A Year of Blogging

Guess what today is!

I’ll give you a hint…

It’s my blog’s one year birthday!!

I know that it’s not very original of me to stick a birthday candle in a bowl of oatmeal… but, um… have you read the title of my blog?

Happy Birthday, Oatmeal After Spinning!

I started blogging one year ago after thinking about it for months. I had created a blog when we first brought Jackson and Lance home as puppies back in January of 2010 in order to document our lives together and to have a place where family members could see what we were up to. It wasn’t until over a year after starting that blog that I stumbled across Lee’s blog one day. I was immediately drawn to her beautiful photographs and collection of recipes, and enjoyed reading about her fitness routine. And from there I found another healthy living blog, and another, and another…

Lee’s blog led me to Kath Eats, which led me to Live Laugh Eat, and then somehow I found Meals & Moves, which are the first three blogs that I really read religiously. I remember reading about each of the three women’s experiences at the Healthy Living Summit and just thought it was such a cool concept that all of these women from around the country came together (most without having ever met in person before) to celebrate fitness and healthy eating. I wanted in on the action, so I started a blog of my own.

I called it Oatmeal after Spinning, because I’ve always liked oatmeal, and I teach Spinning. And I like to eat oatmeal after Spinning- it’s simple as that.

I’ll be honest here: I actually really don’t like the name of my blog, and don’t think it really encompasses what I write about. It was only meant to be temporary, but it just kind of stuck. I’m still planning on changing it (whenever I think of something better).

I didn’t know if anyone would ever read my blog- but I really didn’t care. I immediately liked the “release” that it gave me just to “put my thoughts on paper” and share my ideas with the world (even if only a few people were reading). And then something really cool happened- I started to build friendships with other bloggers – and even a few readers! After reading Ashley’s blog for a few months, we decided to meet up in person for dinner one night- which has led to many more “dates” and an awesome friendship! I eventually met up with other local bloggers, and then attended my first big blogging function, the Blend Retreat last May!

Of everything that I’ve done in the last year related to this blog- I have to say the the Blend Retreat has had the biggest positive impact on my life. I know that I have gone on and on about how much I loved that weekend and how special it was many, many times… but it was just amazing- and the words “life changing” are 100% true. I even get a little emotional just thinking about that weekend and all of the memories that I keep from it- and I know that the other girls who attended feel the same way.I can’t wait for next year’s Blend!!

Over the last year, I’ve had some pretty significant things happen in my life. Shortly after starting this blog, I started going back to Bodypump classes after a nearly two year hiatus. Almost immediately, I fell back in love with the program, and decided to become an instructor myself! After becoming a Bodypump instructor, I started teaching more and more classes at the gym and realized that my love for my part-time job overpowered any good feelings about my full-time job. After lots of thinking, planning and support from my wonderful husband, I made the huge decision to end my teaching career after seven years. I have never really been in love with teaching, and have wanted to get my personal training certification for years and it was just the right time to finally focus on what’s really important- being happy in life! I am still 100% happy with my decision and don’t miss teaching- not a even single, tiny, itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie little bit. :)

Greg and I both got to cross an item off of our life bucket lists this summer when we hiked not one, but TWO 14ers in Colorado to celebrate our one-year anniversary in July. I also got to re-connect with many of the fabulous Colorado bloggers that I met at Blend, which was wonderful! I’m hoping that my next “big” life announcement is that we’ll be moving out to Colorado… I guess we’ll see what happens!

And that brings us to today. I’m one year wiser, with a huge collection of great memories and a bunch of amazing friends- all thanks to this little blog. I’ll be taking the exam for my personal training certification within the next six weeks, and have no idea what life holds for me after that- but I have about a million ideas and am so excited to get started!

Thank YOU so much for reading – and coming back to read, post after post- through the good and bad. Here’s to another year of blogging!

PS- The celebration of my blog’s birthday will continue on Thursday with a nice little giveaway… stay tuned!

What are some major events that have happened in your life within the last year?


  1. Happy first blogiversary! I like the name of your blog, by the way :) You’ve accomplished so much already in only one year. That’s so awesome!

  2. Happy anniversary to your blog!! I’m so glad I found you!

  3. Happy blog birthday! Your blog is one of my favorites!

    Let’s see, in the past year, I got a new job. That was basically the biggest thing that’s happened so far and that was over 7 months ago!

