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I just wouldn’t feel right not starting today’s post with a mention of the significance of today: September 11th. 9.11.01 is one of those days that will forever live in our minds, and most of us can recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the devastating news of the terrorist attacks on our country.

I know exactly where I was: in my college dorm room, sleeping. I was a senior, living on campus as an RA, and typically stayed up until at least 2:00 am and didn’t wake up any earlier than 10:00 am. So when my phone started ringing off the hook a little after 9:00 am, I woke up confused and heard the news from my mother- and then promptly turned on the television. It took a moment to register: what was happening? Was this real?

That whole day was kind of a blur. I remember going to my golf class (yes, I took a golf class) later in the morning and just staring up at the sky- freaked out that some plane was going to come crashing down (we were pretty close to Washington DC, after all). My friends and I all rode over to the local Red Cross and waited for hours to donate blood- only to be turned away because there were too many people who wanted to donate.

I think about how much life as we know has changed since then- and even (unrelated) how much my life has changed since then. It is truly a day that we will never forget.


Gosh… anything else that I have to say in this post now seems insignificant and silly! But, I’m going to share anyway.

I taught Bodypump at 6:00 am yesterday, followed by a 20-ish minute “bootcamp style” circuit with lots of box jumps and other plyometric exercises, plus a few medicine ball slams for fun. :) I finished it off with an easy 10- minute cooldown on the elliptical, which was really just an excuse to read some trashy magazines. I grabbed an old issue of Health magazine and came across this bit of wisdom from their “To Don’t” List:

I couldn’t agree more! While tracking calories can certainly be helpful in staying aware of just how much you are eating- there’s definitely a healthy way to do it, and a point where it borders on obsession. I tend to fall more in the “obsession” category and develop some not-so-healthy habits, which is why I am not currently tracking. All in all- you have to find a method that works for you and allows you to live your life (which is something that my dear friend Ashley and I were just talking about on Sunday!).

Flipping through the magazine a little further, I saw this:

It was an article about “how to lose 10 lbs.” or something like that, which gave an exercise and eating plan to follow. While I do agree that one should eat a larger breakfast, I definitely don’t think that it’s healthy for a woman who is exercising 5 times a week to eat 1,250 calories. Now, granted- everyone’s bodies are different and require a different caloric level- but for the “average” woman, that amount borders on starvation and will slow down the metabolism big time. And PS- the only way to really know how many calories your body requires is to get metabolic testing done (which I have- and it can be pricey!).


I spent a little time here yesterday morning.

I mentioned in my post on Monday that I had a free acupuncture session on Saturday, and received a free appointment to use in the future. I didn’t waste much time, and redeemed that appointment yesterday. It was pretty interesting! I went into the office, get seated in a super-comfy recliner chair, and had a consultation with the acupuncturist. I filled out some paperwork about any issues that I have (ha!)/reasons for coming there, which we discussed as well. I cited my main issues as “stress and anxiety,” which are two things that I seem to carry with me no matter what. The acupuncturist placed little tiny needles down my arms, legs, feet, and head! And in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t hurt one bit or result in any bleeding.

I sat in the chair with my eyes closed for almost an hour- which went by pretty quickly. Many people doze off during treatment, but I didn’t. I did, however, feel very disconnected- almost dream-like, and then at times my body felt very heavy. It was cool- very relaxing. I was really able to just focus on my breathing – and really nothing at all. I know it might sound hokey, but I imagined a beam of light radiating through my entire body, traveling from limb to limb. It really helped quiet the mind chatter! (Spoken like a true yogi, right?) I’m a big fan of alternative forms of medicine and treatment for any ailments, so acupuncture just kind of fits in with that.

I’m still not 100% sure if it had any effect on me after I left, but I’m open-minded and willing to try it again (and booked another appointment for next Monday).


One last thing!

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Where were you on 9.11.01?



  1. gosh, i remember it like yesterday. I was in my dorm as well. My radio woke us up to the news.Scary. Moment of silence today.

  2. I was in class during 9/11. It feels like it was just yesterday. So surreal! So glad you liked acupuncture. I love it!

  3. I was a first year teacher–teaching a Geometry class full of sophomore students. Yikes–I remember just trying to comprehend it all myself, much less tell the kids about it. I can’t believe how much time has gone by since then!

  4. I worked at The Washington Times (eye roll, I know!). I remember that I was listening to a CD in the car on the way to work so I didn’t hear the news until I got to my dept. Then, we listened to the radio and the DJ from DC101 was freaking out when the plane hit the pentagon. I was trying to call my parents and all the phone lines were jammed.

  5. I was a freshmen in high school sitting in my english class. Except it started as this crazy rumor spreading throughout our school that the sewage treatment plant across the street blew up. Maybe an hour or two later, the TVs were turned on in the hallways and classrooms and were informed of the truth.

  6. My neighbor is in school for acupuncture and I’m always fascinated by it. I’m not sure if I am ready to try it just yet, but it does seem like something I should say I have done at least once.

    I was in my last semester of college on 9/11. I had a pottery class (money well spent) that I was in so there was no outside distractions. When I got out of class my campus was in full on crisis mode. It was so surreal.

  7. I had been hiking in Upper Michigan at Tahquamenon Falls with my friend all day, when we got back to our hotel at 5pm we found out what had happened, I was in shock. They closed the Mackinac Bridge and we had to stay an extra day. I remember the sorrow of that day so clearly.

  8. I didn’t even realize today was the 11th. I was a senior in high school and we were in choir. It was the day we were getting permission slips for the NYC/DC trip … needless to say those weren’t handed out (ever).

  9. I was in high school and on a family trip celebrating mine & my brother’s September birthdays. We woke up in the hotel room to see the news. :(

  10. My mom started acupuncture treatment recently for neck/jaw problems. She’s been in constant pain for years and this is the first thing that’s provided her relief in recent memory! I’m thinking to giving it a go for my plantar fasciitis.

    • You should definitely try it! I’m a big fan of trying ANYTHING out that might help with health issues (well, anything holistic anyway). That’s so great that it’s helped your mom!

  11. Acupuncture sounds really interesting, for sure!

    On 9/11 I was in German class in HS. It totally shocked us all & I was super confused, actually. Then it was on in every room all day long. My field hockey game was cancelled that afternoon too.

  12. I was at a career fair in our basketball stadium. The fair had only been open for about an hour when we were told to return to our dorm rooms. I remember walk in and finding my roommate crying. When I asked her what was wrong, she pointed at the t.v. – I turned in time to see the 2nd plane fly into the tower. I sank to the floor saying “This can’t happen in America, this can’t happen in America,”. It is day that I remember in vivid detail 11 years later.

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