Fab 5 For Friday

And another week comes to a close… thank goodness!

I hope you’ve been having a great week and end to August. I don’t know, I’ve just felt a bit “off” this week. I’m trying to examine my habits, diet, sleeping, workouts, etc. and change some things. Lots of stuff going on in the big ol’ head of mine- some of which will come to form in a post (or two) next week.

On a happier note- have you entered the latest KINDsnacks giveaway yet? If not, check it out and see if you win! Seriously, the folks at KIND will HOOK YOU UP. Trust me.

I have been making a little mental list of some great things/products in my life over the past few days. These are a few new discoveries in my life that just make it a little bit better.

1. The Handful Bra

I first read about these on StuftMama’s blog after seeing her pictures on Instagram. It’s really hard for me to find a good sports bra- saying that I’m super picky is an understatement. The tagline alone piqued me interest: Designed to flatter, not flatten. I’ll get right to the point- my breasts are not my strongest asset. They’re not very large or perky- but I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t want them any to be any bigger… but a little lift would be nice…

When I wear sports bras, they typically just mash down into one weird uni-boob. Since the Handful bra claimed to do exactly the opposite, I knew I had to try it. Plus, I was in major need of new sports bras, as I’ve bought exactly one new sports bra in the last year (and I have to wear one every single day for teaching classes!). About two weeks ago, I ordered one of the bras in the “nude” color- which was only $18. Shipping was also free! And- it came to my house (in Maryland) from Oregon two days later (I was shocked!). I wasn’t sure exactly which size to get (I’m generally a 36B or C) and just went for a medium. And wouldn’t you know- it fit like a glove!

There are removable pads that you can take out if you want, which I did just out of habit.

This bra was SO comfortable that I wore it during the day when I wasn’t working out, and it had the perfect amount of support. And a week later, I ordered two more! Three sports bras for $52 and free shipping- not bad, not bad at all.

They also come with a little mesh bag to go in the washing machine.

I’ll be honest- I haven’t used the bag when I’ve washed them. I know it probably makes a difference and makes them last longer… I’m just lazy.

While I love the Handful bra, my only complaint is that they are not made in the USA – they’re made in China (like everything, right?). If they can get a factory in the USA, I’d be thrilled! But hey, we can’t all be perfect, right?

2. P28 flatbread

To say that we’ve got a lot of P28 products in this house in an understatement.

I first discovered P28 while shopping at Wegman’s for bagels back in April. I sent them a little email telling them how much I liked their products, and they definitely showed their appreciation by sending me more bagels and bread than I’ll be able to consume anytime soon! They also sponsored a lovely giveaway on my blog a while back. Funny thing is- I had never heard of P28 before seeing it in Wegmans that day, and now I can’t read a single blog without hearing about them! Good news sure does spread fast!

What I haven’t seen in stores yet are the P28 flatbreads (I’ve been told that they should be out sometime next month). But, since I am impatient and don’t want to wait to try them, my good friend Billy the Breadman sent me a package on them in the mail.

Oh the possibilities! First of all- these things are HUGE. You could easily cut one in half to make a regular wrap, which is exactly what I did yesterday:

My first P28 flatbread experience involved egg whites, tomatoes and mixed greens. Dang, it was good. I’m looking forward to using these for many other wrap combinations, as pizza crust, and possibly even sprinkling them with cinnamon, cutting them up into small pieces and baking them for a sweet “cracker.” Wheels are turning.

3. Surprises in your mailbox

Something fabulous and unexpected that happened yesterday was a surprise package in the mail, thanks to my good friend Janetha!

She was kind of enough to send me a canister of fitmixer aminos (since I ran out!) and a very sweet and thoughtful card. This totally made my day! There aren’t many things in life that are better than getting some unexpected love in your mailbox. :)

4. Yes… yoga has officially become a habit.
I haven’t gone a single day without it since starting my #20minyoga challenge earlier this month! Even if it’s just been (even less than) 20 minutes on certain days, it’s always a part of my daily routine. On days that I teach classes in the afternoon, I do some form of yoga first thing in the morning. When I teach morning classes, I bring my yoga mat with me and do a gentle practice in the studio after members leave. And on Thursdays, I take a 75 minute Prana Flow class at a studio downtown.

