, but haven’t been in a while. It’s really fun to knock visit a few on a weekend afternoon- especially if you go with a group of friends!
  6. Study for PT exam – PT as in Personal Trainer. I still need to CHOOSE which certification to go through. I’m kind of giving myself the rest of the month “off,” but come July- it’s on.
  7. Go ziplining – We have a gift certificate to go zip-lining in Harper’s Ferry that expires in September (it was an awesome wedding gift!!). You have to book well in advance, and I need to hurry up and pick a date!
  8. Hershey Park – Or some other local amusement park (there’s at least 4 in driving distance). I haven’t been to Hershey Park since I was a kid, and it’s less than a 2 hour drive! I love roller coasters, and they’re supposed to have some of the best!
  9. Go bowling – I love bowling, and never go. And I’m not good at all, but I still have fun!
  10. Hike a 14er – We’re planning to do this in Colorado this summer- and even tossing around the idea of doing it on our one year anniversary (because that would be awesome!). We already got our plane tickets and will be out there for a week in July!!
  11. Picnic along a local hike – I’d love to do a longer hike somewhere locally (like 4+ hours) and plan ahead and bring a picnic lunch along. We do this when we’re out west, but never around here- and we should!
  12. Go swimming – I didn’t go swimming one time last summer- and that can’t happen again! I actually swam on a team for years when I was growing up, and have always loved it. And I miss it!
  13. Hot Yoga – We don’t have a Bikram studio very close by, but a few of the yoga studios downtown offer hot yoga. Now that I can go during weekdays, it should be a lot easier to actually go take a class!
  14. Bike on the C&O – this is something that I LOVE to do, and used to do all the time. The C&O towpath is one of my “zen” places.
  15. Create some new recipesother than microwave protein muffins…
  16. See a movie in the theater – I very rarely see a movie in the theater- maybe twice or three times a year. I’m dying to see Snow White and the Huntsman!
  17. Go to a new ballpark – We’re going to Chicago next weekend and plan to knock out both parks…
  18. Pick blueberries – There’s an awesome blueberry farm nearby, and I went for the first time last summer. I definitely need to remember to go again before they’re gone for the season!
  19. De-wallpaper + Paint – One of my big projects is to tackle the last room in our house with ugly wallpaper: the dining room. It has patterned navy blue wallpaper. What were the previous homeowners thinking?!
  20. Beach road trip – The beach is less than a 3-hour drive from here. My mom and I have been talking about getting away for a few days for a little “girls’ trip.” I know Greg would love to have the house to himself for a few days, too!

What’s on your summer bucket list?