Tuesday Truths [And Some Planking]

I started teaching a new class on Mondays- Bodypump at 6:00 am. This now means that I have three days in a row of morning classes (Sundays at 8, Mondays at 6 and Tuesdays at 5:30). I also recently started teaching a “Core Strength” class on Tuesday morning that directly follows Spin class. I’m not complaining- I am totally a morning person and definitely prefer that over teaching afternoon classes like I do the other days of the week. It will just take a little getting used to- and I’m going to have to make myself start going to bed earlier (which will be easier when the Olympics are done! Gah!). When I’m not teaching classes, I will always choose to do my workout first thing in the morning- so this way I’m just getting paid for it! I’m hoping that eventually some new morning classes will be added the days that I teach in the afternoon, so that I can change my schedule. But for now, it’s just kind of all over the place.

Speaking of schedule- that’s part of the topic for today’s post! I always love reading Cassie’s “Confessions” posts, where she makes a short list of different truths in her life. I’m stealing that idea for today, so her goes.

1. When given too much freedom, I am NOT productive at all. Though I am loving my summer off, like I have for the last 7 years when I was teaching high school- I’m just much better when I’m on some kind of schedule. The difference now is that my schedule can vary from day to day. When I was teaching, it was exactly the same, day in and day out. It made me NUTS. I like having the flexibility now to start or finish things an hour earlier or later. In order to be productive and pay attention to priority no. 1 in my life currently (studying for my PFT exam), I need to actually block time out each day to devote to it. I also need to schedule other things for the rest of the day, and not just keep winging it. I used my handy iCal program on my Mac to do this- which also syncs with my iPhone and iPad. :)

Yes, even snacks make their way onto my schedule. Priorities, people!

I plan to schedule myself no more than a week ahead of time, but always make sure that I go to bed knowing exactly what’s on my plate for the next day. Day 1 of my new “schedule” is down, and I’m feeling productive! I read one chapter in my PFT Handbook, watched a video and took a review quiz.

If all of the quizzes are that easy, this manual with be a piece of cake! I have a feeling that’s not the case. I start tackling Exercise Physiology today, and have a feeling that chapter (and the lessons) will definitely take more than a day to complete!

2. I color my own hair. I also do my own highlights (which I think usually turn out looking pretty darn good- it just takes a pull-through cap!) and wax my own eyebrows. I would love to pay someone to do it, but it grows so fast- I’d have to be at the salon every month! I used a root-touch up kit lately the last two times, but every now and then, I need to apply it to my entire head of hair. Check out these roots!

And for those of you that don’t believe I have gray hair, um… yeah.

One day I’m just going to let it go- but not in my thirties. The thing that made me bring this up is that I have been planning on coloring my hair for two weeks now. I’ve had the box sitting under my bathroom sink, just waiting to be used. But I just don’t feel like it.

3. I’m very proud of knocking this item off of my Summer Bucket list- I cleaned and organized my office! I still have some work to do on making everything perfectly organized and finding a place for everything- but it has come a long way. It’s actually a functional office and I use it as such every single day.  What I don’t know what to do with are the contents of those two large Rubbermaid containers.

In each of those is a few hundred CDs. I used to buy CDs every single week when I was in high school in college. I would love to burn all of them to an external hard drive, but I’ll be realistic – that’s not going to happen any time soon. I don’t really have a good place to put them, but would probably actually listen to some of them if they were actually accessible. Any thoughts or suggestions? I’d buy some kind of storage rack, but they usually only hold a much smaller number of CDs.

4. I love using the BUMP app on my iPhone- but have a whole new level of use for it, thanks to Lindsay! She posted something on Facebook a while back about how you can use it to transfer files from your phone to your computer (like bluetooth).

Just go here to set it up! I use it on a daily basis- and it’s SO fast and simple. I love it!

5. I love planks. Yes, you hear me right. I LOVE ‘EM. Just look at what they do for your body!

(I found this image on LC’s blog yesterday)

I mentioned last week that I have improved my plank-holding time a bunch from just practicing once a day. While I still typically do my “plank a day” every day, I also appreciate a bunch of different modifications and other types of planks. I do several varieties with I teach my new Core Strength class, and we also do them in Bodypump. I wanted to bring back this video of my friend Ken, which I shared last fall. It’s a great challenge, and I recommend trying it out!

6. I laughed so much that I actually shed a tear when reading through this list of “50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life.” Here’s a photo of one of them:

Have a great Tuesday- and get to planking!

What are some of your truths for today? Planks- love ‘em or hate ‘em?


  1. Too much time = trouble. I always wait to the last minute because I think I have so much time. I also color my hair. I don’t have any gray hairs yet but my hair has gotten too dark. And I don’t want pay 200$ every couple of weeks so I do it myself. But I’ve never done highlights-that’s impressive.

    All we need is belly hair to get those abs ;)

    • Lol! Yes, let’s grow some belly hair.
      All of this girlie stuff is so darn expensive. Men have no idea!

