Bodypump 82 Review!

Happy Monday!! I’m really excited to start off this week with the launch of Bodypump 82! If you’re not familiar with Bodypump, here’s a quick description of the class from the Les Mills website:

BODYPUMP™, the original LES MILLS™ barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast!

Great bodies aren’t born, they are transformed, using the proven BODYPUMP™ formula: THE REP EFFECT™ a breakthrough in resistance workout training. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning.

BODYPUMP™ is one of the world’s fastest ways to get in shape as it challenges all of your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl.

The cutting-edge BODYPUMP™ choreography, and chart-topping music is refreshed every three months, so with your choice of weight and highly-trained instructors you can get the group effect and the results you’ve been looking for!

Or in my own words- it’s an hour of strength training combined with cardio moves that will kick your butt and re-shape your body. If you get bored with weightlifting (or even if you don’t)- this class is for you! One of the best things about Bodypump is that it’s for everyone- men, women, young and old. I have such a wide variety of people that take my class, and I really love that!

To keep things fresh and the muscles “confused,” a new release is launched every three months. When the class is taught for the first time, it’s known as the launch party. At my gym, we celebrate by decorating the aerobics room and doing raffle giveaways- it’s a lot of fun! We also team teach, so that two different instructors divide up the tracks that are presented.

I absolutely love being a Bodypump instructor. I think that Bodypump instructors are a rare breed- we are super crazy passionate about what we do and can’t get enough (right, Annette?). It’s given me such strength and confidence, and really made me realize my dream of wanting to help people get strong and healthy. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Today was the launch of Bodypump 82 at one of the health clubs that I teach at. Though I didn’t teach the release today, I was there to be a supportive fellow BP instructor (and to try to get the rest of the class PUMPED up- no pun intended).

Jill and Elizabeth (and Cheryl, who isn’t pictured) led the launch today and quickly posed with me after class. We are all smiles, as you can see!

I will be co-teaching the launch at the other branch of Fitness First on Thursday morning with Jill, and can’t wait! Today’s class definitely has me even more excited to introduce BP 82 to everyone.

I absolutely love reading Annette’s reviews the lastest Bodypump release each quarter, so I’m borrowing her idea to give my own thoughts on Bodypump 82.

Bodypump 82

Initial thoughts: When I first listened to the music, I didn’t love it right away. BUT- after just a few times of running through tracks, I started to change my mind. Now I love almost all of the songs, and think that every single track has kick-butt choreography. I feel like this release has switched things up a lot, and has many great new exercises that I haven’t seen before in Bodypump. I’ve become quite familiar with this release by now, and can honestly say that it’s my favorite one yet!

Bad ass instructors, Elizabeth and Cheryl, in matching shirts :)

Track 1: Warm-up (Raining Diamonds): This track is for just what it says: warming up the body. It uses the lightest weight of the class and goes through many of the different exercises, targeting various muscle groups. If you’ve been taking Bodypump for a while, you may have noticed that the last few releases had very similar warm-ups. This one actually switches it up! There are some really quick transitions- and surprisingly few squats (yay!).

Track 2: Squats (Someone Like You): I know that people are going to be really excited to hear an Adele song for this track! Don’t be fooled if you’re familiar with the song- it’s a remix with a quick tempo. This track uses the heaviest weight of the class and gets the heart pumpin’. There aren’t any real “breaks,” but you can take advantage of a few seconds of rest as you transition from a mid-stance squat to a wide squat a few different times throughout the song. My elbows are always dripping with sweat by the time I’m done with this track!

Track 3: Chest (I Like How It Feels): A tie for my favorite track of this release. I really like the song and how the beat gradually builds up and slows down over and over again. There are three rounds of chest presses on the bench, followed by a killer set of single-plate push-ups to finish it out.

"I like how it feels..."

Track 4: Back (Bring Me To Life-Hands Up Mix): This track begins like most other back tracks- underhand dead rows. The beats go from super slow to super fast throughout the track, which gives an equal amount of focus to cardio and strength. There are two supersets of clean and presses (4 in a row!) followed by dead lifts, and another round of clean and presses.

Track 5: Triceps (Bad Case of Loving You): Awesome tricep track! It doesn’t use the bar at all, which is a nice change of pace. The track begins with tricep dips (gotta love body weight exercises!), followed by overhead extensions with a heavy plate, tricep kick-backs with a lighter plate, and tricep pushups on the bench. It’s fast-paced with quick transitions and high energy!

Track 6: Biceps (Bottoms Up): I’ll be honest- I don’t love this song. I mean… it’s Nickleback…. BUT- I love the choreography. It’s another high-intensity bicep track with two options: you can either load up your bar and keep the weight the same throughout the entire track OR put your bar down near the last minute of the track, and add more weight to finish it out. No matter which option you choose, your biceps will be on fire by the end!

Track 7: Lunges (Ecuador): My other favorite track of this release- and my favorite lunge track ever! I notoriously and not the biggest fan of the tracks that focus on the legs, because mine are always so worn out from teaching spin class. But, man- I love this one! I begins with squats and lunges using the bar, while the heart rate starts to rise. Then, the bar is dropped and the squat jumps begin! There’s a few sets of killer lunges thrown in between, and just when you think it’s over- there’s ONE more set of lunges! Your heart is will be racing (and legs burning up!) by the time it’s over.

