Dusting Off An Old Recipe [HEALTHY Bread Pudding- Two Ways!]

raw bread pudding

Hooray for Fridays! And hooray for long holiday weekends, right? Having off on a Monday is the best- just getting to extend that weekend one more day… But, since my work schedule is so wacky right now- it really doesn’t make much of a difference to me. In fact, I will be “working” on Monday, since I am teaching Bodypump that morning- but it’s kind of unfair to compare that to a “normal” workday…

So, wow- September is right around the corner! I’m kicking off the month by going to a good old-fashioned crab feast at my parents’ house on Sunday. If you’re a Marylander, you totally get why this excites me- we certainly live for our crab feasts and take them very seriously. A bushel of crabs, some beer, plenty of Old Bay with people you love? That makes for a perfect afternoon. If someone lives around here and says that they ‘don’t like picking crabs’ it’s pretty much a sure indication that they’re not a Maryland native (though not always- there are those weirdos that just don’t like it.).

I just also realized that a certain blog is about to turn ONE this weekend! Look out for something fun… a giveaway perhaps? Or at least a fun post with lots of photos? Yeah, a giveaway would probably be better.

Okay now… so about this…

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