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It’s no secret that I love to exercise. I love it so much that I even quit my job of over 7 years to devote my life to getting others to love it as well.  Yesterday I was thinking about my current workout schedule and how much it’s changed over the last year. And it’s kind of finally in a place where it will be stable for a little while. It’s definitely good to change it up and keep things fresh and new- but I have to say- it’s kind of a relief to have a little bit of a routine for a little while. And that routine includes a lot of studying…

Once I pass my PFT exam and dive into my new career, it will surely change again- and at that point- I’ll probably be ready for it!

But, for the next two months (give or take a week or two), it’s going to look something like this:

Sunday: 30-ish minute functional training workout (generally some Tabata), teach Spinning 8:00 am class

Monday: (every other) teach 6:00 am Bodypump class, followed by about 30 minutes of cardio

Tuesday: teach 5:30 am Spinning class, followed by teaching Core Strength class at 6:30 am (30-ish minute class)

Wednesday: teach 4:30 pm Spinning class, followed by teaching Bodypump at 5:30 pm

Thursday: 20 min Tabata workout, 75 min Prana Flow yoga class

Friday: teach 4:00 pm Spinning class, followed by 5:00 Bodypump

Saturday: REST (or active recovery- like an easy hike, dog walk, etc.)

As you can see, I teach classes 5 days out of the week- so my workouts are pretty much decided on those days already. I also devote at least 20 minutes to yoga every single day- generally right after teaching on Sunday and Monday, and first thing in the morning on the other days. Some days it’s just 20 minutes (or more) of gentle stretching or savasana. Other days it’s something more demanding of muscular strength- it all depends on what else I’m doing that day and what my body needs.

The truth is that over the last few months, I’ve just overdone it with exercise, period. I don’t want to get back into any bad habits with over excercise because my body (and mind) just can’t take it. Between teaching my regular classes, subbing for different instructors (sometimes adding 5-6 extra classes a week) and trying to keep up with all of the fitmixer bootcamp workouts – I’m surprised I didn’t keel over and die! Cutting back big time and sticking to my regular schedule (with the occasional class sub) and keeping workouts short and sweet on non-teaching days (and of course- always taking that recovery day) feels great.

I didn’t teach Bodypump yesterday morning (since I alternate every other week with another instructor), and had planned on doing a Bob Harper workout DVD (his are KILLER). But, when I woke up and checked the weather, it was in the mid 60s. I ditched the idea of being indoors and grabbed Jackson to go for a walk, which turned into a “run” instead.

My little control freak likes to hold the leash. :)

We ran a pretty slow 6.5 miles. I certainly didn’t feel like I needed to push myself- and just kind of went with what I was feeling. And it felt great! We were definitely a little sweaty (okay, just me) by the end.

I’ve also been planning a weekly hiking date with my friend Brie- which is just a simple trail and not really a workout per se- more of just an excuse for the two of us to have a good amount of time to talk without any distractions. Speaking of Brie- check out this photo her husband posted of her killer muscles!

I want to point out that this lady is vegan- and didn’t get that jacked by eating protein in the form of meat. She got them by working her ass off in the gym and dedicating adequate time to making her body stronger and healthier. If she’s not a true role model, I don’t know who is!

And here’s a little more inspiration for today:

And a quote that I love.

Have a fab Tuesday!

OH! And PS- Congrats to my good friend Jenny who got engaged over the weekend! I’m so happy for you, love!

What’s your workout schedule like lately? What do you use as motivation/inspiration?


  1. its hard to scale back when you teach a lot and have that extra time now. I used to teach at the Hilton in Hawaii. 5 classes a DAY! I was sick, tired, and it was not good. I learned to cut back. When we moved to austin, i changed. 2 classes a week now. and YOGA!!! yea!

    • I reeallllllly need to get certified to teach yoga. I just need to get a lot better at it first! I’m sure it will definitely be something that happens down the line (one thing at a time…)

  2. Good for you . . . listening to your body! In the long run, you’ll be so much happier and healthier. :)

  3. I used to think I was pretty hard core about workouts… even your “scaled back” version is SO intense!!!! I don’t schedule my workouts. i’ve been meaning to. For a few years now. Lol. Like you, I love to work out so I always have the motivation. I always get to the gym, and figure it out later! Today I feel so sore so it might be yoga and a run to shake it out!

    • It’s funny- the more I learn from my PFT studies, the more I want to scale back even more! I’m definitely learning more about which exercise really burns fat (here’s a hint- it’s pretty much nothing that I do!)

  4. my gym’s schedule changes every season, but this summer i’ve been attending two bootcamp classes a week, two spin classes, and then throwing in running/yoga/weightlifting on a less rigid schedule throughout the week! SO important to listen to your body, though – like last week when mine screamed at me to take an extra recovery day!

  5. You’re my motivation! My workouts are what you would probably use as a warm-up! Thanks for the congrats!

    • Ha! Thanks, doll. :)
      You have to start somewhere! I definitely didn’t start out loving exercise or doing very much- it just progressed over the years!

