Colorado Recap Part III [Fitness + Friends]

First things first- to the many of you that entered the Nutty Butter giveaway- please head on over to Sarah’s blog to find out who won! Thanks, Sarah for providing such an awesome prize! I know that the winner will be very happy. :)

So yeah, back to the Colorado re-caps. My last post ended talking about our visit to Oskar Blues Brewery. As I said, I was trying to be careful of my beer consumption that afternoon, since Greg and I had signed up to run a 5k in Denver in the evening. I ended up having 1 “taster” (4 oz.) and a can of Dale’s. One and a half beers may not sound like a lot, but that’s enough to definitely give me a good buzz. Greg had a little more than me, but he also has a higher tolerance.

We left the brewery and headed back to our hotel to change for the race. I don’t really know why I signed up for the 5k, but at the time it seemed like a really good idea. A friend had posted a link to the race on the a Colorado Bloggers Facebook page (which I am a member of- ha!) and everyone talked about running it together, which sounded like fun. I used to run races all the time- and have even placed 2nd and 3rd for my age division in two 5ks before (out of about 100 women in the same group each time!), but I’m just not a runner anymore. And running in high altitude is a totally different thing than running at sea level- it’s much harder. Let’s just say that I was not looking forward to running after a morning of hiking and an afternoon of beer drinking.

I tried to make the best of it, and had no intentions of running fast or setting any PRs, but knew that I’d be happy when it was over and I could say that I ran a race in Colorado. We got to City Park about 30 minutes before the race started up to meet up with some friends that were also running, including Lynne, Liz, Heidi, Heather and Kim (it was her first 5k ever!). Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures because I couldn’t carry anything with me.

The race started promptly at 6:30 and we were off. Right away, I felt icky. I started off at a pretty slow pace, and Greg was nice enough to stay by my side the whole time (we’ve run races together before, but never stay “together,” since he is much faster and I don’t want to hold him back). My heart rate was super high and I was just so not feeling it. I could also feel the beer rising up, and thought I was going to throw up. And then I got a major cramp all through my stomach and side. At that point… I had to stop and walk. Something I’ve never done in a race before! But, I didn’t care. So we walked, for about a minute. That actually really helped, and I told Greg I’d run the rest of it- but it would have to be at a slow pace. He stayed with me the entire time (which was really nice, because I know that he probably wanted to just sprint ahead) and talked me through it. And then, FINALLY, we crossed the finish line. My chip time was 30:05. My worst 5k race time ever, by far- even my first 5k was about 28:00, and almost 6 minutes slower than the last 5k I ran. But, you know what? I really don’t care! I finished it and can now say that I’ve run a race in high elevation.

After the race, a group of us headed over to Bull & Bush to meet up with some other blogger friends and grab dinner. I was totally classy and changed out of my sweaty tank top and into an awesome t-shirt that I got from the Oskar Blues Brewery earlier that day. And I was SO EXCITED to see my girl Tiffany!!

Do you know what my shirt says? Yeah… neither did I. “Fuh-CAN-eh”

Like I said… classy.

There was a massive group of us at the restaurant, but they were very nice to accomodate us. My friend Lena joined us for dinner, who I had met at Blend in May, and adore! And I finally got to meet Diana, who I missed at Blend in May since it was her anniversary weekend. She was every bit as adorable as I thought she would be!

(OMG I look creepy.)

There weren’t any stellar photos taken that night, because it was dark and I really didn’t care about putting in the effort- I was having such a good time with these girls!

The Colorado Bloggers

After dinner, Lena, Diana, Tiffany (and her boyfriend) and I (and Greg) headed over to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt. The girls RAVED about this place, and who am I to turn down fro-yo? Tiffany also has a big thing for their spoons… apparently they are the best ever.

We stayed out super late (like midnight- whoa!), just talking and laughing and I never wanted the night to end! Unfortunately we did have to eventually have to leave, since we were all going to bootcamp at Red Rocks the next morning!


Saturday morning started early – at 7:00 – with my alarm going off. Even though I was super tired, I was really excited to get up any moving. I had really been looking forward to Fitness On The Rocks ever since I signed up for it- and was excited to see my blogger friends again, and also to meet up with some for the first time! The event was FREE and consisted of several different group exercise classes including yoga, kickboxing, Zumba and bootcamp, and all took place at Red Rocks amphitheater. I had signed Greg up for the 8:30 am yoga and 10:00 am bootcamp sessions, but we had decided the night before that there was no way that we were making it to yoga (even though it would have been awesome). In order to make the 10:00 bootcamp, we still left the hotel a little before 8:00 in order to grab breakfast and allow enough time for parking and to meet up with friends beforehand. And boy am I glad we did- parking was a nightmare! I took forever to finally be directed to a lot where we could park- and then we had to walk about 20 minutes (uphill, baby!) to actually get into Red Rocks. And it was hot – right around 100˚ and sunny.

We walked around a little bit to see the different vendors, but decided that it would be better to do more exploring after the bootcamp.

We finally got in and met up with our other friends that had signed up for bootcamp- and I finally got to meet Corrie!!

I’ve read Corrie’s blog forever- and always love reading about the workouts that her and Kevin (her hubby) do together. She even brought him along!

