Dusting Off An Old Recipe [HEALTHY Bread Pudding- Two Ways!]

Hooray for Fridays! And hooray for long holiday weekends, right? Having off on a Monday is the best- just getting to extend that weekend one more day… But, since my work schedule is so wacky right now- it really doesn’t make much of a difference to me. In fact, I will be “working” on Monday, since I am teaching Bodypump that morning- but it’s kind of unfair to compare that to a “normal” workday…

So, wow- September is right around the corner! I’m kicking off the month by going to a good old-fashioned crab feast at my parents’ house on Sunday. If you’re a Marylander, you totally get why this excites me- we certainly live for our crab feasts and take them very seriously. A bushel of crabs, some beer, plenty of Old Bay with people you love? That makes for a perfect afternoon. If someone lives around here and says that they ‘don’t like picking crabs’ it’s pretty much a sure indication that they’re not a Maryland native (though not always- there are those weirdos that just don’t like it.).

I just also realized that a certain blog is about to turn ONE this weekend! Look out for something fun… a giveaway perhaps? Or at least a fun post with lots of photos? Yeah, a giveaway would probably be better.

Okay now… so about this…

I was thrilled when two different bloggers came across my recipe for raisin bread pudding within the last two weeks. Allie made a PB&J version and posted a photo on her WIAW post last week, which made me drool a little bit. And then the other day, my good pal Laura made an alternate version using P28 bread and raved about how much she liked it. I thought that the idea to use the high protein bread was brilliant! Not only does it add the protein factor, but it’s also really spongy and absorbent and has worked really well for French toast- and bread pudding isn’t really that different, right?

I’ll be honest- I’ve only made this bread pudding recipe once! And I’m not quite sure why, as it was delicious the first time! I guess I just kind of forgot about it. Though I do happen to have a loaf of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread in my freezer, I was really curious to try out the recipe using P28 bread instead.And I also wanted to try an alternate version, using egg instead of silken tofu.

I followed basically the same recipe as last time, but added some almond milk (thanks, Laura!) and chopped banana. I made one version with silken tofu and other with an egg (I used one slice of P28 bread for each). Everything else was identical! (I was really tempted to add some peanut flour, but will save that for another time.)

The two bowls of raw bread pudding looked pretty different from each other before going into the toaster oven to be cooked:

My little baking sheet certainly has seen better days- I use the toaster convection oven A LOT.

The house was filled with wonderful, amazing smells as the bread pudding baked – even the dogs were intoxicated by it. I couldn’t wait to dig in!

Both versions were fantastic- and I have gone back and forth about which one I think tastes better.ButI think I’ll give the edge to the egg version.

Or the tofu…which was a little more moist (yes, I said it!).

But then again, there’s the egg…

Nevermind- they’re both equally as good!

I can’t wait to make more variations of this recipe (and want to try it using the P28 bagels, too!). Maybe even a savory bread pudding? Let’s not get crazy now…

Are there any great recipes of the past that you’ve forgotten about? What type of bread pudding should I attempt next?


  1. So true about the Maryland crabs. I’ve taken Jason a couple times (he’s from South Carolina) and each time, he says that it’s too much work for too little meat. Blasphemy, I say.

  2. Interesting idea to use silken tofu! Great experiment. What about not using bread at all, and using cubed tofu as the bread, and keep the egg. Do you think it would soak up the cinnamon goodness similar to the bread??? Just an idea . . . . hmmm . . . .

  3. That was such a fantastic recipe. Thanks for the shout out and the wonderful recipe Fun you mention the eggs – I almost did that but decided the tofu was such a unique idea I had to try it. Eggs next time!

    We already talked flavor combos, but I still like the idea of fig-amaretto. Or how about a chocolate version with cocoa powder and banana? (And maybe some Kahlua.)

  4. I highly recommend the peanut flour addition ;D Mmm, I want to make a banana version this weekend–maybe banana bread pudding with Peanut flour sauce on top? Oh yeaaah, even more ready for Saturday.

  5. Mmm, I absolutely love bread pudding! Have you had the chocolate one from the Whole Foods dessert bar?? Sweet heaven. My mom also makes an absolutely phenom crockpot version with bagels, so I bet the the P28 bagel one would be killer.
    Also, crabs!! Im counting down the days til Aunt Clare’s crab feast….literally.

  6. A savory one would be cool. What about chocolate or chocolate chip? I love all bread puddings.

  7. I didn’t discover bread pudding until last year or so. I’ll have to give this a try! Looks so yummy and comforting.

  8. I want to go to a Crab Fest!! I’ve never been to one. I’m totally crashing the party ;) hehe I wish!

    I’ve never had bread pudding before??!

  9. I’ve never had bread pudding like Annette. But they definitely look delicious.

  10. Have a great weekend!!!!

  11. PUMPKIN!!!

    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing girl! I LOVE bread pudding, but it’s not typically something I think to make…that is about to change REAL soon! I love how you went back and forth with the egg and tofu. You are too cute!

    Happy soon-to-be bloggy birthday! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for celebration…tho I have to say THIS was a fine way to start!

    Hope you have a great time at the crab feast! Totally jealous!

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