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I just wouldn’t feel right not starting today’s post with a mention of the significance of today: September 11th. 9.11.01 is one of those days that will forever live in our minds, and most of us can recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the devastating news of the terrorist attacks on our country.

I know exactly where I was: in my college dorm room, sleeping. I was a senior, living on campus as an RA, and typically stayed up until at least 2:00 am and didn’t wake up any earlier than 10:00 am. So when my phone started ringing off the hook a little after 9:00 am, I woke up confused and heard the news from my mother- and then promptly turned on the television. It took a moment to register: what was happening? Was this real?

That whole day was kind of a blur. I remember going to my golf class (yes, I took a golf class) later in the morning and just staring up at the sky- freaked out that some plane was going to come crashing down (we were pretty close to Washington DC, after all). My friends and I all rode over to the local Red Cross and waited for hours to donate blood- only to be turned away because there were too many people who wanted to donate.

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