  6. I really enjoy being active, so I think it’s very easy for me to over do it as well. I’m learning through working with some great friends how to push hard in the workout and then back off the rest of the day. it’s a process :)

  7. I so want your schedule. Seriously. I miss my work-from-home job so much. I made the BF breakfast (college bf, he didn’t even care), got household stuff done, could drop everything and run whenever I wanted, could meet up with friends for different things, etc. It just works for ME. I’m the kind of person that has to be doing something, and I’m motivated enough to make my own schedule and get stuff done. I actually think I work MORE when I’m at home.

    • Well, I keep telling myself that to get THIS schedule, I had to go through about 9 years of hell (working a full time job, always at least one part time job and finishing grad school in the evenings). I’m trying to enjoy this little “break” I have now (if you want to call it that)- since my full-time job is basically studying my ass off.
      I’m pretty productive- but would be a lot better if I got a more comfortable office chair. Mine SUCKS.

  8. Im always jealous of people who really LOVE to workout. For me, its something more like brushing my teeth–I do it regularly for physical upkeep, sometimes I really concentrate on it, other times I zone out, and at the end I feel great (with minty fresh breath!)
    Also: Isnt studying so fun??

    • I don’t know how I grew to love exercise so much (you would have NEVER guessed based on how I was even 10 years ago!)- but it just happened. Thank goodness.
      Studying is … not fun. What I’m learning is FASCINATING, but sitting on a chair for 4-5 hours in a row SUX.

  9. Wow lady! You’re right–lots of exercise! But teaching makes it easy to ‘get it in’< –almost toooo easy though!

    I too have a HUGE load right now, I love it, but I can't maintain that much longer–but luckily the HalfIM is only 11 days away!! :)

    • Yeah – I always say that it’s so easy for me to exercise daily because I get paid to!
      You will ROCK your Half IM!!!

  10. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    I love that picture of Brie – it’s such a beautiful shot! And a great example that you don’t need animal products to be an amazing athlete!! Love that you guys have standing hiking dates, great idea!

    • She is amazing!! And so motivated. I always say that I want to be her when I grow up (even though she’s only 10 months older than me)

  11. Oh how I wish wish wish I loved exercise. It’s always been a chore to me. You’re inspiring!

    • Aww… well, it took me about 25 years to start loving it. I HATED It growing up and through college.
      Being paid to do it also REALLY helps.

  12. That is a lot of exercise!! I would fall over. lol. I’m so out of shape!! Your friend Brie has crazy muscles! I need to start working out with you!

  13. Once you pass your PFT exam, will you please move to Denver so you can kick my butt into shape? Lately, my routine has been more defined by the lack of it. One week, I’ll be working out 4-5 times, and then next maybe once… I really need to start scheduling my workouts.

    • Girl, I would move to Denver TOMORROW if I could!!! Seriously- I should just come on my own and have Greg come visit often. :)
      Scheduling it definitely helps. Or tweet about it (I do that with yoga) – because then you’re accountable. :)

  14. WOW she looks awesome-good for her!!

    you do exercise a lot, but it’s just so great that u love it. it makes it fun and u feel so good and strong so good for u! i love to exercise too and miss doing hard core workouts (since im preggo) but soon enough ill be back in it! :)

  15. I just cut out a ton of fitness pics from different magazines and have posted them all over my apartment as inspiration. I also have time to workout before work now (thank god for being off shift work) which helps me get all energized for the day.

    I’m glad you are coming to a more stable workout schedule. I’ve dealt with the side effects of overexercise and it can damage you physically and emotionally. I just want you happy and healthy :)

    • Yup- I’m nowhere near where I was even a year ago. I can’t believe I used to do almost 3x as much. Eek.
      Hooray for a more liveable schedule!

  16. My workout schedule has been sketchy at best lately. Rather than beat myself up about it, I’m trying to refocus on half marathon training and then taking it from there. You are so badass. I think taking a BP class twice a week is tiring, and I’m not even teaching it!

  17. First of all…I don’t know HOW you do it! Not only are you doing Bodypump THREE times in one week, but two days it’s right after spinning?! Oh my gosh, my legs are like total spaghetti after spin class, I would fall on my face for sure! I was seriously sore after doing the new Bodypump track a few weeks ago, but when I mentioned it, a classmate told me I should try sitting in the sauna for a bit afterwards so I did the next time and it totally worked! I guess it helps loosen up the muscles or something? Anything like that in your studies? ;)

    The pics of Jackson totally made me smile! I thought he was carrying the leash, but wasn’t sure until I saw you confirmed it…too cute! I’d love to have a dog to run/walk with, but I can’t handle the responsibility of another pet right now (if you really consider my cat a “pet”…he’s more like a furry roommate since I hardly ever pay him any attention. Poor baby!) Hmm, I should start a dog RENTING SERVICE! Lol

    I NEVER have a plan when it comes to my workouts! Heck, half the time, I don’t even know what I’m going to do until I GET to the gym! Actually served me pretty well today though…I made up a chest/tri’s circuit that was pretty intense and I totally felt like Jello after I was done! Fingers crossed I’m a little sore tomorrow! <- Yes, I am a bit masochistic! ;)

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