Track 8: Shoulders (Be Cool 2012): The song is kind of dirty… just don’t listen to close to the lyrics. ;) This track begins with push-ups and quickly transitions into a set of kneeling rear deltoid raises. You then stand up for side raise/rotator raise/pec dec combo- and get back down on the other knee and do it all over again. We end with overhead presses and a push press, which adds the bending of the knees.

Track 9: Abdominals  (Feel So Close): AWESOME song! The ab track is very similar to the last release- and it’s also very short. It begins with a combination of ab crunches and bicycle crunches. Then the fun really begins! You transition into a plank, hold it, add mountain climbers, and end holding a plank again. 

Track 10: Cooldown (Time To Say Goodbye): Whew! When it’s time for the cooldown, we are all ready to collapse! It’s hard for me to keep a straight face during this song, because it’s just a little cheesy… but it’s growing on me. The cooldown stretches out all of the major muscle groups and feels SO good. It’s a good time to reflect on how hard you worked over the last hour and thank your body for providing so much strength!

I am so grateful to be a Bodypump instructor- and hope that all of you get a chance to try out the new release!

Do you take Bodypump? Have you done the new release yet (give feedback if you have!!)?


Happy Monday!


  1. Not a big BP fan, but am a huge fan of those lacy tanks! Also, loved the wedding post before this one. Just read it.. too lazy to do two comments. So sue me.

    • I’m going to pretend that you didn’t say that and still try to be your friend. :)
      Did you finally take a BP class?! I can’t imagine you not liking it- it’s so butt-kicking!!

  2. I love BP so much! Unfortunately my new gym doesn’t have those classes. So bummed!

  3. I love this release too!!! I am still ‘hurtin’ from this a.m. Gosh, that chest and lunge track is KILLER! I LOVE what we get to do!!! :)

    I smile every time with that shoulder track….ahahahaha.

  4. This release is awesome! My two favorite tracks are the triceps and lunge tracks! Can’t even listen to the shoulder track in my car with the kiddos…**blush!

    • The triceps track is definitely great too. I’m just not a huge fan of the song (but love the energy!)

  5. I didn’t realize they used the same music & same moves for each – interesting. Does that get boring? I’m not really a group fitness person, but I would take one of your classes. :)

    • It’s the same music + moves for each release, so if you took the class anywhere in the WORLD right now, it would be the same (which is very cool!). It doesn’t get boring at all- it helps you build up your strength big time. And they switch up the release every 3 months (though you can start doing old releases after a few weeks). When I move to Colorado you’ll be able to take my classes! :)

  6. Awesome recap! I’ve taken two classes of the latest release and I’m also a big fan. Between the push-ups (so many!) and the jumping squats, I’m totally spent by the end. Lunges are really hard on my knees, so I actually appreciate that the lunge track is basically a squat track. :) I’m looking forward to my 7am bp class tomorrow morning!

    • YES! I know – push-ups on 3 different tracks! At least there aren’t any at the END of shoulders this time!
      I love that your gym has a 7 am class. I wish we did! That would be a PERFECT time (I have a new 6 am one that starts in August!)

  7. I want to try body pump so bad! The classes at my gym are always so full though. :(

    • They’re packed at one of the gyms I teach at- not so much at the other. It can definitely be a little frustrating when they’re elbow to elbow and everyone is fighting for equipment!

  8. This post made me miss Bodypump!! I loved taking it when I went to Goodlife, but my current gym doesn’t offer it :(

  9. My gym doesn’t offer body pump so I’ve never taken it. So, are all body pump classes the same then? Like all over the country? And are the classes the same each day until the new release?

    • Les Mills is worldwide- and if you took a class right now in Australia, Germany, anywhere in the US, etc., chances are you’d be doing the latest release (since it just came out). We teach the same release for a few weeks, and then are able to switch it up and mix in old tracks. It never gets boring! I love it!

  10. Reading this got me excited to go back to BodyPump! I haven’t gone since release 80 because my training schedule was picking up, but I need some more BP back in my life.

  11. I’ve never done bodypump, but I’ve done Group Power which i think is pretty similar. We’re in between gyms right now, but those classes are so fun!!!! I’d love to go to one of your classes!

    • Well hopefully when we finally move to CO you can take one of my classes!
      I’m sure there’s a ton of gyms around Denver that offer Les Mills classes. You should definitely choose one that does- you will love all of the options!

  12. GOOD NEWS! Next month I get a free pass w/ my apt. to the good local gym, meaning I can start taking body pump!! I”M SO PUMPED. THe only thing that would make it better is if you taught.

    • YES! I can’t wait to see what you think. I know you’ll love it.
      Whenever you come visit me, you can take Spinning AND Bodypump with me (you’ll have to promise not to hate me after!)

  13. Just found your blog through your guest post over at meals & moves! I’m a big BP lover and agree, BP 82 is my favorite release so far. There’s not one track that I don’t like, and it always kicks my butt (we’ve been doing 82 since the beginning of June over here).

  14. I love, love, love this rundown of 82 . I am just finishing up my instructor training on 81, and I have yet to think about 82. I’m so excited, though, to introduce some new music and choreography.

  15. Hey Lauren! I am new to Body Pump (oddly enough, through Fitness First here in Sydney!) and wondering how many times you recommend going a week to see changes? I want to make sure I’m going enough to make it worthwhile!!!

  16. Hi there !! I love Bodypump! I am from Denver and living in Stapleton. The gym, the “Bladium” has awesome instructors .. I am gonna move to another part of town, still Denver but closer to Downtown. How can I find other gyms that offer Bodypump / les mills???


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