I Love Protein [P28 Giveaway!]

Wow- it’s been quite a morning so far. I taught 50 minutes of Spinning, followed by 30 minutes of Abs all before 7 am- and am on my way to teach an additional 50 minutes of Spinning! My body is already sore from two Bodypump classes yesterday (practicing the new release in the morning and teaching a class in the evening!), but I just have to tough it out and teach that last class today like a rockstar.

On days like this, my body craves two very specific things: lots of muscle recovery (which I will get in the form of a deep tissue massage today) and PROTEIN. When I think of protein, I think of a few different sources right off the bat: powder (to make a smoothie), Greek yogurt, lean meat and peanut flour. These are the four sources that I consume most often, and I enjoy each and every one of them. One protein source that never comes to mind is bread. I’m a big bread lover, and I like it in any form, but it’s not something that I eat very much of. Well, I should rephrase that- it’s not something I ate very much of until I discovered High Protein Bread.

I remember exactly where and how I made this wonderful discovery. I think I was reading My Bizzy Kitchen, and drooling over her photos of a bagel. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a bagel, and decided to pick some up at the store. So, I hit up Wegman’s on the way home from work one day and started browsing the options. We all know that bagels are notoriously in that “unhealthy” food category, but I was determined to find one that I could find some nutritional value in. As I was browsing the bread aisle the words “high protein” caught my attention. I grabbed the package of P28 bagels and scanned the ingredients and nutritional contents:

28 grams of protein?! In a bagel?! And only 25g of carbs?! AND 4g of fiber?

That was it. I was sold.

I took my bagels home and thought of all different kinds of ways to eat them. I had them with peanut butter and banana for breakfast:

And as a high protein crust for pizza:

My favorite way to enjoy them? Toasted with a little bit of good quality butter.

As much as I like the bagels, when I (finally) got around to trying the bread, I discovered that I liked it even more! First of all, the slices are HUGE. Each slice of bread has a whopping 14 grams of protein and makes for great sandwich bread. I prefer to eat it for breakfast more than anything else- whether it’s sweet:

Topped with peanut flour and jam, 'sweet' scrambled eggs and jam on the side

Or savory.

Topped with runny egg + veggies, protein pancake on the side


You should know that the bread and bagels do not taste like “regular” breads and bagels that you are used to eating. The texture is different- a little chewier perhaps? But, that’s not a bad thing!

You all know that when I find a product I love, I want everyone to know about it! And I’m so excited that P28 has offered to send one lucky reader a box of goodies (in the form of bread and bagels)!

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favorite source(s) for protein. I’ll pick a winner* Friday, June 29th at 8pm.

*Open to U.S. residents only

Good luck!!



  1. I would have to say nut butter or tuna! But I am FINALLY a Greek yogurt lover, after 40 years of not being able to swallow yogurt!

  2. My favorite protein is probably a good can of tuna!! Love tuna!!

  3. My favorite protein source is grilled chicken breast. So many ways to eat it. Yum!

  4. I have been on an egg kick lately. :)

  5. this is a tough one…
    peanut butter (love love love), then eggs, then chicken, then yogurt (i’m working really hard on liking greek yogurt and it is getting easier)
    now i’m hungry…

  6. I’m addicted to greek yogurt :)

  7. I have to find this bread near me. That is amazing. I have pretty much given up bread on a daily basis too.
    I stick to la tortilla tortilla’s for my sandwich’s. I would love a soft high protein bread!

    My favorite protein sources are:
    egg whites – my absolute fave, I could eat them all day every day
    chicken- it’s a staple
    powders – for smoothies
    fish – which I would eat way more of if it wasn’t so expensive

  8. My favorite source of protein is Greek Yogurt. It is delicious with some berries and nuts. I eat it on a daily basis. :)

  9. Love greek yogurt, protein pancakes w/ protein frosting :) and have been eating a lot of eggs lately! Would love to try some new protein products – never seen them before except on your blog!

  10. Greek yogurt is by far my most eaten protein source…but my favorite would be in the seafood family!

  11. my favorite protein source is definitely greek yogurt, especially when i mix in peanut butter!

  12. I’d love to say it’s a close toss up between salmon and greek yogurt. Like you, I teach group fitness, sometimes twice a day, and need quick recovery so I don’t look like a slacker up front! haha :)

  13. Ummm.. so protein in bread is genius. I love eggs!!!

  14. I love greek yogurt!!!!

  15. Ashley F says:

    Protein powder! I’ve been eating lots of smoothies will all the summer produce available. Yum.

