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I am so excited to share this guest post with you today. It comes from Heidi- who is an amazing, crazy, funny, lovely gal that I met at Blend last May. Heidi lives in Colorado (yes, I’m jealous) has a really awesome story about how she got there. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have!


Hi! I’m Heidi and I blog about running, hiking, snowboarding, exploring and life at run.around.aroo. I met Lauren at the BLEND retreat in Boulder and am super excited to see her again this week while she is hanging out in Colorado. Seriously, this girl loves Colorado almost more than I do!

Unless you live under a rock {or a new reader} you are probably well aware of just how much Lauren loves Colorado. Yet for some reason she lives over on the East Coast – far, far away from the beautiful mountains, forests and trails of Colorado. At least she comes to visit often!

2012-06-30 12.25.38
…nearing the summit of La Plata, our second 14er…

Lucky for her I’m a bit of an enabler. An encourager, if you will. Colorado is a pretty great state and as a newly christened resident I have a whole slew of reasons why living here is awesome. But first, a little background on how I ended up here…

After years of just visiting Colorado The Husband – Chris – and I quit our stable jobs, packed up or sold everything we owned and moved from Wisconsin to Colorado. Yes, we moved unemployed knowing no one in the state. Basically it was just me, him, our annoying cat and a tiny apartment.

…at the Colorado Monument National Park near Grand Junction…

Sounds kind of lonely and sad. But really, it was awesome. We spent about three months funemployed. If you ever move far away from home I seriously encourage you to work out a little unemployment if possible – we spent so much time exploring! It’s a great way to find so many great things about a new state!

Even without employment our lives fell into a weekday/weekend routine. On the week days we would head up into the mountains to explore and on the weekends we stayed home to avoid the crowds. Perfect timing.

…first trip to RMNP at Alberta Falls + first properly planned ride at Buffalo Creek…

Eventually we got jobs and our threat to move into my mom’s basement dwindled away. We hit the one year mark in June…it feels so weird. Colorado has become our lives, our home, our every day. Its what we have wanted for years and now its here, and so natural.

I obviously think Colorado is a freaking amazing place to live, so are all the reasons I love my new state…

1. The mountains. An obvious given. When people ask us why we moved away from everything we knew I have a one word answer…mountains. We love them. Prior to our move here we only knew them as snow covered homes to fabulous snowboarding. Turns out they also have hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain biking. Heck, even a drive through the mountains makes us happy!

…hiking Twin Sisters Peak in RMNP + spring boarding at Keystone…

2. The clouds. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. And again. And again. I absolutely love the clouds of Colorado. Depending upon the day they are mesmerizing, terrifying, breathtaking and a God send. I will never tire of taking photos of the Colorado sky!


And the sunsets?! They are simply amazing. I started planning my evening runs around the best time to gaze off at the sunset. Absolutely gorgeous. And never the same, even drastically changing from the beginning to the end of my runs!

…June sunsets, all taken with camera phone without any editing…

3. The weather. I’m from the MidWest so my view on weather may be a bit biased but I think the Colorado weather is pretty rockin’. The winters get cold and snowy but nothing like Wisconsin. Oddly enough not every state gets weeks of below zero weather. Imagine that. And in the summer time Coloradoans start complaining when the humidity hits 30%…which is basically a blissful day in Wisconsin.

…rain rolling across the mountains near the top of RMNP…

The weather small talk gets annoying but after a visit back home during a week of record breaking heat and humidity I’ve never been so thankful to get back to the cool of a 97* day in Colorado!

4. The prairie dogs. I don’t care what the locals say {I know some are cringing just reading this} I think prairie dogs are so entertaining. Prairie dogs are to Colorado as squirrels are to Wisconsin – a nuisance, annoying and abundant. But even in Wisconsin I’d get a good laugh watching squirrels chase each other. Maybe I’m just too easily amused?


And to be fair and honest all the other critters of Colorado are pretty interesting too. Like the chipmunks, marmots and pika. Okay, fine, Colorado has more than just rodents…like the elk, moose, mountain goats and big horn sheep!


5. The people. It may be because I never really put forth an effort to meet new people in Wisconsin but in my quest to make new friends I’ve meet so many friendly, outgoing, and helpful people here in Colorado. Many of the people I’ve met share my love for the mountains and exploring so the common ground is already established. Its easy to get to know people when you head out for a hike together!

2012-05-26 09.56.17
…hiking in the Sawatch Mountain range…

And even when we are out on the trails alone complete strangers are so friendly. Just today I got encouragement when mountain biking up a rocky trail and positive “that’s smart” and “next time” comments when I passed them again after giving up and turning around when it go too difficult. From complete strangers who were kind enough to move off the trail to let me pass…twice! I don’t know what it is, but the people are awesome!

And honestly, I could go on and on about all the reason Colorado is amazing. I love it here. We love it here. Although we left our friends and family behind making the move to Colorado was the best decision we ever made. If you want more blubbering and love talk about Colorado come visit run.around.aroo. In honor of officially become residents of the state I’ve created a page just for our Colorado stories! And I’m always adding new stories of our adventures exploring!

Have you ever moved somewhere without a “plan” or not knowing anyone?

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  1. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Awesome post! I LOVE Colorado!

  3. I moved to Atlanta 10 years ago with no job and no plan. I’m still there. Although this post is making me want to move to Colorado!

  4. nssweetlife says:

    Love it!!! I heart Colorado too :)

  5. I’m ready to move there now!!!!!!!! I LOVE mountains as well! Hiking out in Shenanodah VA I’m just speachless when I see the moutains, they take my breath away! Thank you for a great post!!

  6. I so seriously did NOT need to read this post. You guys are both enablers. I reallllly want to move here. I just sent this to the BF!

  7. YAY!! I love CO too!

    My sisters live in CO, and ONE day we will be there also ;) LOVE the pics!

    • At least you have a good excuse to visit {as if the mtns weren’t enough}. We love playing tour guide when people come out – there is so much to see/do/show!

  8. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    I wish I had a little unemployment time out here – there’s so much to do and so little time! I can’t wait to get to experience everything you wrote about – so much exciting stuff to see and do! :)

    • The unemployment was fun, but it got a little stressful and our bank account didn’t love us. Just take advantage of any time you have off…it will be so worth it! And if someone says “hey, lets go try XYZ”…do it! I’ve discovered so much by just saying “yes” to things I would have just pushed aside in WI!

  9. I love the funemployed idea. I kind of am right now!! Lol. Love Colorado!!!

    • I’m completely jealous of you right now! My work schedule just got busier and last year this time work was just something I’d have to eventually do if I wanted to pay rent. Have fun with your time off! :)

  10. Heidi, the prarie dogs??! You’re killing me! :) Great post!!!

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