Yoga Update: On My Way To Making It A Habit!

You guys rock.

Thanks so much for your kind words and support from yesterday’s post. I just really needed to air out some stuff, clear my head and move forward. I know that a lot of you identify with my struggles, and I hope that we can find strength and support in each other! It just reminds me again why I blog- or more importantly why I need to blog.


I’m off to DC for the day, but want to give you an update on the 20 Minute Yoga Challenge.

I’m happy to say- so far, so good! I haven’t missed a single day since I started the initiative on my own about 2 weeks ago. Some days I’ve done a short 20 minute practice, and on others I’ve practiced for much longer. I even went and took a Prana Flow class- and definitely plan on going back and taking more (I’ve got 4 more classes on my pass!). AND the time to cross hot yoga off of my bucket list is coming soon. Possibly next Saturday… there’s not a whole lot of classes to choose from, and two of them interfere with my teaching schedule.

I wanted to share a few yoga workouts that I look forward to practicing, all from (beginner level), which are all around 20 minutes in length:

Gentle flow

Energizing Sequence

and, because I teach a class by the same name: Core Strength

I really love the Yoga Journal website, because it has so many videos for all different levels and types of yoga at all different amounts of time. I’ve also done quite a few Podcasts from a number of different sources. I love that you can just search “Yoga” (or something more specific) on iTunes, and so many free Podcasts appear!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Do you have any favorite yoga workouts from the week?



  1. I’ve been using YogaDownload for 20 minutes classes. Have you tried them? What do you think of those versus YogaJournal? Are they similar or pretty different? Thanks! :)

  2. Cool. I want to try the yogajournal site!

  3. I wish I could find a yoga workout I like at home. I have tried different ones and always get so ho hum with it. I do my very best to hit the gym’s yoga once a week though!

  4. Yay for you! Great job with sticking with it! I wish I had more time to do yoga…but I do stretch and foam roll a TON.

    Have fun in DC!

  5. This is a great challenge!! I should really partake…

  6. What are you doing in DC today?

  7. I’m failing pretty miserably. I have been doing 10 mins on days that I run. :)

  8. i hope you love hot yoga! i swear by it – if it aint hot, i don’t want it! (not really – any yoga is better than no yoga!)

  9. That’s amazing ^^ I definitely need to take more time to do stretches :D

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