Guest Post: life + running [How to look crafty without getting glue all over your fingers + Giveaway!]

Good morning! I’m getting ready to leave Chicago to come home, and it’s been a fantastic trip. I can’t wait to share the details with you! But first, I have another fantastic guest post from another one of my favorite bloggers: Calee!

Calee is totally RAD. And awesome, sarcastic, witty, beautiful, strong, amazing… I could go on! She has a great boyfriend with an awesome beard and an adorable long-haired dachshund named Barney Stinson. We met in person for the first time at Blend and really bonded on our hike up to the Royal Arch. We immediately bonded because we have so much in common! One of the (many) things that we have in common is our background in graphic design. The only difference is that Calee actually puts her skills to use on a regular basis! I was blown away when I saw some of the projects that she has created and immediately wanted to purchase her entire collection of zippy pouches on Etsy!

She has some FANTASTIC tips to share with you today!

Take it away, Calee!

Hi. I’m Calee — not Caylee — and I blog over at life + running and am a graphic
designer/communications specialist by day and a crafty fitness junkie by night.
Lauren and I met at Blend and totally bonded. I love this girl! I promised her I’d
share some of my craft skills with you while she’s on vacay.

The advent of Pinterest has everybody crafsterbating (yeah, I just said that).
Everybody’s drooling over and pinning pretty photos and tutorials of crafts but with
no intention of ever actually making anything.

Why not actually make something? The answer I most often hear is “Because I’m not

Guess what? You don’t have to be crafty to make something! You just have to find
something that fits within your skillset and your budget. And when all else fails a
glue gun or spray paint can usually fix just about any mistake.

I’ve got two projects for you. One is a no-sew project and the other requires sewing
(or gluing).

No-sew project: Rockin’ Lyrics Mug

Ceramic Mug (Goodwill has some great finds for less than a buck)
Pebeo Porcelaine Pen (you can get at Michael’s)
Fingernail polish remover / cotton balls (in case you make a mistake)

1. Find your favorite song lyrics, favorite saying, devotional or whatever you’d like
to put on your mug. Start at the top of the mug by the handle and write like you
would on paper. Continue wrapping the text around until you’ve run out of room.

2. Let your project dry 24 hours. If you make a mistake, wipe clean with some nail
polish remover and rinse with water. Piece should be dry before starting to paint

3. Place mug in oven. Set a timer for 30 minutes and turn the oven to 350° (mug
should be in there when oven preheats). When the timer goes off, shut the oven off.
Remove mug when it is cool to the touch.

EASY. Peasy. I promise!

Simple Sewing Project: Vintage (or at least sweat-stained if you read this blog) T-
shirt Pillow

Old t-shirt (large or XL works best)
Pillow form (12-15”) or stuffing (stuffing is a pain in the ass!)
Pins (if sewing)
Sewing machine + thread OR Needle + thread OR fabric glue OR glue gun

1. Lie your t-shirt flat on the ground and cut out a square from both the front and
back layers. The square should be the same size of your pillow form.

2. Flip the square pieces so that the right side of the t-shirt is on the inside. Pin
together if sewing.

3. Sew or glue around the edges (about ¼” – ½” away from the edge) leaving one
side mostly open so you can slide in your pillow form. If you glued, allow to dry 24
hours or the recommended time on the glue package before the next step.

4. Turn your squares right side out. Slide your pillow form into the t-shirt squares.
Flip ¼” to ½” of the non-sewn edge inside the pillow and pin together (even if you’re
gluing — it will be easier this way). Stitch with a matching colored thread OR glue


Have you tried making something you’ve found on Pinterest?

For being such great sports and pretending to be crafty with us, I’m going to give
away something from my etsy shop to one random commenter.

Here are a few examples of my work:

To enter to win one of Calee’s awesome pieces, all you have to do is leave a comment below about anything you want- but also be sure to include a description of which one of Calee’s awesome items from her Etsy shop you’d want to win!

A winner will be chosen Friday, June 22nd. Open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!!