  4. Happy 1 yr Anniversary!!! So glad I stumbled across your blog……your stories/adventures are wonderful!!

  5. Happy anniversary! I enjoy reading all of your posts and I always envy your great adventures you and Greg have.

  6. Happy Blogging Birthday!!! :)

  7. What??! Only 1!! You’re such a pro!! Happy Bday!! If you name your blog after yourself.. you never outgrow it. I’ve actually owned corrieanne.com for at least 6 years. It was a birthday gift long before I was a blogger and my nerd friend had the foresight to not include my last name. lol.

  8. Happy blog birthday!!!

  9. Happy anniversary!! Love the recap. So glad I stumbled in to the healthy living blogging world too so I could meet you :) The most significant thing that’s happened to me in the last year is that I’ve lost 55 pounds! I feel lighter, happier, and like I could conquer the world (and maybe one of those 14ers one of these days!)

  10. Happy Blogiversary!!! I am so glad to have met you – online and in person at Blend. And i love the name of your blog. :)

    Congrats on all you’ve accomplished – I can’t wait to see where you go from here!

  11. Happy Blogiversary! :)

  12. Yay! Happy blog birthday. And I don’t think your blog name should change. I think it still fits your personality. And you blog about good food and fitness, so … :) Mine should definitely not be called “life+running” since I probably don’t run as much as it implies.

    • Yeah, I guess it just can’t be taken too literally. I just cringe at the whole “trendy oatmeal” thing. I had no idea it was such a fad before I started blogging. I just like oatmeal, dangit!

  13. Happy Blogging Birthday!! :) It’s always so crazy to look back and see where our life is now, compared to when we first started blogging. I’m at a year and a half but when I first started, I was managing bands….ha!

  14. ashleyackerley says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m so glad we’re friends and that our blogs connected us together!! I can’t wait to see you… I miss you and wish things weren’t so hectic these day.

  15. YAY! Happy 1 year, Lauren!!! :) Happy for you & all that you’ve been through. You’re awesome.

  16. Happy birthday cute little blog!!! :) I love it! <3 <3

  17. Happy Blogiversary!! I’m so glad to have met you at Blend and to have found your blog! You are a blessing! It is amazing how much goes on in 1 year isn’t it???

    • Thanks, love! And yes- so much can happen in a year. Makes me excited to see what life is a like a year from now (while enjoying each day at a time…)

  18. Happy 1 year! I’m so happy you commented on my blog last year so that I could find yours! My blog’s one year is coming up in October…time has gone by so quickly, but so much has changed too. I can’t wait to hang out next month! I know I owe you an email – I’m trying to get through a bunch of freelance work before I take a long weekend on Thursday, but know that I WILL get back to you. Promise. :)

    • Whoa- I thought you had been around a lot longer!! Guess I found you right when you started your blog!
      And yes- I feel like we have known each other forever- can’t believe we’ll just be “meeting” next month! Woohoo!

  19. Happy blogiversary! I just started blogging myself, but have read your blog for a few months now!

  20. SO happy you decided to blog. I love you.

  21. Happy blog bday and congratulations! This year, I got married {yay} and got my yoga certification. I start teaching classes next week {yay again!}

  22. yay happy anniversary to you!! i love the blog!

  23. Sam (Frankly, Fatso's other half) says:

    Happy Blog Birthday!! First time comment!!!

  24. Happy Blogoverisary. I’m so glad I found your blog; I’ve really enjoyed reading it over te past few weeks.

  25. Woot woot! Congrats on a year of blogging! I’ve had a zillion things that have happened this past year, so I’m thinking my blogversary will be a stupidly long post….once I get back on the posting bandwagon. Can’t wait to see you soooooon!

    • Yeah… oh my goodness- just over a WEEK. Dang- this month is flying by already!
      (And then hopefully i’ll be seeing you soon again- back in Colorado!!)

  26. I had no idea you went back to BP so recently. You should be really proud of yourself for deciding to make the career change!

  27. Congratulations!!!

  28. Congrats on 1 year!

  29. Congrats on your first blogaversary!! Hugs!

  30. Happy 1 Year of Blogging! That is such an accomplishment & from your blog, you would never know it has ONLY been a year. I hope when i’m at my one year mark my blog looks close to as good as yours!! Can you tell me (since you’re blog is a year old & amazing) how you got the iherb button code on the side of your blog? I want to link a few pages to my blog & have NO IDEA how to do it!


  31. Sorry I’m so late, but…HAPPY BLOGIBIRTHDAY!! <3


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