Fitmixer Bootcamp Fitness Test Results


Good morning!

If you didn’t check out yesterday’s post about the 20 minute yoga challenge- please take a minute to head over there. I’m really excited about this- especially since it’s something I know I can do every day- and will benefit me in so many ways. I also figured out how to make that grab-box for the button, which I’m reposting here:

Oatmeal after Spinning

And wouldn’t you know- I got an email from Groupon yesterday offering 5 classes for $25 at Ananda Shala, one of Frederick’s local yoga studios. I snatched that up right away! (Now I really have no excuse not to sign up for hot yoga asap!)

I’m really excited that some of you may be doing this challenge as well- I’ll be curious to hear about the types of positive changes it brings to your life!

I am planning to share specific videos and links of yoga practices that I like, and here’s one for Core Strength that’s a little over twenty minutes in length.


I really like Jason Crandell’s videos (he’s a good one to search on YouTube!)- and this one is especially of interest to me because I just started teaching a Core Strength class directly after my Tuesday (early) morning spin class!

I also want to point out (because I completely forgot about this yesterday) that I want to credit my inspiration for this challenge, which is Katie! She made my wheels start turning a few months ago with this post- and I got to thinking about my “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to yoga. So, thank you Katie!!


Almost twelve weeks ago, I began the fitmixer bootcamp program. I was so excited about it, and really thought that it was the key I needed to finally get my body into a shape that I would be happy with. Now that I’m in the final week of the bootcamp, I’m a little disappointed to say that I am definitely not there. But… I have definitely made some progress.

Let’s look at the exercise part of the program first. At the beginning, middle and end of the program, participants were to take a “fitness test” so that specific results could be measured. I am very happy to say that I improved in every single exercise!

I feel the need to point out that I can, in fact, do a lot more push-ups on my toes- but after holding a plank for four minutes, it’s hard to do any! I am very curious as to how these results would differ if the exercises were done in a different order…

I am most proud of how long I can hold a plank for, but a lot of that improvement is due to the #plankadaychallenge from Kalli’s blog, in which I held a plank for as long as I could each day (and really, I only started doing this a week and a half ago- improvement comes fast!).

I’ve noticed a lot more definition in my upper back more than anything, and that I’m just a little stronger and faster in general. I don’t know how much of this is attributed to bootcamp and how much comes from teaching so many Bodypump classes this summer- but I’ll take it. Muscle gain is always okay with me.

So that’s good.

The other half of the equation, as you probably know, is much harder for me to master. I don’t have an issue with eating “healthy” foods- I actually crave them. Mindless eating (and eating too much) is still my biggest issue. You can refer back to this post to see what my nutrition plan was for the bootcamp program. I had a really hard time eating only 1300 calories a day (because I burn almost 1000 from teaching exercise classes) and felt hungry a lot. I also hated tracking my food on My Fitness Pal, because it just made me stressed out and obsessive, so I stopped.

The light at the end of the tunnel here is that I have discovered what works for me- and it’s all in my head. I don’t need to pay someone to tell me how to eat or sign up for some program in order to lose weight. All I’ve got to do is get my head under control, and really get to the root of why I eat.

I’m going to elaborate on this a lot more in a future post- but not today. I want to keep it positive and just reflect on how much I have improved on that fitness test.

I’m heading out to take a 75 minute Prana Flow Yoga class- putting that Groupon to use already!


What fitness accomplishments have you had lately?