I also got to meet Heather for the first time- another girl whose blog I love and have been reading for quite some time. I really admire Heather’s badass-ness and the fact that she has traveled the world and hiked everywhere.

The bootcamp started a little late, because I think that the organizers were just a bit off on the timing in general. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but we were all already so HOT at this point, and I begun to wish that I had brought extra sunscreen with me…

The workout was AWESOME. There were several different trainers that each presented a workout- and they held nothing back! We did burpees, jump squats, push-ups, you name it… all on the benches and concrete.

I made a mental note to definitely bring gloves and a towel next time- the surface was a bit too hot to be doing push-ups on!

It thought that the workouts were well organized and the flow was good- very short breaks in between each trainer’s presentation. There were water stations nearby to fill up our bottles (which I filled up about 4 times in that hour!) and people also walked around with hoses that were attached to tanks of water to “mist” us off. THAT was nice.

I paid a lot of attention to how each trainer presented- and what I liked about them. It really got me pumped and excited to be a personal trainer, and made me think “Someday it could be ME on that stage leading a workout at Red Rocks….”

By the time we were done, we were COOKED!

I can’t tell you how much I love these girls. I absolutely LOVE having friends that get together to do fitness activities like this- and genuinely ENJOY working out.

It’s just so cool having friends to share my passion for exercise and being active- and something that I definitely wish I had more of in Maryland.

We walked around to see the different vendors after the workout- but honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. I heard that there would be a lot of cool freebies and expected to leave there with a bag full of schwag. There were a couple of good protein and recovery drinks, but not a whole lot other than that. The best vendor by far was the KIND TRUCK, which I bee-lined for! And who should be operating the KIND truck but my buddy, Dan!

I was so excited to meet Dan- he’s the rep for KIND that I have emailed back and forth for months, and is responsible for the monthly KIND giveaways on my blog each month!

After chatting with Dan for a bit, we trekked our way back to the car and slowly made our way out of Red Rocks. I had really wanted to hit up the Boulder Farmers’ market, which went until 2:00 (it was about noon when we left Red Rocks). We planned on walking around there and grabbing lunch, and made it with plenty of time!

Neither of us really knew what we wanted for lunch- but the locally made ice cream truck was looking really good. We decided to split a 1/4 lb. burger (which was gone in about 10 seconds) and each got a scoop of ice cream.

Perfect lunch, indeed.

We walked down to the river and stood under the bridge and people watched for a bit. I love, love, love Boulder. :)

We wanted to stay in Boulder for the rest of the day, but decided that it was probably a good idea to head back to the hotel and shower up first! When we got back, I looked in the mirror and saw the most hideous sunburn ever!

Apparently my sunscreen wore off pretty early that morning. Ouch!

We planned on having a pretty low-key evening and walked around Pearl Street for a bit, and then headed to Tossa for dinner. I was really craving some good thin-crust pizza, and this place had been highly reviewed on Yelp. We started with the Harvest Salad, which was full of all kinds of good things like figs, sunflower seeds and big, fat juicy tomatoes.

We split a small pizza- and kept it simple: the Margherita topped with roasted red peppers.

This pizza goes in the Top 5 pizzas of all time. It was SO GOOD. If you’re in Boulder, GO THERE NOW.

And of course, the night was finished off with another stop at Boulder Chill for my 64 calorie cup of ice cream (plus Cinnamon Toast crunch as a topping!)

It was such an awesome day- and I think we were passed out by 9 pm!

There’s ONE more re-cap left, and that’s it! (I promise!)

Do you like doing fitness related activities with friends?




  1. I know you saw my sunburn/forehead story – it’s totally because we were out for too long with no shade and sweating off the sunscreen! I hope you aren’t peeling too bad – my shoulders just started peeling yesterday. Yuck! Come back sooooooon!

  2. Oooph, that burn, lady! Looks like a perfect day– I am so glad you had an awesome trip!!

  3. OUCH on the burn! And I LOVE Tiffany. I want to hang out with the CO blogger gals in real life!!

  4. Oh, that sunburn looks painful, but your vacation seriously sounds like so much fun!

  5. That was such a fun and laid back weekend! Oh, and I’ll be seeing you at least twice more before this year is over..yay!

  6. Haha, this post reminds me of a chat about “vacation-styles” with a SUPER active friend of mine (she is currently biking across the entire state of Iowa…and has trekked both Everest and Patagonia!) She convinced us to go on a epic hiking vacation with her, and although I really DID like some parts of it, Im much more of a rambling-through-cities or exploring-castle-ruins/vineyards/islands/markets kind of girl.
    But the pizza, beer and ice cream look right up my alley!!

  7. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    Such a fun night – sorry I didn’t share the group pic, but it didn’t turn out very flattering of anyone. :) I’m going to have to join the group at Fit on the Rocks next year!

  8. I was so happy to meet you!!! Working out with friends is the best!! Next time in a/c!! You should teach us a class!!!!

  9. What a fun day!! So cool you have so many friends out there to visit and do stuff with! I’m with you, wish I had more friends around me in VA that enjoyed being as active as I do. Good thing I have you and Ash just a short drive away!! :) And HELLO Dan from KIND!!!! ;)


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