A [Blog] Birthday Gift: For YOU! [Giveaway!]

Before I get into this today- one more reminder:

Go thank someone that’s made a difference in your life!

As you may have read, I celebrated the one year birthday of Oatmeal after Spinning on Tuesday- and I promised that I would have a little something special in store for YOU, my loving readers. So here it is- a very KIND giveaway!

If you’ve been reading this blog over the last few months, you may have noticed that I have a very special relationship with the folks at KIND, who have graciously hosted several giveaways via my blog (see here, here and here). Naturally, I wanted them to be a part of the big blog-o-versary celebration so that I could continue to spread the KIND love around.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

- an assortment of different flavors of KIND bars- including the new nuts & spices flavors (which include THESE two flavors, amongst others):

And as if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get one bag of EACH of the six flavors of KIND Healthy Grains (which is granola)! I can tell you from experience (since I’ve tried them all!) that each flavor is delicious, but this variety is probably my favorite:

I’m sure that you are SHOCKED that peanut butter is my favorite.

The other flavors of Healthy Grains include Vanilla Blueberry with Flax Seeds, Cinnamon Oat with Flax Seeds, Maple Walnut with Chia & Quinoa, Dark Chocolate & Cranberry and Honey Oat with Toasted Coconut. Don’t thoseall sound delicious?!

As always, I like to think of creative questions for you that I’m really curious to know your answers to, relating to some act of kindness. This month’s theme is about being KIND to the planet.

Here’s how to enter:

- Leave a comment telling me something KIND that you have done for the planet – whether it’s how you have reduced your carbon footprint, or just a simple act that has made the world a little bit more beautiful.

And as always- you can earn up to two additional entries by doing the following:

“Like” Oatmeal after Spinning and KIND on Facebook

Tweet about this giveaway with the following text: Enter the very @KINDSnacks giveaway on Oatmeal after Spinning at http://wp.me/p2oUXk-1TI

*US Residents only.

I’ll choose a winner on Monday, September 10th @ 8:00 pm EST.

I received all KIND snacks free of charge and was not compensated in any other way (aside from granola and bars!). Opinions are my own.
Now, go do something KIND for the planet!




  1. I buy 99% of the produce I eat from local farmers!

  2. Tweeted the giveaway (@applesarteries).

  3. I walk my commute–good for the environment, good for my body!

  4. I stopped buying a parking pass for work and started taking the bus or biking.

  5. I like Oatmeal after Spinning on Facebook.

  6. I like Kind on Facebook!

  7. I am pretty good at remembering my reusable grocery totes and I recycle!

  8. i planted a garden and got chickens for my family and friends to share :)

  9. I tweeted the giveaway!

  10. I like both of you on Facebook!

  11. Before my move, I started consistently walking to the gym everyday instead of driving. It was less than a mile from my house so there was really no reason to drive in the first place.

  12. Sarah McLaughlin says:

    I volunteer every year at the coastal clean up and last year we collected over 50 bags of trash from our location! I also organized a group volunteer clean up effort at my local high school. Making the world a cleaner and happier place!

  13. I already like both on Facebook! :)

  14. To be KIND to the environment, I started walking to work every day to reduce my carbon footprint!

  15. I use reusable grocery bags and grow my own vegetables.

  16. I like you both on Facebook.

  17. I tweeted (@healthy_strides)

  18. I already like you on Facebook

  19. I am “kind” by carpooling to work, bringing bags to the grocery store, and recycling as much as I can. I have also started buying more from the bulk bins at the grocery store, and reusing glass jars for storage. :)

  20. I use reusable grocery bags and try to reduce my use of plastic water bottles by using reusable bottles. On the rare occasions I use plastic water bottles, I make sure to recycle them.

  21. My husband and I have made a HUGE point to Recycle everything that we possibly can this passt month and have done a fantastic job of it so far! I dont know why we havent been doing this all along?! Happy Blogiversary to you!

  22. Already like you on FB and KIND!

  23. I started buying more local food (and things in general). Small differences add up!

  24. My husband and I working towards purchasing all of our produce from local farmers or growing it ourselves without the use of pesticides.

  25. I recycle as much as I can, and I’m going to plant some trees this fall!

  26. I tweeted it! :)

  27. We recylce at our house! :)

  28. Recycle. Our neighborhood doesn’t have recycling so we bring our recycling to a drop off location.

  29. Like you and. (Already) like Kind..on facebook so yummy

  30. The husband and I carpool together a few days a week!

  31. Like you and KIND on facebook

  32. I started using reusable bags when I go to the grocery store.

  33. I try to buy grocery items with the least amount of packaging.

  34. Composting and recycling…we rarely ever have more then one small bag of trash per week but our recycling and compost bins are always full!

  35. YAY!!! I do something kind for the planet by hardly ever buying food in packages or containers/boxes!

  36. Happy Birthday Blog! Something I do kind for the planet, is taking my own grocery bags to the store instead of using plastic bags!

  37. Caitlin C. says:

    I’ve started bringing a coffee mug with me to Starbucks–saves $0.10 and the environment to boot!

  38. Caitlin C. says:

    I liked on Facebook!!

  39. Caitlin C. says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway too! :https://twitter.com/cmc4388/status/243789792737914882

  40. Happy Blog-i-versary or blog birthday or whatever you’d like to call it!

    I’ve been using my Kleen Kanteen for almost 3 years now, and when I can, I bike to work.

  41. I tweeted.

  42. I bought compostable flatware for my wedding next summer and am using as many recycled items as I can, including the plates, most of the decor, and my dress!

  43. and duh. I like you AND KIND on facebook. In fact, I just shoved the last half of my Apricot Almond bar down my gullet while typing this.

