Dog Days Of Summer [Yes, I'm A Crazy Dog Lady]

Hey! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend- it certainly is a HOT one here.

There’s a really cute downtown area where I live, and they have special events that happen on the first Saturday of each month. It’s called “First Saturday,” and the shoppes stay open late and there’s live music, food and beverages all around. There are some really good ones throughout the year- like the holiday-themed one in December, the “Fire in Ice” them in February (with ice scupltures everywhere) and May fest (in May, of course) celebrating Spring/Summer. But, my favorite is the August event: Dog Days of Summer. For this event, all of the crazy dog people in Frederick bring their fur children downtown to join in on the fun. There’s a parade, costume contest, agility training demos and other dog-friendly events all over the place.

Greg and I were on our honeymoon last year during Dog Days, but had gone the year before, when our guys were only 8 months old!

Since we were around for it this year, we braved the 100˚ heat and headed out for some fun. The first stop was the “Yappy Hour,” sponsored by Flying Dog (our local brewery!). We met up with a few friends there, but overall- it was pretty empty! I think that the heat really drove people away this year. We stayed for about an hour and enjoyed some good beer and conversation.

Our friends Mic and Brie came with their two guys :)

After my shirt was about halfway soaked through with sweat, we decided it was time to go find dinner. We ended up eating at Brewers Alley, because they had a special patio set up outside where dog owners could dine with their mutts at their feet.

or, glued to their leg under the table, like Lance was to me.

We ordered a beer sampler

and some deviled eggs (topped with pulled pork) to start

I got a salad with grilled shrimp for dinner.

It was good- but four shrimp and some lettuce is not enough to fill me up. Maybe if there had been some bread…

Regardless, it was nice to dine with all of my boys, and to watch all of the other dogs!

I was in love with this basset hound at the table across from ours.

He was so adorable- kind of reminded me of Randy.

And this little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was sitting at on the chair next to his owner, just like he was a little person!

It’s almost too much cuteness to take!

Speaking of too much cuteness, I’m completely obsessed with this live webcam of a litter of Goldie puppies. (Here’s a screen shot):

I have even been known to watch it on my phone. I never denied that I’m a crazy dog lady….

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Are you a crazy dog person too? Tell me about your fur-child.


  1. Haha. I am a total crazy dog lady! I am the one that asks, “Can I pet your dog?” to everyone I see. I always wanted a dog growing up, but my parent’s wouldn’t let me have one, so I think that is why I am so crazy. Now, I have a Cavalier King Charles named Abigail and a Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix named Lenny. They bring so much joy to my life. I told my mom we were really missing out by not having dogs. She now has her first dog, a pug. Ha!

    I love the screen shot of the Goldens. Your dogs are so freaking cute. I love the photos of them on instagram :)

  2. Man, I wish Sunny wasnt such a dog freak! We never get to hang out with other crazy dog people. Mom call me yesterday from downtown, where she was oooing and ahhhing over all the pups. (They also apparently went to some new brewery opening/tasting, that Isabella’s and Brewer’s Alley catered…for free?!) Fun times :-)

  3. That sounds like so much fun. Murphy would love it.

  4. That would be so much fun! We don’t have a dog yet, but once we have a house I was to rescue a dog. I love walking on the boardwalk and checking out all the different dogs :)

    Devilled and and pulled pork is an interesting combination,

  5. I love dogs. I LOVE THAT PUPPY CAM!! I know what I’ll be doing while I wait in line from now on. Haha. Today when we checked out that couch, all I could do was play with their dog!! She was a mutt, but such a SWEETIE!!

  6. I hate dogs.

    Beezy please, you know I’m all about the bitches!! These pictures are absolutely killing me, that is so awesome that they let the pups come out and sit with their owners. Lincoln is such a neurotic spaz that he is horrible about large crowds like that but maybe one day he will change? That King Charles Cav is too cute and Lance is out of control, he loves being by his momma! :)

    And why have I never had deviled eggs topped with pulled pork? Gah, I die.

    Sooooo……when can I visit?

  7. GAH! THAT HOUND DOG!!! I love this post so much. So much. SO MUCH. I love that you are as crazy as me!

  8. this would have been fun! I loooove this post. Love dogs. And I wish mine would play well with others.

  9. TOTALLY a crazy dog lady over here. I LOVE when restaurants are good with you having your dog at the table outside. ITs one of my favorite things. Those deviled eggs look soo droolworthy!!

  10. Just seeing this now, but I love it!! What a great idea for an event. I wish we could bring our dogs to more social venues. My Cavalier King Charles sits at the table like a real person too, haha. No shame in being a crazy dog lady, just means you’re capable of lots of love. Even if that love is towards something that sheds!

  11. Crazy dog people….. yea, I’m one too. Has anyone heard of My other dog crazies and I have fun with this site. Thought I would share. Cheers!

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