The Wedding of Neal + Ashley

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Good morning! I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and having a fabulous Sunday. I started off my morning by teaching another sweaty Spin class and will be headed off soon to practice the new Bodypump release with the other instructors one last time before the launch tomorrow!

I’ll be picking the winners for the NuNaturals giveaway tonight, so be sure to enter if you haven’t done so yet!

Yesterday was so much fun. It was a day that was highly anticipated for a long time- the day that my beautiful friend Ashley married her husband (!!) Neal.

I’ve known Ashley and Neal since last fall, and have loved seeing them go from boyfriend/girlfriend to being engaged, and now being married! Ashley and I became friends by reading each others’ blogs, and had an instant connection when we met in person- and have been super close ever since. Here’s a few photos to show off their beautiful ceremony and reception.

Ashley sent out an email a few weeks ago asking her wedding guests to download the “Wedding Snap” app on their smartphones.

This app is so cool! It’s an online photo album where wedding guests can post the photos they took into one big collection! It was really fun to post photos and look at the ones that everyone else took.

The wedding was at 3:00 at a church in Gaithersburg. It was really hot outside- and I felt a little sorry for all of the guys in their suits! But, I was happy to see my handsome husband wearing the suit from our wedding, which was just one year ago!

We didn’t know anyone at the wedding, besides the bride + groom, but I wasn’t worried about that. Ashley and Neal are such great people, that I figured that their other friends would be a lot of fun! I immediately made friends with a gal named Katy, who happens to look just like Ashley!

The funny thing was, Katy came up and introduced herself to me- she recognized me from my blog! Two other people also did the same thing- which is probably to be expected since they read Ashley’s blog.

The ceremony was really nice. And the kids were so cute!

We were all so excited to see Ashley, and she looked so beautiful!

First kiss as husband and wife:

The wedding party surprised everyone by dancing down the aisle to Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True” (which was also the song that Greg and I had playing when our wedding party entered the reception at our wedding!)

After the ceremony we headed towards Boyds to the Lodge at Seneca Creek for the reception. The lodge was beautiful and rustic- just perfect!

We drank (really good) beer and munched on appetizers (chips with guac and salsa, smoked sausage and hamburger sliders that were to die for!). There were so many awesome details that Ashley put together:


Adorable napkins!

Custom-labeled Jones Soda:

Wedding Mad Libs, which were a HUGE hit (some people got pretty dirty with this, too!):

In lieu of a guest book, everyone left a thumbprint on an drawing of a naked tree, to fill in the “leaves.” I love this!!

(Mine and Greg’s are the two at the very bottom on the left side!)

There was really good beer (A bunch of different Sam Adams summer styles and Fat Tire!) and wine. And cute mason jars to drink from – which we also got to take home (Katy and I were WAY too excited about this):

And water, sweet tea and lemonade were served in little buckets with a spout!

And the food… whoa. It was delicious- definitely in the top 5 wedding dinners I’ve had. It was catered by Hill Country BBQ in DC, which I was not familiar with. I am definitely going to their restaurant in the near future! My plate was crammed with a little bit of everything: cornbread, corn pudding, mac & cheese, potatoes, vegetable casserole (which tasted like a veggie enchilada!), bbq chicken, brisket and cucumber salad.

Our tablemates were awesome, and we all became friends instantly (even on Facebook, so it’s totally official). The group included:

Jessica (who works with Ashley had done a triathlon that morning!! Crazy girl!) and Katy (Ashley’s doppelganger):

and Randy and Dara, who both used to work with Ashely at Dartmouth.

Randy manages a gym, so of course, I wanted to talk his ear off!

Some scenes from the reception…

First dance:

Cake shoving:

Greg and Neal (who look like long lost brothers in this photo):

Ashley and me:

All four of us!

Ashley’s sister (who is only 19!) gave the best maid-of-honor speech. It was so adorable and from the heart- and definitely made us all laugh until we cried. :)

We danced our faces off (and I was one sweaty mess!), and by the end of the night, we were all partied out.

We had an awesome time and didn’t want the party to end (but had to get home to our two hungry mutts)! Congratulations for pulling off such an amazing wedding and reception Ashley and Neal- and best wishes for a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness. Have fun on your European honeymoon- love you both!