Friday Food Thoughts

Hey friends!
Congrats on making it to Friday. I’ve got some excellent stuff planned for the weekend, and I hope you do too!

My week has been full of studying, studying… and more studying. There’s also been some exercise class teaching and yoga happening (still every day!) – I even went back to Ananda Shala for my second prana flow class! I’m telling you- pre-paying for classes is the best way to make sure that you actually go! And for yoga, you register for classes in advance, so then you really have to go. Now I just need to bite the bullet and register for that hot yoga class….

Besides all of the studying, teaching and yoga-ing, I’ve been playing around a bit in the kitchen. I go through phases with cooking. Sometimes I like to make something new every day, and other times, I fall into a slump and eat the same things over and over again.

My proudest culinary creation of the week is definitely the egg-white crust (for veggie pizza).

I liked it so much that I had it for lunch a few days in a row- and even tried out a sweet variation for breakfast one morning! And I will definitely be repeating this breakfast again and again:

I used the same basic recipe for the crust, but added a little peanut flour, stevia and cinnamon- and left out the savory herbs (of course). I topped it with a mixture of plain Greek yogurt, peanut flour and chia, sliced fruit, a bit of cereal and some coconut flakes. My stomach rarely stays full until lunch time- and this definitely did the trick!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the egg white protein. I use NOW brand plain egg white protein powder, which you can order here. (And if you do, use the code  for $5 off any order of $20 and $10 off any order of $40- and free shipping!)

Here’s the basic stats for one 1/4 serving: 75 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 16g protein. I think those stats are pretty damn awesome.

This tastes completely flavorless (and kind of nasty) on its own. However, they also make chocolate and vanilla versions, but I like getting the plain, so that I can flavor it as I like.


Another proud culinary moment of the week? The return of savory oats! My friend Brie and I went for a hiking date yesterday afternoon, and of course, I made her flex so I could take a photo of her amazing muscles.

She is a good sport. We have been trying to plan out a weekly hiking date with dinner afterwards, which is really nice! Brie is vegan, and I absolutely love the “challenge” of cooking meals with no animal products in them. I figured that it would be a good opportunity to introduce her to savory oats, and knew that she would love it.

And it was a big hit! This was topped with salsa, black beans and avocado. Mmmmm.

For dessert, I made a vegan version of chia pudding by blending together some silken tofu, unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/2 of a ripe banana, agave, almond extract, chia seeds, coconut flour and almond milk. I let it set in the fridge for a few hours so that it was nice and thick when it was time to eat it.

I sprinkled a some coconut flakes on top with a little cherry jam and served some Trader Joes coconut thins with it (I’ve had an unopened package of these in my fridge for like 5 months! I totally forgot about them!)

Another win.


Last food thought. I’m going to a birthday party for my friend Will tomorrow. He is married to my friend Sara, and they’ve both appeared on this blog several times before.

Will and Sara are supplying pulled pork and some dessert, and the rest of us will bring side dishes. Whenever this particular group gets together, the food (and the beer!) is always good. And by good food, I mean super delicious, healthy and local/organic for the most part. If you want a sample of some of our past get-togethers, go here, here or here.

When Will was planning out his birthday celebration, he sent out a mass email to some friends to see who would be around. His family owns a farm a little north of where we live, and they are planning to stay there for the weekend.

Here’s an excerpt from that email:

So I plan to head up Friday night, maybe work out, spend the night, wake up on Saturday and play paintball if I can get enough folks together (if not, I’ll just mess around in the woods, creek, etc).  That afternoon, we could get Chubby’s (local BBQ) and have a potluck where people bring healthy sides and craft beer.  I would stay the night again, wake up on Sunday, eat, work out (I have tires, sledge hammers, weight jackets, trees, kettlebells, a TRX, etc), and go home.  You guys are invited to as much of that as you’d like.  Significant others and kids (two and four legged) are totally invited as long as they play well with others.

I love that his birthday celebration is all about healthy food, craft beer, and functional training. These are definitely my people.