  16. My favorite kinds of protein are lean meats, fish, and Greek yogurt! I love chewy breads, so this sounds like something to try for sure.

  17. I would have to say that my favorite protein options are: eggs and lean meats! :)

  18. greek yogurt and RAW protein powder (in smoothies, oatmeal, or pancakes)!

  19. Quinoa and hummus are two of my faves!

  20. I have to say, I’m mildly/weirdly obsessed with protein sources! My favorites are egg whites, protein powders, greek yogurt, chicken, and then products like P28 that turn something like bread that a lot of us feel are “off-limits” to something we can really enjoy! I would LOVE to try p28! :-)

  21. Alexandra says:

    What a fantastic product!! one of my favorite sources of protein is plain fat free Greek yogurt! I love it with granola and a little bit of agave as a snack – yum! I’m also a huge fan of hummus, seared tuna and egg whites!

  22. I am like you in that when I find a product I love I want to tell everyone I know about it. I haven’t heard of or seen this product but would love to try it, plus I like a chewy texture. I would have to say my favorite source of protein is greek yogurt. Topped with berries and homemade granola is my favorite way to eat it.

  23. I love some greek yogurt and nut butters. However, I just recently conditioned myself into liking eggs and it may become my new favorite protein source! I haven’t liked them my whole life but finally something changes and I’m so excited!!

  24. Kathleen R says:

    My favorite source of protein is PB2. I am a huge peanut butter lover and PB2 provides me with all the taste without all the calories and fat. PB2 would probably be delicious on a P28 bagel!

  25. Lean meats, eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter, protein powder/bars. Yum.

  26. Yogurt, Tuna, Nuts, Cheese, Milk (I guess I like dairy!)! I’m trying to get more protein in my diet, and have started eating protein bars and a glass of skim milk – very filling!

  27. Oooooh PICK me!! I want to try this SO bad :) My fav way to get protein is in real food-yogurt, chicken, etc.!

  28. My favorite sources of protein are eggs and shrimp!

  29. I love love love protein! I especially love my protein ice cream I get to have every night! It is one scoop of chcolate protein powder, a little stevia, and some caramel extract, with a sprinkling of organic cocoa powder! Freeze for about a 1.5 hrs and voila! It hits the spot with desert and wanting chocolate. I would love to try it with some almond milk! Bet it would be even better and creamier. Once my fitness competition is over, I will definitely be adding the almond milk! I also love to get my protein from eggs and turkey and buffalo/bison!! Yum! I can’t imagine how good it would be to get protein from bread!! That would open up a whole new world!! :) Yumm-O!!!

  30. I really want to try these! My favorite source of protein these days is Greek yogurt.

  31. I’d have to say chicken or cottage cheese these days… but I really go through different phases all the time :)

  32. WOO ENTER ME! My new fave source is that bread! Had a bagel today!

  33. I’m glad you mentioned the texture and its “chewiness.” That is totally right on! And it’s taking me a little while to get used to :) But the high protein content is worth it! I still want to try some mini pizzas like you show above, yum.

  34. eek I’m so behind on blog reading. I want to get caught up. Don’t count me in this giveaway for obvious reasons. But thanks for sharing! :) I found an amazing GF place in Boston that let me get a ton of stuff I normally can’t get.

  35. Definitely love lean meats right off the grill!

  36. My favorite protein is fish!!! or a sassy protein smoothie!

  37. I reallllly need this! Since I decided to do that figure competition and tr yo keep a vegetarian diet I am struggling to make my goal of 150g of protein in. That with a runny egg… protein heaven! :)

    P.S. You are a rockstar getting through all of those classes!

  38. Caroline says:

    My favs would be peanut butter and protein pancakes, a lot of the time these two together! Your idea to use the bagel as pizza crust is awesome!

  39. I love cottage cheese and the boost it gives me mid afternoon.


  40. Thanks for the shout out! :D Wowza, only 25 grams of carbs? Me want! I love the idea of making a pizza bagel – my husband shocked me last night and said “I would love it if you made pizza Friday night – what?!” Can’t wait!

  41. Kristin says:

    YUM!!! My fav source is greek yogurt :)

  42. Hummus is probably my favorite source of protein. I eat it for lunch almost every day with all kinds of veggies on a great slice or two of toasted bread so the bagels and breads would compliment that greatly. I could never survive without great breads and a bagel breakfast is the ultimate indulgence for me.

