Weekend + Food + Friends + Fitness = Fun!

Oh, hey there Monday- how are ya?

Hope you all had a great weekend and that it’s not too hard to ease on into the work week! My weekend was fantastic- I’m sad it’s over! But, that’s just the way it goes, right?

I love Saturdays. It’s our designated rest day around here, and man- it’s just nice to sleep in sometimes without even thinking about getting that morning workout in. After eventually rolling out of bed, Greg joined me for a quick session of deep stretching/gentle yoga followed by a delicious breakfast. We spent the rest of the day running errands and doing stuff around the house- including the really fun task of pressure washing our patio!

I did about 1/4 of the work and then my hands and arms got sore- so Greg took over the rest. I can not believe what a difference it made- our patio looks fantastic!

Later on in the evening, the newlyweds Neal and Ashley came over to head out to dinner with us downtown. They planned on spending the night at our house and then hitting the gym with us in the morning! It was such a nice evening to walk around in downtown Frederick!

We ate at Cacique (our favorite Mexican/Spanish restaurant) and then headed to Volt for dessert and drinks after.

Greg and I go to Volt every now and then- but it’s certainly a bit pricey. It’s a lot more reasonable to just go for a quick dessert or drink! And their desserts are fantastic! They’re very small and rich- so you actually feel satisfied with just a few bites. I got some kind of “S’mores” variation- toasted marshmallow, frozen chocolate mousse, pecan ice cream and caramel.

Who am I kidding- I could have eaten 5 of these!

I also had a cup of decaf- I love that you get your own mini French press.

We headed back to our house after Volt and stayed up way too late talking- but it was well worth it!


On Sunday morning we all got up bright and early to head to the gym! Greg and Neal lifted weights, and Ashley and I started with a little Bodypump action.

Since the aerobics studio was empty, I just went through the tracks with Ashley as if I was teaching a class (with one participant). We went through most of the release and then it was time to head to Spinning class. I gave everyone a nice butt-kicking, of course! We were definitely a little red-faced and sweaty after!

We all quickly headed back to the house to re-fuel and shower up to head on to the next activity of the morning- hiking! Ashley’s friend Jessica drove up from Bethesda to meet up with us- which was awesome! I met her at their wedding last month and we bonded right away (since we sat together at the “cool table”). Beth and her friend Tegan also drove up to meet us- all the way from DC! I’ve been reading Beth’s blog for at least a year now- and it was great to finally meet her in person! AND – it was her first time hiking- ever!

The seven of us headed over to the Appalachian Trail, which is one of my favorite places to hike locally. I was definitely excited to share this trail with everyone else, since Greg was the only other person with us that had ever hiked there before. It’s about 2.5 miles out to the Annapolis Rock overlook- and the view speaks for itself!

The blogger gals

Beth: “I love hiking!!”

The newlyweds in all their bliss:

We took a little detour on the way back to hit the natural spring, and posed for an REI ad.

It was such a great hike- and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! I love warm, low-humidity days like that.

We were all super hungry by the end, and headed over to Common Market to grab a quick lunch. There’s just something about their sandwiches… they just do it right! I swear, I could not take the same rye bread, turkey, avocado, tomato, sprouts and lettuce and ever have it turn out so tasty.

Of course, the Kombucha was pretty darn good too.

We parted ways after lunch and Greg and I were pretty much wiped out for the rest of the day. Another stellar weekend in the books!

What types of fitness activities did you do this weekend? Do you like to hike?




  1. I LOVE hiking–but in the midwest, options are limited. When we vacation in Colorado each summer, we hike like mad people. So much fun!

    • Ooooh where do you go in Colorado? I am obsessed (which you might already know since you’re reading this blog).

  2. I’ve been making Saturday sort of an active rest day (i.e we played tennis for 45 minutes, but we are horrible so it’s not exactly the same exercise that people that can actually play would get.) We hiked too yesterday, but yours is much, much prettier. Every time I go hiking, I am reminded how much I like it.

    • It’s definitely an active rest day for us, too. Sometimes we’ll do an easy hike- or a long dog walk if it’s not too hot. This Saturday we just did some very gentle yoga. It’s definitely something I embrace now!

  3. We had a blast Lauren!! Thank you again for everything!

  4. I took a little run (AKA trot) on a trail that’s practically right out my front door–it was such a lovely day! And, my quads are still sore from charging up the hills. Today, Im thinking about a long overdue bike ride, since its still only in the 70s here. (Over these hot months, I have been putting many miles on that spin bike, which is parked right in front of an AC vent!)

  5. PERFECT weekend! Super jealous I don’t live a little closer to join in! PS you have a gorgeous deck/backyard! Thats the only part of living in upstate NY vs NYC that I miss- private backyards :-)

  6. That mini french press is so cute!! You have a beautiful patio!

  7. Oh my goodness! What a FUN weekend!! I love that you all did BP before spin–that ROCKS :)

  8. Man, I need to come hang out with you for a weekend!!!
    There is a place by us that makes the most amazing sandwiches, I could take the exact same ingredients and it wouldn’t taste nearly as delicious.

  9. what a fun weekend! and your hiking views are beautiiiiiful!

  10. What a fun day we had on Sunday! It was so fun to meet you and go on my very first hike ever! Thanks again for showing me around! :)

  11. Honestly…there is NO WAY i can catch up with your posts…but I just wanna say that I wanna eat at volt so bad…SO BAD. You have access to all these great restaurants…and hikes? WTF!!!


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