Random Act Of KINDness III: Be Kind To Your Body [Giveaway!]

Hey! How are you today? Are you feeling good? Doing something good for yourself?

Alright, enough with the goofy questions.

I know just how important it is to be kind to others- but we often forget to be kind to ourselves! This is something that I try to practice on a daily basis by exercising, practicing yoga (daily!), eating healthy foods and eliminating the negative self-talk. It’s a day to day process- but I find that when I am kind to my body, like is much more enjoyable!

While I’m working on being kind to myself, I also want to be kind to you, dear readers.

How about another KINDsnacks package giveaway? Does that sound good to you? If you didn’t win the first or second giveaway- now’s your chance! It could be YOU. Yes, you.

Before I get into the details of how to enter the giveaway, I just need to do my standard *gush* about just how much I love this company. Not only do they make delicious snacks, they’re also really involved with giving back and helping those in need.

In case you’re not familiar with the KIND products, check out their website. Their snack bars and healthy grains are all to die for… I haven’t found a single flavor that I’m not in love with (and trust me- I’ve tried almost all of them).

And the employees of KIND are just as great as their products. I even got to meet the marketing manager Dan while I was in Colorado last month!

Now on to the details…

One lucky reader will win a very KIND package, which includes a case of bars, a bag of KIND Healthy Grains, a KIND pin, & KIND sticker all in a KIND reusable grocery bag.

The bag certainly comes in handy for lugging around all of those boxes of KIND bars!

To enter, simply leave a comment below

telling me one way that you have been kind to

your body lately.

But wait- you can get up to three additional entries for doing any of the following (and be sure to leave a separate comment for each, letting me know that you’ve done so!):

“Like” Oatmeal after Spinning on Facebook

“Like” KIND on Facebook

Tweet about this giveaway with the following text: Enter the very @KINDSnacks giveaway on Oatmeal after Spinning at http://wp.me/p2oUXk-1QY

*US Residents only.

I’ll choose a winner on Monday, August 27th @ 8:00 pm EST.

I received all KIND snacks free of charge and was not compensated in any other way (aside from granola and bars!). Opinions are my own.



  1. I’m focusing on drinking more water every day!

  2. you are too kind with kind. hehe. I want some of these bars. I’ve liked everything on FB and if i could double like, i would, or triple!
    being kind to my body by sleeping in a little more these days.

  3. Taking time for me and making sure to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

  4. I tweeted!

  5. I took a rest day yesterday and went to the chiropractor. :) Thanks for the giveaway because I LOVE KIND.

  6. tweeted! damn there are so many giveaways this week.

  7. I’ve been kind to my body by working it out every morning! I love to start the day on a high note knowing that my body has gotten warmed up and my metabolism is raring, especially since I’ll spent the majority of the next 9 hours sitting. Boo to cubicles!

  8. Tweeted!

  9. I’m a fairly new reader and am loving your blog! I’m focusing on stretching and yoga! :-)

  10. I liked Oatmeal after Spinning on Facebook! :)

  11. I liked “Kind” on Facebook!

  12. I’ve been kind to my body by going to bed a couple minutes earlier each night!

  13. I have been eating regular meals and snacks and allowing my body to rest from exercise. I also have affirmations posted around my house!

  14. Caitlin C. says:

    I realized that I may have a slight intolerance to gluten, and while I’m not one to support giving up something completely in your diet, I do feel so much better. Kind bars are some of the things I have tried in the last two weeks–they’re delicious!

  15. Caitlin C. says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway here: https://twitter.com/cmc4388/status/238622941460447232

  16. Caitlin C. says:

    I liked KIND on Facebook!

  17. I’ve recently taken up Adventure Sundays – my friends and I go on 15+ mile mountain bike rides with tons of uphill climbs. Total torture, but my body is loving it once the soreness stops!

  18. I have let my let my body rest while having a cold, even though it’s been so hard not to go to the gym! :)

  19. Trying to walk for at least 30 minutes a day and get enough rest, thanks.


  20. I eat lots of veggies and fruit, workout, and make sure i get enough sleep.

  21. Alexandra says:

    I have been KIND to my body by listening to it…I used to exercise becuase I felt like I HAD to each day or I would get fat and unhealthy but I now realize that listening to your body and taking rest days at least 1-2 times per week is SO much healthier! If your body is tired – listen! Im healthier now that I was when I exercised more and more importantly much happier :) Thanks Lauren!!

  22. Now that it’s getting dark earlier, I’ve been kind to my body by trying to go to bed a little earlier. The 5:15 alarm clock isn’t very fun when I’ve stayed up too late. Thanks…

  23. I’ve been using a FitBit pedometer lately – and it has been really wonderful – I have been kind to my body by making sure I get enough steps in the day and am more active than my job really allows (though they have a treadmill workstation that is rather fantastic!).

  24. Just came home from a tower pilates class and I feel great! Nothing better to help you feel long, lean and strong!

  25. colleen bennion says:

    I try to get enough sleep and let my body rest when it needs to.

  26. I am trying to finda way to exercise EVERY day even though I HATE IT :) Butttt I’m trying & I know my body thanks me for it!