  1. The zip pouch with flowers would be perfect for organizing items in my purse.

  2. It would be hard for me not to choose the cup and saucer with the birdies. I love things with wings!

  3. Ashley F says:

    Love the “In the Forest Little Zippy Pouch”. I use little pouches for my gym stuff- headphones, hair ties, brushes ect. Calee has some super cute stuff!

  4. Kathleen R says:

    I love the guest blog idea beacuse you get introduced to new people to follow! I completely respect crafty people, but even simple projects stress me out! If I were to win, I would love an awesome zippy pouch. Something for makeup or pens/pencils/highlighters for school would rock!

  5. Ha — you did pick a pretty hot pic of me. ;) Thanks for letting me be your guest poster while you’re in Chi-town and I’m sitting here in Iowa being very jealous of you. Mark’s going over the 4th to meet up with his sister and her hubs and his mom at his aunt’s house … and I’m sad because I can’t take any more vacation any time soon because I want to go!

  6. The pink and polka dot pouch is cute. You can never have too many pouches! Plethora of possibilities.

  7. ha. what a wordsmith!! :) i love the little pouches. i love super easy crafts, but i still need a friend to help. lol.

  8. I’ve been drooling over the cup and saucer sets for a while now… Already on my b-day list to the Husband!

  9. I have enjoyed reading over your guest post and your blog and recipes the past couple of days while dog and house sitting for you and Greg. The puppies say HI. :-) I even made one of your muffin recipes and Matt and I loved it. YUMMY!! I hope you guys had a great time in Chicago.

  10. Love it!!! I am not really crafty….but it’s because I don’t take the time to be. I’d love the cup and saucers! SO cute!

  11. I hope you have safe travels home from ChiTown! Definitely one of my favorite cities :)

    As for Calee’s tips – SO EASY! I want to make a mug now! I used to be super crafty in high school and college… when I had endless free time! Sewing clothes, making jewelery.

    I’d love one of Calee’s little bags – so super cute!

  12. Holly B says:

    I think the Little Birdies Cup and Saucer is just adorable!

  13. Caroline says:

    I love the plates! I’m getting married in November and trying to register for things for our new home. I want to find original pieces so these would be perfect!

  14. Yay!! What a fun post :) I’m so not crafty… but wish I was. I’m dabbling in the “Crafts world” now that I have a baby girl though. I want her to be artistic and expressive! She LOVES painting. Anywho, I love the little pouches. My favorite is probably the Birdies and Flowers Little Zippie. Love birds. Love pink. It’s like Babycakes’ room in a bag.

  15. Lindsay says:

    I would love to win the little birdie cup & saucer set from Calee’s Etsy Page!

  16. Meredith says:

    I love the multi-colored plates with the different designs on them. They’re adorable!

  17. ummm…i’ll take one of everything!
    (scribbles and sketches is pretty cool!)

    • Lindsay if you lived closer I’d give you the rest of my ceramics! They don’t sell very well on etsy and quite frankly they take up a lot of space. I love making zippy bags and other things, but am kind of over the ceramics. :)

  18. um, any of the cups and saucers…everything is adorable!

  19. the zippy pouches would be perfect for all the stuff that gets lost in my purse. and the birdie saucer is super cute!

  20. Candace says:

    I would love the “Retro Bleu Little Zippy Pouch.” I always have small things being tossed around in my purse or bookbag (e.g., lip gloss, eye drops, flash drive). It’d be nice to have them all together in a cute little pouch.

  21. Kristen says:

    Great stuff, and even better, a new blog to add to my reader!

  22. Beads and lace doily plate! It would be perfect to take pictures with… all my dishes are plain white!

  23. i love being crafty!! your little birdies cup and saucer is adorable!!

  24. I freakin’ heart you both! And Calee – how am I supposed to choose?! I’m torn between a zippy bag and one of those uber adorable plates. Can’t I just let you decide and surprise me? ;)

  25. I love Calee!!! I such at crafting though, so I really need to win some goods. ;)

  26. How fun! I’m so not crafty… at all! I like the In the Forest little zippy pouch!


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