Weekend Deliciousness

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It’s been quite a yummy weekend so far!

Greg’s mom and stepdad are visiting for a few days, and we all took a trip to Tutti Frutti on Friday night for some frozen yogurt. They’ve been open for about a year, but I had yet to go there (believe it or not, I very rarely go out for frozen yogurt at home!). I noticed on their Facebook page that they had started offering soy frozen yogurt and was very intrigued. I’m not a fan of soy ice cream at all, but wanted to try to try it anyway. They had about 16 different flavors of yogurt, 2 of which were soy based (banana and peanut butter). The banana was okay, but the peanut butter was fantastic! I tasted about 5 different yogurt flavors total, and the peanut butter was actually the best out of all of them! I mixed with with coconut and loaded on a few toppings. Yum!

I know my vegan friend Brie is very excited about this discovery, because as she said- sorbet just doesn’t cut it.


On Saturday morning we headed to the farmers market and picked up some eggs, kale, peaches, cherries, broccoli, potatoes, cucumbers and summer squash. The market was crowded as usual, but totally worth waiting in the long lines!

After leaving the market we headed out to Frog Eye Farm to pick blueberries! I have only been blueberry picking once- last summer- and was excited to go again. I also thought it would be a fun activity do Greg’s parents to do. It was a little hot out, but a pretty nice day overall. And the blueberry farms is gorgeous!

The blueberries were definitely plentiful – there were a ton ripe for picking!

I ended up picking 8 lbs. worth. I got a pretty decent bicep workout just holding that bowl for so long!

Check out these beauties:

The farm also had their own mascot, Roxie the Boston Terrier. She was so sweet!

That night, we had made plans to go over to Will and Sara’s house for a potluck dinner. We had been talking about doing this since… March? I’m so glad it finally happened! :)

Since I had a million blueberries, I decided to incorporate them into the dish I brought. I mixed them with some arugula and field greens and Israeli feta to make a simple salad. For the dressing, I blended some blueberries, balsamic and red wine vinegars, olive oil, salt, pepper, roasted onion, garlic, basil and almond butter in the Vitamix. It made a fantastic vinaigrette! All of the food was awesome, because everyone that was there has excellent taste. There’s nothing better than a potluck with other people that appreciate really good tasting healthy, organic food!

My plate of goodness:

Included on there was a grass-fed beef slider, homemade guac, mushrooms, toast with olive tapenade, some super seedy bread from Great Harvest, fruit salad, and my blueberry salad. Everything was SO good, and I definitely went back for seconds!

There was also a lot of beer tasting (because all of the men in attendance are big huge beer snobs- which are my kind of people!). Here’s some of what was included:

We brought this IPA- it was soooooo good. Probably my favorite beer of the night.

We also brought this, which I was excited to try (I wonder why….)

It was one thick stout!

And the Sara broke out the big guns- homemade popsicles that were from a Clean Eating magazine recipe. The first tray had avocado-tequila-lime and peach-ginger pops.

I could have eaten 10 of the avocado pops- they were incredible (but I didn’t ;)).

The next tray was chocolate-coconut.


Greg captured a very blurry photo of 3 out of 5 of us girls (Sara, me and Beth)

It was a really fun night full of lots of laughter, and I look forward to hanging out with these friends again real soon! And I swear- Will and Sara are my total foodie soul mates. They just totally get it.

We’re off to spend the afternoon at some wineries in Loudoun County- enjoy your day!!

Do you and your friends have potlucks? What’s something yummy that you ate this weekend?