HITS [And One Miss] From The Week

Hooray for the weekend!! I hope that the weather is perfect wherever you are- and that you have been outside enjoying it! Just a little check-in to share some “hits” from the week with you guys… and just one “miss.”


Amanda’s Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie (Vegan)

I hadn’t made this since February (where I liked it so much that I think I made it twice in one week) and decided that it had been long enough! It’s so darn good- and trust me, you won’t miss the meat. I love LOVE this recipe and definitely will not be waiting six more months to make it again!


Hit: STUFT Mama’s Egg White Protein Cookies

I think I’ve made three different variations of these cookies over the last four days. I made the original recipe the first time, subbed the applesauce for pumpkin puree and added peanut flour the second time, and subbed the applesauce for mashed bananas and added peanut flour the third time. I also added a few chocolate chips each time, and made a few small cookies, instead of one GIANT cookie. (Only so I could have one right away and save the other for dessert!)


Hit: Saving money on gas with Fuel Perks from Giant Eagle (a local grocery store)

I divide my grocery shopping between a local organic market and a bigger grocery store with an impressive organic section (Giant Eagle). You earn 10-20 cents off every gallon per $50 you spend at Giant Eagle, and then in turn, you earn “Food Perks” (a percentage off your grocery bill) every time you fill up your gas tank at their station! I hadn’t redeemed my Fuel Perks in a while, and had 70 cents off per gallon when I filled up the next day.


Miss: This is what I came home to on Sunday morning after teaching Spinning class:

I had just bought a new rug for in front of the door the day before. The reason I had to buy a new one in the first place is that the old one was too lightweight and the dogs kept picking it up and carrying it into another room. Well, apparently Jackson didn’t like the new heavyweight one and decided to destroy it! Bad dog.

Really, I couldn’t stay mad at that face for more than 10 seconds.


Hit: Cucumber water

How did I live 32 years without this in my life? Ever since I discovered cucumber water at our hotel in Colorado, I’ve had it in the fridge at home. It couldn’t be easier to make- just add a few sliced cucumbers to a pitcher of water. I’m still shocked at how good it tastes!


Hit: I finally dyed my hair.

It’s such a pain in the ass because I had to do an all-over color first (it had been a while) and then highlights after. It’s a little darker than usual, but as always, it will fade over the next week or so. At least I’m not sporting 2″ roots anymore!


Hit: Greg making dinner on Wednesday nights.

Since I usually don’t get home untill 7:00 on Wednesday nights (from teaching back to back classes), it’s Greg’s duty to cook dinner. It’s SO nice to have dinner ready and waiting and not worry about having to make something after being tired and sweaty. He made some delicious baked cod with a bunch of roasted veggies and Japanese sweet potato this week. YUM.


Hit: 3 days in a row of mindful eating! Thanks to everything that I learned from my friend Brie-

and all of your support from this post- I’ve actually felt a little sense of hope and control over the last few days. I’m not going to get ahead of myself, but I like where this is going and am determined to continue- and see if it actually makes a difference. And really- how could it not if I actually stick with it? One day at a time (and each day is a victory!).

Have an awesome weekend!!

What were some of your “hits” (or misses) from the week?


  1. Oh those silly dogs! He’s totally giving you the “I didn’t do it” face! ;)

  2. I couldn’t stay mad at Jackson for more than a few minutes either – he just looks so sweet! I’m better about discipling Olive since we’ve been working with a trainer, but I am a total pushover when it comes to Honey. I literally burst out laughing when I try to yell at her and I have to turn away. I hope that’s not an indication of how I might be as a parent…haha

    I need to try that cucumber water – it sounds so refreshing!

    • I say that all the time- that I hope I’m not such a softie if I have a human kid! If so, I’m in big trouble.

  3. Oh my goodness, that dog look so guilty!! haha. Yum, cucumber water sounds good. I’ve never tried it, but yours looks so good I just might have to.

  4. Ohhh your dog is SO cute…even if the carpet is lost. SO sad, yet kinda funny.

    I gotta try the cuces in water–I love LEMON in water. SO good!

    • Cukes in water > Lemons in water ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.
      And throw a piece of melon in there too, if you have some!

  5. Love love love the hair! I love my highlights so but hate the upkeep, it just sucks. When I was in DC last summer I stopped at Giant Eagle a few times and thought it was a great supermarket. They offer a bigger discount than King Soopers (Krogers) here and I want to keep shopping at King Soopers for the money off gas but it’s not worth it at this point. I love Sunflower b/c of their cheap produce and once we get Trader Joe’s, that will be the end for me.

    • I think I will always have to go to at least 2 different grocery stores (even three). I just have to accept it and move on!

  6. For sure going to have to try some cucumber water, sounds delightful.

  7. OH my word. That vegan shepherds pie with sweet potatoes. That’d totally be my thing!!! Dang. Just got back from grocery shopping this week. Our big miss this week has been Boyd being sick… two socks came out to show for it so far… we’re hoping that’s it!! No idea how he managed to get them!!!!

  8. definitely need to try those cookies! ur dog is hilarious…im sure not so funny when u saw that haha…but that pic is just priceless. how can u be mad at that face?! :)

    and…what at home highlighting kit do u use? i think i might try this…im scared! but ur hair looks great!

    • I use the Revlon Frost & Glow- and have been for years! It’s easy to do- just takes a while to pull your hair through the cap. But SO MUCH CHEAPER!!

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