So I need an idea for what side dish to bring. I’m thinking of a cous cous-tomato-pesto salad (mainly because Katie commented about it the other day and it sounds really good- and looked really good on her blog) but I’m open to ideas!

We’re thinking about bringing the dogs. I’m a little skeptical about this, because the property is very large- but not contained. I’m a little worried about Lance running off to chase a bunny and not being able to catch him….

I’m sure you’ll be seeing photos from this on Monday.

Have a great weekend!!

Do you have any food thoughts from the week to share? Or an idea for a side dish for me to make for the potluck?



  1. You made a sweet version of your egg-white crust?!? Excellent. :) Thanks for the info on egg-white powder–I’m going to look into it.

    I’ve never been able to get hooked on savory oats. I eat oatbran every morning . . . but it’s gotta be with cinnamon. It’s just not right otherwise.

    Side dish ideas: I made an cold quinoa veggie salad that’s really tasty (on blog) to bring to my parents’ recently. Otherwise, I sometimes take the easy way out and bring a plate of sliced veggies and hummus for dipping. Have fun!

  2. oh my gosh i love the savory oats with avo and salsa. Totally need to bring that back, If you put daiya in steel cut oats, they taste like grits!

  3. That crust looks wonderful!

  4. I, too, loved the ‘challenge’ of plant-based (vegan) meals, which I think is why I kept ‘eating vegan’ after my initial month of trying it out. I’m almost at a year, and, even though technically I call myself a vegan with benefits, I might start eating eggs a little more regularly. If so, I’m definitely going to try out that protein powder. The stats are amazing…and I was just commenting that I find the vegan protein powders to be SO MUCH more expensive. [This might not be true, though. I'm new to protein powder!]

    As for the weekend, that sounds like an amazing way to spend one. I have a gazillion side dish/app. ideas, and I’m sure I would end up making and bringing hummus. However, at the recent vegetarian beer pairing dinner I attended, one of the ‘hits’ was a quinoa tabbouleh that would be great cold (or at room temp.) which would be good for transporting and little fuss. The original recipe was from epicurious, but you could doctor it up as needed.

  5. Chubby’s bbq??? Oh man, that has my tummy growling–sooo good!! They catered many an AXP (Joe’s frat) event, since they’re pretty close to the The Burg, and the platters were always licked clean (uh, sometimes literally….). Even their cornbread was delish!
    That cous cous salad sounds great. Or, someone has to bring coleslaw to a bbq! Or fennel slaw. Or one of these coleslaw variations:
    I dont have any awesome weekend plans, but I need to come up with something because my classes start in full swing next week…and then I can kiss weekends goodbye.

  6. What an awesome group of friends – sounds like a ton of fun! Well, you could always bring some cool ranch hummus and chopped veggies… ;)

  7. That birthday party sounds SO FUN! Seriously! Especially the morning workouts. I love it! I need to try the pizza recipe someday!!

  8. ive got to try your egg white crust! that is such a great idea..just need some protein powder. the pudding you made sounds awesome too. i made some avocado pudding last night, which is great, but ive never tried using tofu…sounds yummy and maybe less cals? have a great weekend!

  9. What a great birthday celebration!I love it!

  10. I love that email–what a great guy & you’re going to have such a fun weekend!

    I totally need to get some egg protein so I can make that crust ;)

  11. Definitely check out hot yoga! I actually started my yoga journey with hot yoga & should be trying out more regular yoga– I just love the fact that i’m super sweaty & feel so energized/relaxed at the same time. Feels like you had a killer workout! I’m interested to hear how you like it :)

  12. Sounds like a perfect weekend, I’m sure you had a blast :0

  13. So OBVIOUSLY I’m a bit behind on posts but whatevs!

    I really need to get some friends like THAT! Instead of always having to explain what all the ingredients that are in whatever I bring! I really should just be like, “Take a bite. Do you like it? Yes? Well, that’s all that matters!” ;)

    I LOVE that you introduced your friend to savory oats! I LOVE that YOU like savory oats….I swear so many people think I’m crazy! But it’s sooooo good! Especially with nooch…and salsa…and a drippy egg (but yeah, not so vegan, huh?) Lol


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