  2. You wax your own eyebrows? Can you elaborate on this? MIne grow extremely fast (and if we’re telling truths, my upper lip too) and I have to go get them waxed every two weeks. I’ve done my lip myself but I’m always too scared to do my eyebrows.

    I am much more productive when I have hard deadlines and work better under pressure.

    • I buy the microwave wax and strips from Sally Beauty Supply- and it lasts forever! It costs as much as one trip to the salon to get them waxed! I just use a close-up mirror and a eyebrow comb and take my time. It’s easy! I’ve done my upper lip, but for some reason, I only need to do that once every few months.

  3. I LOVE planks. I hate them while doing them, but afterwards I feel so accomplished, and that’s an awesome feeling. I try to do two minutes every day, no matter what. Truth: I totally relate to your schedule planning. This summer I did research for school and I worked out on my deck that overlooks the lake. I had to allot myself 30 minutes to read blogs and then gear down and really get to work! I love pressure and deadlines sometimes. Awesome post!

    • I know- I think I need to set a limit on blog reading. It’s so easy to get lost in them!
      Good for you on the planks- and smart to move your desk!

  4. you’ve totally just inspired me to go do a plank!

  5. Something cool about Physiology: if you ever watch a medical drama/ movie scene, you’ll know exactly what body parts they are talking about! Besides the basic stuff, its all jibberish to me…but apparently physiologists can actually understand whats going on, haha. (Something not cool: for one class Joe had to memorize and label every single muscle and bone in the body. What??)

    I’m terrible at scheduling myself, and I can NEVER gauge how long an assignment is going to take me! It’s really a skill that I need to work on…

  6. I’m in need of going through my CDs too. I have several I’ve received free by being in that industry so I can’t actually “sell” them to any of those CD buy back companies. I’m hoping to sell some in bundles on craigslist to people who want to sell at flee markets or something. I just first need to do an honest go-through and decide if I have ANY desire to ever listen to them again. My guess? No…

    • I’ve thought about selling mine, but then I think- who would want them? Isn’t everyone trying to get rid of them?

  7. Haha! Love the, um, hair abs…? A truth for me would be that I’m way too sensitive. It can cause a lot of trouble if I’m around someone who isn’t (like my mom, yikes!). On certain days, I love working out, but I can’t say I love planks! That’s good you can though! The thing that gives me the greatest mental high is probably running. Do you really notice that much difference with planking? I’ve done it, but not consistently.

    • Oh man- you will totally notice a difference if you do a plank every day. You will build up your time SO fast! I added 2 minutes in 2 weeks!

  8. Your calendar so looks like mine! I do that every day or else I can’t get anything done. PS You should do super light blonde highlights so it blends in. ;)

  9. CRAP marshall and i are trying to do a plank every night and we keep forgetting. you just reminded me that we forgot last night. again. and that hairy man is a creepster!

  10. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    Love-hate relationship with planks. I kind of loved the twist planks I did for the first time yesterday, sore!!!

  11. will you come color my hair? ahh, i need it. And too much time is a love/hate for that very reason. Now, about this BUMP? Do i need it? Looks to good to be true!

  12. That’s a great pic of what that plank is working!!!!! Hey do you have any good ideas of at-home yoga stuff? Just wondering since you’re doing the 20-min thing — thought you might have some ideas!!!!!

  13. This post is full of so much win.

    (a) You know I totally schedule out my day like that, too. Too much free time is the death of my productivity.
    (b) I’m 29 and I have a TON of gray hair. And I think I’m going to try to color my own hair soon (not to cover up grays, but to put in my colored streaks). I’ve always gone to a salon, but at $100 a pop it’s just not worth it.
    (c)That plank photo is AWESOME. I knew there was a reason I always did planks!
    (d) Thanks for the shout out. :)

    • I LOOOOOVE your colored streaks! I would look like a poser if I did that- but on you- they look amazing and totally fitting!
      I know you are the queen of scheduling. You’re so good at it!

  14. I too MUST have a schedule—way more productive!

    I LOVE planks too! SO good for us :) I love ‘em in all different ways.

    A confession: I always buy at least 1 more thing than is on my list at the grocery store, NO matter how hard I try! Hah.

  15. haha wow that guy is ripped..im impressed!!

    btw, i cant believe you highlight your own hair and wax ur eyebrows-that is impressive!! you inspired me, maybe ill try to highlight my hair? im scared haha. i tried waxing my bikini line once and ill never do it again..it did not go well haha.

    • I know- his abs are hot!
      OMG I would probably cry if I waxed my bikini line! You’re a brave woman! (I’m assuming that wasn’t recently…) ;)

  16. I buy the microwave wax and strips from Sally Beauty Supply- and it lasts forever! It costs as much as one trip to the salon to get them waxed! I just use a close-up mirror and a eyebrow comb and take my time. It’s easy! I’ve done my upper lip, but for some reason, I only need to do that once every few months.


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