I always sign up in advance (which is pre-paid) so that I actually go. I know that some days I just don’t feel like doing it, but then I think about how much better I will feel afterwards (or even after just the first minute) and that gets me through!

5. The local Thursday farmer’s market.

I am so glad that I started going to the farmer’s market on Thursday afternoons. It’s smaller than the big one on Saturday mornings- but it’s a lot less crowded. Even though I love the Saturday market, it doesn’t open until 10 am, and Greg and I often found ourselves having to wait to do anything until after we went, which kind of wastes the whole morning (and you have to get there early to get the good stuff). The Thursday market always has everything I need, and I always come out with a big bag full of goodies!

I loaded my little buddy Jackson into my car and took him yesterday :)

And here’s yesterday’s haul:

For just over $20 I got: a huge bag of kale, 6 peaches, 3 cucumbers (yes- those brownish yellow things are some of the tastiest cucumbers I’ve ever had!), a bag of cherry tomatoes, 2 sweet red peppers, a bulb of garlic, free-range eggs and 7 grain bread and rolls from “Pearl’s Homemade Goodies” (Greg is in love with them!)

I also got this tiny little (local, raw) honey bear!



I’ve got some fun plans brewing this weekend which may include a bike ride, a hike, a picnic and some pumpkin beer. Can you guess which of those things I’m most excited about?

Have a wonderful weekend!

What are some of your fab finds of the week?


  1. LOVE Farmers Markets!! There is one outside of my office on Tuesday’s – great little afternoon escape and the produce is the best. Will have to look for the P28 next time I’m at Wegman’s. Is it called P28 b/c there are 28g of Protein? Could that tiny honey bear be any cuter?!?!!! :)

  2. My fab find is . . . I have a great group of kids in my classes this year!!! I met them all yesterday. Whew. TGIF! I’m exhausted already! :)

  3. The P28 flat breads look so awesome. I discovered a great new cookie recipe for Cookie Friday! :)

  4. I haven’t been able to find a the P28 bread or bagels at my local grocery store but I did find a similar one that’s pretty tasty. But I’ll have to look into ordering online soon so I can try it!

  5. I just won a giveaway for P28 and I am LOVING their bread. I’ve never seen it in stores by me (I live in WI) but I would definitely continue buying their products -especially that flatbread, I’m also loving cashew butter as of lately. I just discovered it and it’s amazing!

  6. I absolutely never find a bra that I love/keeps things under control…but Im always on the lookout! Handful could be next!
    Im kind of jealous that your farmer’s market starts at 10. Ours starts at 8:30, and you have to get there as early as possible or risk running out of the good stuff…and Im not such an early riser!

  7. I love my handful too!! I need to order more! I am super jealous of your farmer’s market. This year, I went to mine and there was no one there!! :( What a bummer!

  8. I need that bra in my life, I hate the weird uniboob look most of my sports bras provide! Have a great weekend, we are also headed on a bike ride tomorrow, can’t wait :)

  9. I will be looking into those bras. And I want that flatbread! And Janetha is so sweet. And, holy crap, your farmers market is so cheap! Have a good weekend!

  10. I LOVE Farmer’s markets–you got a good haul for sure.

    1. I MUST try out that bra! FRREEE shipping! that rocks.
    2. I reallllllyyyy want to try the P28 bread stuff! Must order some (where??) soon.

    fab finds: I love the fitmixer Grape aminos! they’re tasty!

  11. All those veggies look great! Enjoy yoru weekend and PUMPKIN BEER!

  12. everything looks awesome! those bras do look super comfortable. btw, i love pumpkin beer! my husband hates it but i think its so yummy!

  13. SO MUCH GOOD! 1. i love love love my handful bras. i discovered them back in 2010 and have adored them since. 2. what! i need to get some of that flatbread. i love p28 thanks to you! but have you tried julian bakery bread? super yum, i just tried it. 3. glad the mail got to you, i love you! 4. MINI HONEY BEAR! squeal.

  14. Um, can you please move here so we can enjoy both pumpkin beer AND farmers markets?! Thanks. I’m jealous that you go during the week, the one on Saturday is so packed and there is one on Wednesday but never get to go for obvious reasons. Argh.

    Jackson, oh sweet, Jackson. He is killing me softly.

  15. I seriously want to try that bra. I have uniboob too … and small busted ladies want to look more feminine. :)

    Also, pumpkin beeeeeeer!!!


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