In The Street + In The Woods


Ahhh…. what a weekend. So sorry to see it end- but it gets me so excited for fall weather, and all of the fun stuff coming up over the next two months, including:

- attending this conference and getting to see this gal and this gal

- a possible overnight trip to Rehoboth Beach and finally touring this brewery (I’ve been to two of the restaurants many times, but never the actually brewery in Lewes!)

- heading to Boston for my step-brother-in-law’s wedding, and finally hanging out with my friend Amanda (!!!!!!)

- cheering this gal and her hubby on during the Marine Corps marathon (by the way- check out my guest post on her blog here!)

… and lots of apple pickin’, pumpkin carvin’ and beer drinkin’, fall-lovin’ activities!

…but let’s get back to this past weekend for now.

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