Summer Check-In: The Bucket List

How are you on this Thursday? I’m just a Bodypump machine this week. I’m teaching the new release four days in a row- I guess I should be able to do it blind-folded by Saturday!

If you have a moment, go check out my guest post on Janetha’s blog later today. She does an awesome 3-tip Thursday series and I’m happy to be a part of it! I think my tips are pretty nifty- and one even inspired this recipe!


Wow- this summer sure is going by fast. I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of July! Just over a month ago, I jumped on the Summer Bucket List train and created one of my own. I took a look back it last night to see how I’ve done- and what I still want to accomplish in the next two months:

Man, I’m kind of bummed about how many of these I haven’t gotten to yet! But- there’s still plenty of time, right? Let’s focus on what I can check off the list so far:

3. Hang wall art

If you look closely, you can see Greg with a glass of wine and a dog at his side to the right. Scene stealers!

I’ve actually done this! I printed out a bunch of large-scale photographs that I have taken in Colorado and Washington, bought some frames, and hung them up. There’s a few more things that I’d like to hang on the walls, but at least I’m off to a good start!

5. Go to wineries

Yup (and we even went to a brewery)! I also went to a winery when I was down in Charlottesville recently. I’m sure there will be a few more winery visits over the summer, as it is one of our favorite weekend activities (and is even more fun with friends!).

15. Create some new recipes

I’ve been spending a little more effort in my recipe creating lately- and trying to not just use my iPhone and actually put some effort into my photos. A few recent ones include Maryland “crab” cakeschocolate peanut butter mousse, beet burgers, chia pudding and Red, White and Blueberry Protein Muffins. I’ve got quite a few more floating around in my head right now, too!

16. See a movie in the theater Okay, so it happened to be Magic Mike, which had the worst plot and writing ever- but had seriously good eye candy (especially when Matthew McConaughey finally does his solo dance!). I still really want to see Snow White and the Huntsmen (if it’s even out anymore) and Ted (I’m a sucker for comedy that is offensive!).

17. Go to a new ballpark

Check and check! I have actually visited TWO new ballparks this summer, since we hit went to games at the Cubs AND White Sox stadiums in Chicago. That’s another two checked off the ballpark bucket list… 8 down, 22 to go!

18. Pick blueberries

I did- and it was awesome! I love blueberry picking, and hope to go again before the season is over I’ve enjoyed having big, fat, fresh blueberries to snack on, frozen blueberries in my smoothies, and blueberry jam any time I want it.

20. Beach road trip

Technically, it didn’t end up being a “beach” road trip, but I’m counting my mother-daughter trip to Charlottesville here. We originally thought about going to Bethany Beach, but decided it would be too crowded. I really don’t see a “beach” trip happening this year with all of the other traveling going on- and that’s okay!

I have 13 things left on that list, and really want to mark every single one of them off (and some I’m kind of shocked at a few that I haven’t done yet- some really simple things!). My top priorities on this list are:

1. Organize my home office. I seriously thought that this would be the first thing I would get done- but I haven’t even started yet! It’s such a daunting, time-consuming task and I don’t even know where to begin. I need to suck it up and just pick a place to start and DO IT.

6. Study for PT exam. Or even just register for one- that way it’s on the calendar and official!

10. Hike a 14er. We’re leaving for Colorado on Monday, and plan to hike a 14er on Tuesday, which is also our one year anniversary. I really hope that the weather cooperates and this works out. We even have a couples massage scheduled for later that afternoon to help recover our sore muscles!

13. Hot yoga. Or yoga, period. My body needs it. I’ve been teaching anywhere from 8-12 classes a week (plus doing some of my own workouts for bootcamp in between) and need to focus on recovery just as much. It hasn’t been happening.

It should be simple to accomplish everything on this list before fall, right? :)
We’ll see…

What are some things that you’d like to accomplish before the end of summer? What’s something great that you’ve done so far?



  1. love it! and i bet you came to visit me, you could work on that yoga. just sayin.;-)

  2. Lol well for starters I wanted to make a list, but never got around to it!! Maybe I can do a half summer list once we’re moved in and my family leaves, but I’ve definitely accomplished s a few mini goals. Free piano coming today!! :)

  3. Amy Quinn says:

    Here’s the good news: I am from a family of teachers, but I am an attorney. At the end of June, I am always so distressed that they are on summer break and I am not. But now that you are not a teacher anymore, you will learn the best kept secret of summer: it’s not over on Labor Day. It’s not over til the thermometer says so….whenever that may be. So enjoy! You have more summer than you ever knew existed to knock off your bucket list!

    Which PT exam will you take? I am interested but they are all so pricey and the ones that look less pricey are maybe not as good?! Any advice welcome.

    • Ha! I know- I’m so used to thinking that summer is “over” in the middle of August (that’s when we go back to school!) but there’s a whole other month after that!!
      I THINK I’m going through NESTA for my PT cert. I’ve asked so many different people- and what I hear from club owners is that it really doesn’t matter who you go through- just get certified. The learning really happens with experience anyway!

  4. YAY for getting a few things done! LOVE the wall art. LOVE it.

    I still want to go for a long hike this Summer, and I need to do some longer runs outside, but otherwise, I’ve been hittin’ things left and right ;)

  5. I think you’re doing a great job and I love seeing what you’ve accomplished so far. Love the photos from Colorado!!

  6. Gillian says:

    Im starting to get a little panic-y about how fast the summer is going… Im hopeful that we both can stretch out this second half for all its worth!!

  7. Your doing great so far girl! What a great list!

  8. Yoga girl… just do it! We have some terrific Yoga Instructors at FF – try them all out! Just take the plunge and DO IT!

    • I know- I NEED to fit it into my schedule. I used to do yoga 3x a week, but have totally not made time for it over the last few months. There’s no excuse though- I don’t want my body to fall apart!

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