Guest Post: Diary of a Semi-Health Nut [Running Addiction]

Hey guys! I’m back in Maryland and I am exhausted. We got in at 3 am- after being on a plane that was about 95% boy scouts coming home from a 2 week-long camping retreat (let me tell you how wonderful the plane smelled…). I’m a bit useless today, but promise to be back tomorrow with a new post by me re-capping some of our Colorado adventures. I’ll also announce the winner of the latest KIND giveaway… and speaking of giveaways: have you entered to win some of Sarah’s delicious Nutty Butter yet?!
I hope you have enjoyed reading the guest posts from some truly wonderful women over the last week, and maybe you’ve even added a few more blogs to your reader! Well, I’ve got one more for you today. This one comes from Amanda- who is simply adorable and delightful. Enjoy!!
Hello Everyone!
My name is Amanda and I blog over at Diary of a Semi-Health Nut.
I share my newfound love of running, my obsession with baking cookies, and my two cents on living a well-rounded, semi-healthy life.

Lauren and I attended Blend Retreat (aka a life-changingly awesome blogging retreat) together this past May.  I’m jealous she got to go back to Colorado, but delighted she’s letting me take over her blog for a day while she sleeps, no doubt exhausted from all the fun she had.

Today’s topic is running.  

The Running Addiction

I have not always been a runner.  In fact, if you ask me if I’m a “runner,” I will probably get all weird and mutter something like, “ I run sometimes.”

I am pretty sure “the mile” run was dreaded every year for me all through high school.  Seriously, even when I was young and should have had plenty of energy to do it, I just barely made it every time!

For some reason, the girl who has no talent in running, decided to pick the sport up about a year-and-a-half ago.  I couldn’t tell you if it was boredom or a quarter-life crisis (I turned 25 in April..woot!), or reading running blogs, but I thought that I should try to run a half-marathon.

A half-marathon is 13.1 miles for those of you who don’t obsess over running things.  That is a lot of miles for someone like me, who just decides to run a half-marathon.

I found a race to run, got online and found a Hal Higdon training plan and decided I would start training and see how it went.

Well, I got kind of addicted to running.  

You see, it’s not that the running itself was always awesome.  Truth be told, sometimes I felt like I was going to die running.  My family would be talking at my funeral, “If only she hadn’t had the dumb idea to train for a half-marathon.  Who does that??”

I also found out that when I run hard, my face gets beet red.  And I look like I really am going to die at any second.

It wasn’t about how I felt the whole time running, but these little  moments.
The moment when I realized I could run a mile straight without walking.
The moment when I ran all the way up a hill without stopping with the best song ever on my ipod.
The moment when I realized I could run in the cold or the rain.  Weather would not keep me back!

The moment when I nearly keeled over after running 9 miles.  But I survived!

When I did my first (and only to this date) 10K race, which is about 6 miles, it was one of the best moments of my life.

You see it’s not just the running.  It’s the confidence I’ve gained in myself physically and mentally.  I felt like if I could run 6 miles, I could do anything.  Who WOULDN’T want that feeling??

I even got (get) excited about entering all of my miles into Daily Mile and/or my Training Plan that I arranged in a nice spreadsheet online. ;-)

I know, I know, I’ve become a running nerd.

Well, the first half-marathon I signed up for last summer, I hurt my back at work, so I had to sit it out (and was out of work awhile…no bueno).  The second one I signed up for this spring, I got a nasty cold from the twins I babysit.  I was a little depressed by that one.  I worked so hard!! *sigh*

But I’m trying again!  I know I can do this and I will keep trying until it happens. 

I want more of those  moments.
Because I may or may not have a little running addiction on my hands. :-)

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

Tell me, are you a runner?  Why or why not?

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  1. Darn quarter-life crisis, I’m in mine too! :( But running is totally an addiction, but an awesome addiction! I’m hoping to run a 5k this summer and a 10k by the end of the year (I have my eyes on a cider run in the fall). :)

  2. I’m a runner too, if you want to call it that. Some say if you run more than a 9:30 mile or 10:00+ mile and listen to an iPod while running you aren’t really a runner!

  3. I was similar too–used to hate running. Now I’ve run several halfs and full marathons –and am training for a Half Ironman. So yah, running is a great thing to love!!

  4. Happy to take over your blog for a day! Thanks for having me!:-)

  5. I definitely related to your post. In elementary school (and high school) I was the kid who walked the mile. In HS I actually did 3 laps and lied and said I did 4.

    I will never forget how excited I was the first time I ran a mile.

    Presently I’m not doing much running due to weather/schedule conflicts but I will get back to it.

    Great guest post!

  6. I love running nerds!!!!! :) I added you on Daily Mile!

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