  43. For protein, I love greek yogurt as my go-to yum source!

  44. Those look amazing!!! I wish they had a gluten free kind! Your bagel pizzas look unreal :)

  45. Love a thick, grilled steak for a big heaping of protein!

  46. I love beans – all kinds!

  47. Vanilla Greek yogurt and cinnamon almonds!

  48. My favorite proteins are definitely egg whites! Second: tie between fresh sockeye salmon and organic powder that I can put in my favorite meal of the day…oatmeal!

  49. Lately, it has been tempeh! I am currently stuck in a fixation. :)

    I love chewy bread. Hook me up with some of that P28!!!

  50. My favorite form of protein is definitely ALMOND BUTTER and Kashi Go Lean Cereal!!! MMMM!!!!

  51. I’m doing a bit of a cleanse right now & bread is off limits so these bagels look so. stinkin’. good! I get most of my protein from Greek yogurt & grilled chicken.

  52. Hmmmmmmmm my FAVORITE source of protein would have to be peanut/almond butter. I of course do all sorts of things for protein, nutbutters would not be top on protein list but it would def have to be my favorite!! Hi, my name is Nidia and I am a nutbutter addict. LOL!

  53. I like protein best in protein oats, I know right, I’m so original(: But I do love me a good bagel! Thanks for having this awesome giveaway; I have seen their products all over the blog world, but have yet to try them.

  54. runnrjo says:

    I could live on greek yogurt and almond butter. But lately I have been enjoying bison burgers – perfect for a summer BBQ!

  55. I wish they had this bread in Atlanta. I’ve never seen it at any of the grocery stores.

    My favorite protein source is definitely eggs. I eat an egg pretty much every day.

  56. megan w. says:

    Those bagels sound amazing! My fave protein is eggs!

  57. Peanut butter and Greek yogurt are my favorite!

  58. Meredith Gregory says:

    My favorite protein source is oatmeal mixed with peanut butter AND Greek yogurt. It makes a very filling afternoon snack.

  59. Georgiana says:

    My favorite protein source is peanut butter!

  60. Gotta love plain Greek Yogurt which I top with fresh berries! ;-)

  61. Greek yogurt, egg whites, tofu, and beans are my favorite protein sources.

  62. Iris Lee says:

    Quinoa is a wonderful source of protein and so versatile!

  63. Bethany Swallow says:

    I love whey protein! So good in smoothies!

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    (I swear this isn’t [only] a plug for my blog!!) :-)

  65. Lets just say ive never met a protein I didn’t like- nuts, yogurt cheese turkey steak– love it all!!

  66. Kat Cuttitta says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting this- I stink at protein but I’m really, really good at bagels! I begrudge the calories from sandwich bread but subbing this is a great alternative! Thanks Lauren!

  67. Greek yogurt!

  68. I’d love to try p28 bread & bagels, so thanks for hosting this giveaway! My favorite protein source is sashimi.

  69. Michelle says:

    Favorite source? Eek, so hard to choose! It’s a tie between greek yogurt, peanut butter, and wild salmon burgers from Costco (which I put on salads several times a week!)

  70. I have wanted to try these since I saw you raving about them! I’m definitely going to have to try them whether I win or not. ;)

    Anyway, my favorite form of protein is definitely nut butter. I just can’t get enough!!

  71. Jennifer says:

    Either Greek yogurt, or peanut butter! And sometimes both mixed together :)

  72. It’s a tie between salmon and eggs. Don’t make me choose!

  73. My favorite protein sources are probably almonds and beans!

  74. My favorites are any type of fish and greek yogurt.

  75. Melanie says:

    Definitely peanut butter….I never get tired or bored with it! Next would be greek yogurt or fresh salmon!

  76. Definitely Greek yogurt or Kroger Low Carb strawberry! Yum!

  77. My favorite form of protein is protein bars.

  78. Red meat…I’m a through and through farm girl and I like my beef. Although at this very second I’m craving a hodge podged pile of scrambled eggs with random mix ins!

  79. Beth Sands says:

    A great, lean steak, greek yogurt, and peanut butter. I also do enjoy a good protein shake!

  80. Tempeh, tofu, hemp seeds and peanut flour are favorites right now!

  81. My favs are eggs and nuts for sure.

  82. Laura O. says:

    I struggle to get enough protein and LOVE bread so this would be a perfect match! Currently I’m focusing on greek yogurt, tempeh, nuts, and eggs.

  83. Sarah B. says:

    My favorite source of protein is tuna! Or lavash bread. Love them together

  84. MEAT! Basically any kind. Also, tasty whey protein (cellucor peanut butter marshmallow comes to mind).


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