  27. I am finally getting my plantar fasciitis treated! Which also means giving up my heels for a while :( , but its goodness for my feet!

  28. I LOVE this! I am being KIND to my body by sleeping extra when I am sore or feel tired. :)

  29. I exercise every morning, eat clean meals (every single one… extreme? Maybe, but it feels good.) and sleep earlier!

  30. Liked on Facebook!

  31. I liked Kind on Facebook as well :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. I started taking Zumba classes, and I love it.

  33. I’ve been drinking tons of water lately…mostly because I know I will drink several beers this weekend due to a festival, hehe.

  34. I’ve been being kind to my body by fueling it with healthy, clean foods and giving it a rest when I really need it!

  35. I tweeted about the giveaway! My twitter is heylush333 :-)

  36. I was just checking out kind bars today but didn’t buy them but now I just might (:

    I try to be as active throughout the day even if that means a quick walk or standing up while doing my work.

  37. one way im being kind to my body is continuing to workout while pregnant! im due 2 weeks from saturday so its not getting easier…but at least going for walks and lifting some weights. definitely makes me feel good!

  38. already like u on facebook! :)

  39. tweeted!

  40. Catherine says:

    I treated myself by buying a package of classes at a local Spin Studio I love! It’s a little pricey… but they have great music, great times, fun instructors… and if I have all the classes already then I’m more likely to just go take a class!

  41. Catherine says:

    I tweeted about this great giveaway. Love KIND Bars :)

  42. Catherine says:

    I LIKED you and Kind Bars on facebook.

  43. My ankle is injured, so I’ve been taking it easy and not running as much as I would like to to let it heal!

  44. I like your facebook page!

  45. I also like Kind on facebook too!

  46. I’ve been working out daily at the gym and running 5 miles on the treadmill working up a healthy sweat!

  47. I like KIND on Facebook too! Thanks!

  48. I’ve stopped focusing on calories and instead started to make sure that I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are nutritious.

  49. I drink only water and tea and stay away from sugar-loaded drinks, alcohol and soda too! :)

  50. I like KIND on Facebook too!

  51. I have been kind to my body by doing only low intensity exercising and giving myself lots of rest days to help heal my body.

  52. I already like you on facebook. ;)

  53. I tweeted about the kind contest on @littlejk23. I just love KIND bars. My fav are the dark chocolate and nuts with sea salt!

  54. I like them on facebook

  55. I have started taking Piyo and turbo kick to balance out all my running and spin classes! I see such a change in myself and know I’m being “kind” to my body!

  56. tweeted!

  57. I took my very first spin class today at the age of 54. I was nervous about going and came so close to talking myself out of it, but I’m so glad I didn’t.

  58. Lynette S. says:

    I’m being KIND to my body by eating well, lifting heavy, sleeping, and hydrating. It feels great!

  59. I’ve been kind to my body by getting 8 hours of sleep each night.

  60. I liked KIND on facebook

  61. I liked Oatmeal After Spinning on Facebook.

  62. Training for my 1st half marathon in October-and I am sticking to my schedule-which means resting on rest days-some days that is harder than I used to think-but it is being KIND to my body.

  63. Like Kind and Oatmeal After Spinning on Facebook.

  64. I’ve been adding a green protein shake to my diet in the mornings instead of that extra cup of coffee as a pick-me-up. And I’ve been opting for zumba classes instead of circuit training, it’s more relaxed, social, and fun! Definitely a better stress reliever for my body and mind right now :)

  65. I already like Kind on facebook.

  66. I like you on facebook, too!

  67. Um that bag is awesome and so is this giveaway.

    I’ve been kind by walking more and more each day on my lunch break and breaks at work.

  68. I like Oatmeal After Spinning on FB :)

  69. And like Kind too!

  70. And tweeted @tiffanynico

  71. One way I’ve been kind is by fitting in exercise even when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I know it’s best and always makes me feel better. :)

  72. I have always had a hard time convincing myself to take time off from running. But I just ran for the first time yesterday after a two week breal for a strained achilles. The rest was just what my body needed.

  73. I pack healthy snacks for my long days on campus, so I’m not starving when I get home.

  74. I have been kind to my body after recently injuring my tailbone. Even though I love working out I understood that I needed time off in order to heal properly. I have slowly begun adding exercise back into my life, but I’ve been exercising at a low intensity level until I’m completely healed in order to give the best to my body.

  75. I’ve been Kind to my body by starting to take my lactose intolerance a little more seriously. I finally made the switch to almond milk instead of cow’s milk, and I’ve stopped trying to eat ice cream (well, as much ice cream as I used to). These sound so obvious and easy but it took me a little bit to get to this point!

  76. I like Kind on Facebook!

  77. And, I also liked Oatmeal after Spinning on Facebook!

  78. And I tweeted about the giveaway! (neffer85)

  79. I love your blog :) I’ve been reading for a couple months now and I think I’m all caught up. I’ve never been to Colorado, but I’ve said for years that I “feel” like I belong there. Your pictures and the way you convey your love of Colorado has me convinced of that that now! lol

    I have been Kind to my body by going to Body Pump three times per week, taking a Yoga/Pilates class, Zumba, and a Mind/Body/Fitness class (sort of yoga, pilates and tai chi)! Love it.

