An A-Z Survey

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It’s been one of those weeks where finding the motivation to do much that requires a lot of thinking just isn’t going to happen. Between practicing Bodypump for the new launch next week and teaching my regular classes plus a few extras for people who were on vacation, I racked up 12 classes this week. And let me tell you- my body is definitely feeling it! Just one more day and two more classes to teach, and then SATURDAY will be here. As much as I love to exercise, I have grown to really look forward to my rest day. In our house, we have certain “rules” for Saturday: no alarms and no working out (except in the form of leisurely dog walks or light hikes purely for enjoyment).

Because I’m not feeling very creative or motivated, I’m stealing a survey that was on Janetha’s blog the other day. Feel free to copy it and fill out your own answers!

The idea of this survey is to think of simple things that I enjoy in life- from A to Z.

A. Apple anything. I’ve been a Mac girl ever since discovering the Apple IIe in elementary school (where I rocked some Oregon Trail). It’s the only type of computer I’ve ever owned, and having an iPod, iPad and iPhone just makes life a whole heck of a lot easier.

B. Bodypump. Being a Bodypump instructor elevated my love of teaching exercise and gave me a whole new confidence. It’s truly been a lifechanger!

C. Colorado. It’s where my heart is- I’m in love.

D. Dandy Blend. I think I may love this drink more than coffee. I was introduced to it a few a years ago and drank it every day for about a year, and then stopped. I started drinking it again about a month ago and have a whole new appreciation for it!

E. Exercise. It’s such a big part of my life, and I can’t believe that I lived my first 23 years hating it!

F. Fitmixer bootcamp. Though I haven’t been following the eating portion of the program 100%, I am incredibly grateful for the workouts. They have opened my eyes to a whole new world of training, and really steered me in the direction that I want to go when I’m training clients in the future!

G. Golden Retrievers. Jackson and Lance, to be specific.

H. Husband. I’m incredibly lucky to have married Greg, who is so patient, selfless and supportive- even when I decided to quit my job to pursue my dreams. I’m one lucky gal.

I. Instagram. I am obsessed. OBSESSED I tell you! Follow me @oatmealLauren (that’s my handle on “the Twitter” too, which I’m still trying to learn how to use.

J. JetBlue. We usually fly JetBlue to Boston (Southwest everywhere else), and it seems like such a treat to be able to watch DirecTv during a flight (and it makes it go by really fast!).

K. Kayaking. Something I love to do- and don’t get to often enough. Greg and I even got engaged while kayaking in Lake Dillon (That’s not where this picture was taken- it’s from Bethany Beach on the bay side!).

L. Lavender. My favorite scent!

M. Magical Scraps. It’s a store in Breckenridge that I totally love. If you’re in the area, you must check them out. Leave your husband outside- there’s a nice, comfy bench for him to sit on.

N. Nut butter. Any day, any kind. You should check out Sarah’s Nutty Butter- it’s to die for!

O. Outback. As in my Subaru Outback. I know it’s a car- and you’re not supposed to fall in love with material things, but this is the first car I’ve owned that I have ever truly been in love with. I also think it gets me one step closer to being a resident of Colorado. ;)

P. Popcorn. I’m a big popcorn lover, and go through phases of eating it on a daily basis. My favorite way to enjoy it is air-popped with a little melted high quality butter drizzled over-top and sprinkled with truffle salt. (And now I want some…)

Q. Quirky people. I enjoy people who have a weird, nerdy side- just like me. ;)

R. Re-usable grocery bags. I have a thing about them. I HATE plastic bags. It’s rare that I even bag my produce (unless it’s absolutely necessary).

S. Spinning. Yes, I had to acknowledge it as well! I’ve been a Spinning instructor for four years, and it’s a big part of my life. I can honestly say that I’m a great instructor because I have so much passion for it, and make it fun (while I’m kicking your butt!).

T. Trekking. Okay, I already used “H” for something else, or I would have said hiking. Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity of all time, and always will be!

U. Under Armour. I’m pretty loyal to this brand for workout clothing- it’s comfortable, looks good and lasts a LONG time (I still wear shirts and shorts that I bought 4 years ago!).

V. Vanilla. My favorite flavor! Some say it’s boring, but I think it’s the best.

W. Walking the dogs. It’s such a simple pleasure for me, and something I don’t do often enough!

X. XM Radio. I got addicted when it came free with my Honda Accord that I bought on my 28th birthday. I have since traded that car in for what you read in the letter O, but still have the XM addiction.

Y. Yard- as in my backyard. I LOVE it. It’s just big enough and very private with a nice patio to relax on. The dogs love it too, of course!

Z. ‘za- as in Pizza. My favorite food of all time (and what we have for dinner almost every single Friday night!).

Your turn! Choose any 3 letters and tell me what simple pleasures bring joy in your life!


  1. Colorado loves you too – I’m still hoping you guys will move too! :) I love this list and have it filed away for a future “out of time” post! I’ll choose my initial letters, HTB:
    H – Hiking: Something I haven’t done too much of and plan to do LOTS of after our move.
    T – Tofu: I can’t believe I didn’t really eat this until a year ago, amazingly versatile food!
    B – Books: something I don’t read enough of anymore, but I still LOVE to read. :)

  2. H–Hummus–Oh my I’ve fallen in love with that stuff

    B–Blogs–I now read several healthy living blogs and I love them

    D–Days off–’nuff said

  3. I love this!

    K- Kombucha. Specifically, strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple flavors this week. I love that I can brew my own and have an endless supply for a fraction of the price.
    P – Patio. I would love to have a yard one day, but for now, I am really enjoying my small patio. It’s so nice to be able to grow a few potted plants (I have baby swiss chard as of last weekend!) and just sit outside in the sun with the dogs.
    W – Watermelon! I just ate a big bowl of the most amazing watermelon – it was so sweet.

    I need to look into getting some of that dandy blend! Aaron is a coffee addict, and it seems like that would be a great alternative.

  4. Your pups are SOOO cute :) My B would be Beagles for that reason!

  5. Hehe. I did this TODAY too :) Gotta love a good survey!

    And yes, B is def for BodyPUMP. Being an instructor is amazing, eh?? :) Hopefully one day we could teach together for fun?! That would ROCK.

  6. Awww….thanks for the love, love. [I just became B for British.]

    I like this idea…and might have to steal it from you [and Janetha] for one of the days I’m out of town in July.

    Popcorn + truffle oil + black pepper. Try it.
    What is this Dandy Blend???

  7. We’re Friday night pizza people too! :) Our dog is not that fun to walk, but hopefully when I get my own SOON – she’ll be more cooperative.

    D is for Dominican Republic because I’ve really been missing it & all my friends this week.
    H is for House because we’re closing on ours on FRIDAY!
    B is for Busters this new painful burpee/thruster hybrid move I tried tonight. Lol.

    Yeah. Those letters were totally random.

  8. Adorable pic of your pups!
    I’m with you re: Under Armour – I am tall so finding long tops is always a challenge and the UA tanks and shirts are nice and long with a great fit.

  9. Beth Sands says:

    This is fun!


    F: My family…I wish I lived closer to them, and I miss. I also feel that family should always come first and enjoy spending time with my little family right here…and my extended family of close friends.

    N: Nora-she is the biggest challenge I have ever endured from labor to present day…physically, mentally, and emotionally. This lady keeps me on my feet for sure.

    Q: quiet time.

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