  44. I love those KIND products! In our home I’ve made a challenge out of recycling trying to overload the recycle bin and dumpster and have an almost empty garbage can. It’s actually fun to load that recycle bin up knowing it will all be put to good use once again.

  45. We recycle in our household and have a separate trash for those recyclable items to be kind to the planet! Thanks!

  46. I like you and KIND on Facebook!

  47. I buy local produce and use reusable bags!

  48. I’ve also (previously) liked you and KIND on Facebook!

  49. I’ve started to bring water in a reusable bottle wherever I go so I don’t have to buy water and waste the plastic!

  50. And I already like you on FB and KIND also!

  51. I’m kind to the planet by hardly ever taking cabs, and walk everywhere in NYC, using my reusable shopping bags (thanks lulu’s and TJ’s) and try to get as many groceries/goods from Farmer’s Market that I can. Happy blog b-day again!

  52. I am practically car free these days…walking and metro-ing….what they call car-light here in DC!

    Need some KIND to keep me walking (:

  53. I have gone paperless on all my bills! I hate seeing paper wasted :)

  54. i love this giveaway! thank you for hosting it. one kind thing i do each weekend is i pick a day not to drive and leave my gas guzzler in the drive way. if i can’t walk or bike to an event i don’t go :)

  55. i tweeted too!

  56. I take my own grocery bags to the store to re-use every week so I don’t need any plastic ones! The planet loves that KINDness! :)

  57. I like you and KIND on Facebook!

  58. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted your link via serene_streams!

  59. I pick up trash whenever I see it while I’m walking.

  60. Followed on Twitter and tweeted!

  61. Followed on Facebook! :)

  62. I am kind by volunteering at our local food bank.

  63. If the distance is less than two miles, I walk! And I always recycle.

  64. I already like both you and Kind on facebook!

  65. I taught my little nephew how to plant a tree…now he wants to plant them everywhere. :)

  66. We buy organic produce – fruits and veggies and recycle our trash as well. Reuseable grocery sacks are must for shopping every week too! Thank you!

  67. I like you and KIND on Facebook – thanks for the fun KIND review and giveaway!

  68. Jennie Gift says:

    I drive a hybrid and love it! I already like you on FB and KIND too.

  69. I always try to buy local organic produce from the Farmers Market on Saturdays. Also, have made recycling a priority in my house!

  70. I like you and Kind on Facebook!

  71. I recently starting riding my bike to work everyday, and using to for errands like grocery shopping. I also helped introduce recycling at my office!

  72. We started recycling our millions of bottles of water and soda at work so one of our coworkers can take them home to her little boys for them to learn the importance of recycling, plus make a little money with the bottle deposits!

  73. I recycle all my plastic… even before recycling! I do this by using them over again for water bottles and drinks!

  74. I love you! Thank you so much for letting me know about the giveaway! I’ve fallen SO far behind in my blog reading…it’s time to do some catching up!

    About two years ago, I found out that my town has a pretty large recycling center not to far from my house and I’ve been recycling ever since! :D

  75. I like you on Facebook!

  76. I like KIND on Facebook!

  77. Just tweeted!

  78. We make sure to recycle even though we don’t have a pick up and have to drive to a location. I just don’t feel right if I don’t recycle. I also try to walk or bike if I can instead of driving. Sometimes it’s the little things that can add up!

  79. Like oatmeal after spinning on facebook

  80. I liked you on FB today and I already liked KIND on FB upon discovering these great products months ago!
    Anything that is perishable I do not throw in a trashcan but instead on the ground like my Grandmother used too.Examples: fruit or vegetable seeds and/or peelings, coffee grinds, leftover food and drinks.

  81. I am a recycling junkie, I look for things to recycle.

  82. Liked you on FB

  83. I liked Kind on FB

  84. This is an amazing giveaway – KIND is one of my favorites!! Something kind that i do is recycle at my local recycling center along with not using plastic bottles to drink water from!

  85. I liked KIND on Facebook

  86. I liked oatmeal after spinning on facebook!

  87. I just tweeted!!

  88. I began using soley green beauty and hair products.

  89. I use reusable bags when I go shopping all the time, and I shop a lot so I think that’s pretty Kind :)

  90. I liked Oatmeal after spinning on facebook!

  91. I liked Kind on Facebook!

  92. Billie Jean Grych says:

    I’m KIND by walking everywhere I go! Everything is within a 15 minute walk.

  93. Billie Jean Grych says:

    Like Oatmeal After Spinning and KIND on Facebook!

  94. Billie Jean Grych says:

    Tweeted! (@billiejeanie327)

  95. This is super simple, but I never buy a drink in a plastic container. I drink water out of my glass bottle and have been for years. Not only is it good for the planet, but I always have water to drink so I keep hydrated!

  96. I’ve liked you and KIND on facebook!

  97. I tweeted about the giveaway! :)

  98. I take mass transit to work, school, and to interviews in neighboring cities (when I can manage it), and I buy local produce whenever possible.

  99. And I liked you on facebook!

  100. thelemonbowl says:

    I liked oatmeal after spinning on Facebook!

  101. thelemonbowl says:

    We shop and eat locally to cut down on our global foot print! We love supporting local farmers!

  102. I ride my bike, with my 3 year old, to the local farm. Starting to instill Eco-friendly ideas at a young age!

  103. I’ve started biking to more places instead of driving everywhere – more exercise too!

  104. I try to pay all bills electronically and have statements sent to me electronically instead of through the mail to save trees!

  105. One thing I have done to make the world kinder is to wave to other runners and cyclists while on the path by our house. Happiness breads more happiness.

  106. I like kind of facebook!


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