  80. I liked you on Facebook :)

  81. I liked Kind on Facebook too :)

  82. Georgiana says:

    I’m kind to my body by eating healthy organic fruits and veggies and taking yoga classes 4x a week!

  83. Georgiana says:

    I also like KIND on Facebook – thank you so much as KIND bars and granola are so yummy!

  84. Rob Mello says:

    Hey Lauren, I have been running 3-4 times a week. Rob

  85. I have been KIND to my body this week by making sure to drink half of my body weight in ounces of water each day! I am usually SO bad about drinking enough water and dont realize how dehydrated I am until I am completely parched!

  86. I have actually been LISTENING to my body for a change! I have also been working really hard on stopping all the negative self talk.

  87. Liked Oatmeal After Spinning on facebook.

  88. Liked KIND on facebook.

  89. I tweeted!

  90. This morning I had planned to get to the gym for my long run before breakfast and before starting to paint. But when I woke up I was feeling extra tired and my stomach felt a bit off so I decided to go back to sleep. I may not be getting my run in until later than I wanted, but ultimately, I know listening to my body and getting that extra rest was exactly what I needed.

  91. I have been kind to my body by using my foam roller :)

  92. I like Oatmeal After Spinning on Facebook!

  93. I like you on facebook!

  94. And I like KIND on Facebook.

  95. I like Kind on facebook!

  96. I tweeted!

  97. I bought decent running shoes and got a foam roller to be kind to my legs and feet!

  98. I liked Oatmeal after Spinning on Facebook

  99. I tweeted!

  100. I liked KIND on Facebook

  101. I signed up for Fitmixer bootcamp! Can’t wait :)

  102. laura ari says:

    I ate a healthy breakfast to be kind to my body!

  103. laura ari says:

    I like kind on FB

  104. Jennie Gift says:

    I have been kind to my body by trying to eat healthy. Today for lunch Lentil Stew!

  105. Jennie Gift says:

    I like Kind on FB

  106. Jennie Gift says:

    I liked Oatmeal After Spinning on FB

  107. I went for a much needed run this morning.

  108. I like OAS on FB.

  109. I liked KIND on FB.

  110. I liked Oatmeal after Spinning on Facebook! :)

  111. I liked Kind on Facebook!

  112. This seems like a no-brainer, but lately I’ve been Kind to myself by going to bed at least an hour earlier. It’s amazing the difference it makes to my attitude and the quality of my workouts!

  113. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I skipped my workout! It was a great decision, and I’m thanking myself for it today!

  114. I’ve been kind to my body by allowing myself to get enough sleep last night after a very busy week!

  115. I liked you on FB

  116. I liked Kind on FB

  117. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  118. I’ve been kind to my body lately by taking more rest/recovery time during my marathon training. I’ve learned that I can’t always run 60+ miles a week and stay injury free and healthy. I’ve learned to enjoy the resting part as much as the the working part!

  119. Being kind to my body by eating clean!

  120. Also liked you FB page.

  121. I’ve been being kind to my body by finally giving myself more rest days!

  122. I have made a commitment to get moving every day and track it with my heart rate monitor – I now get myself into cardio and think about how much I’m already working out before deciding what I eat. It makes cutting temptations a lot better, especially since I’ve been a dedicated tracked using MyFitnessPal! Putting my body first, and to do that I’m learning about how I’ve been running it already.

  123. My body was crying out for help. I decided to try something new so I treated myself to a yoga membership. Brand new to Yoga and had no clue what to expect. My body thanks me. I feel great and look forward to my yoga 4 nights a week. I’m pushin 5 this week with a morning class Saturday. I wonder how my body feels about that lol.

  124. Liked kind on fb

  125. Liked oatmeal after spinning

  126. I make sure to fuel my body with at least 20g of protein after strength training!

  127. I tweeted the giveaway! @Christianqt07

  128. I like KIND on Facebook!

  129. I’ve taken time to rest, though I’m also recharging this weekend to get back on schedule. My body needed rest so I was “kind” and listened to it.

  130. I tweeted! :)

  131. Amy Quinn says:

    I’m listening to doctor’s orders and staying off my leg til Monday- this is REALLY hard for me. But I’m trying to be good to myself (post-cortisone shot– OUCH!!) to heal!

  132. I took my dog for a walk/run this morning ( also kind for him I guess :) AND I made a delicious green smoothie this morning! Yum!

  133. I’ve liked kind and your blog on Facebook, but I’m not a tweeter, sorry.

  134. I’ve been kind to my body by eating clean! No processed foods for this girl this week :)

  135. I’ve been kind to my body by giving it the rest/recovery time it needs, eating clean/organic, and lots of fruits and veggies!

  136. I liked KIND on Facebook!

  137. I liked Oatmeal after Spinning on Facebook!!

  138. KIND bars are awesome!!! I have one everyday around 10am to get me through my busy morning teaching lots of elementary students. My favorite flavors are Almond Cashew with flax (green) and Dark Choc Cherry Cashew (red). YUMMO!!!!!!!


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