Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday! How are ya?

This weekend was just what I needed. I’ve been filled with way too much stress and anxiety lately, and a good dose of fun was just what the doctor ordered.

After I taught Spinning and Bodypump on Friday afternoon, I was just mentally and physically exhausted. My friend Sara (who took my Bodypump class) suggested that I go home and put on some relaxing music on Pandora and take a long soak in the tub. So, that’s exactly what I did!

I need to do that more often.

Saturday morning started early with a quick hike up at Gambrill- just me and Greg (no dogs) for a change. It was a cool morning- I actually had to wear my fleece!

The view from the overlook where we got married:

We had a pretty busy day ahead, so after hiking, we quickly came home to shower and change and head right back out the door. We stopped by the farmers market first to grab a few things and then headed over to Flying Dog Brewery for a festival that they were having, featuring a few local vendors. We got there early (as suggested on the website) since the event was free, but was being capped at 500 people. I don’t think it was advertised well enough, because there definitely weren’t 500 people there- but I’m not complaining- that meant no long lines for us!

I drank some harvest beer

and got a cute beer cozie from the organic co-op that I shop at.

We hung out with my friends Beth and (her sister-in-law) Amy, along with Amy’s fiancee, Rob.

There weren’t a ton of food choices- but every single one looked good. All five of us ended up ordering for the Chef Driven DC food truck- and we all chose pork tacos.

And needless to say- we were all very happy with that choice.

The festival was pretty cool- it is a shame that more people didn’t know about it!

After a few hours of fun in the sun (which led to a fun farmer’s tan for all), Greg and I headed over to the store for a few things and made a quick stop at our favorite wine & beer store to make a “mixed 6-pack” of pumpkin beers. Then we stopped back home for a minute, scooped up the dogs, and headed over to my parents’ house to meet their new dog, Murphy!

My mom and stepdad lost their beloved Golden Retriever, Brady back in July (he was 13!) and had been heart-broken ever since. They put in a new application at the Golden Retriever rescue that they have gotten their previous two dogs from, and had been waiting for the right dog to come along- which was Murphy! He looks a little strange (or not “Golden like” I should say) because his previous owners had shaved him, so his hair is growing back. Regardless, he is a cutie and a total love bug.

He’s actually a year younger than my guys- so he’s got lots of energy to spare! :)

We also ate some dinner, which included steamed shrimp, tomatoes and corn- and shared one of the pumpkin beers.

I thought the Blue Moon pumpkin was surprisingly good!

It was a nice visit- and by the time we got home, Greg and I were pooped! And I knew that my alarm was going to be going off pretty early the next morning.


Sunday began at 6:45 am, which is way earlier than a Sunday should ever start! But- once I’m up, I’m good to go. I headed over to this place… a.k.a. my second home.

I did some burpees and threw around the battleropes for a bit, along with three rounds of this 15/30 workout. That certainly would have been enough for me- but then I did what I’m paid to do- and taught Spinning class. And it was great!

Greg and I had invited some friends to come over at 2:00, so we took our time cleaning up and prepping food for the afternoon, which was nice. I was so excited for our company that afternoon, which included my friends Ken and Terri and Gretchen and her boyfriend Sean! I hadn’t seen Gretchen in way too long- since we met up at Sweet Green last March!

And as you can see, her hair is now longer, and mine is shorter. :)

Sorry for the blurry-ness.

We’ve been talking about her coming up to Frederick forever and ever, so I was so glad that we were finally able to make plans! And by the way- do you read Gretchen’s blog??! If not, you should.

Gretchen and Sean (aww!):

Ken and Terri (aww, again!):

Me and Greg (one more aw):

Gretchen even brought her dog Daxter!

He’s so cute!!

We were finally able to break out this huge bottle of Fat Jack that Greg and I bought weeks ago

OH MAN was it good! And strong. A little goes a long way!

There was lots of delicious food, but I’m going to save that for my WIAW post. :)

And there was also a lot of Baggo- which is the same thing as cornhole. Playing Baggo is actually a lot like playing Skeeball (which I love and could play all day long). You have to learn to the exact right way to throw the bean bags- not too hard, not too easy- and have the right “hook” in the wrist.

Greg and I had bought this game two or three years ago after playing it at a friends’ house, and yesterday was the first day that we actually broke it out! And man- it’s so much fun! However, I would not recommend playing it around two Golden Retrievers. It just confuses them.

Why do you keep throwing those fun toys if I’m not allowed to catch them?!

After an awesome afternoon with everyone, the house eventually cleared out. I headed right upstairs to change into some pants and right back outside for many, many rounds of Baggo with Greg.

One of us is way better than the other… I’ll leave it at that. :)

We even played a left-handed round, in order to try to get a little bit of balance- and that was a riot! The poor dogs were trying so hard to resist grabbing all of the bean bags.

Jackson was able to be distracted with a frisbee,

but not Lance…

He just loved those darn bean bags!

What a perfect ending to the weekend- we need to spend more evenings in the backyard!

Have a great week!

Did you spend time outside this weekend? How do you eat corn- like a “typewriter” on “around in a circle?” (I eat it around in a circle :))


  1. Okay, your corn question cracks me up. but it’s so true….you either eat it in circles or like a typewriter. I’m a circle-er. :)

  2. (A) Why don’t I live on the east coast? All the cool kids live over there. I want to come play!
    (B) Typewriter all the way, yo.

  3. Hahaha, I eat corn in circles! So funny to think about but it’s oh so true. Love me some cornhole!! So excited for pumpkin beer!!!!!!!

  4. Awww, Murphy! Those guys have such big hearts, giving so many sweet dogs an (awesome) second chance.
    Im a typewriter! Have you seen what it “means”? http://articles.latimes.com/print/1995-09-04/news/ls-42202_1_corn-eating
    Ha, that would be me…

  5. What a fantastic weekend Lauren!!!

  6. Well, you know how I feel about Goldens named Murphy!

  7. Yayyyyy, I’m so happy that we got to meet up, too. I’m saving my pics from Sunday for tomorrow’s post… but may or may not be stealing that super cute one of Sean & me, heehee.

    Again! Again!

  8. I saw your bathtub and totally quit reading. I could live in there. With one of these: http://www.buttbench.com/

  9. Baggo cracks me up. We call it Corn Hole… and everyone has their own custom boards to bring to tailgates. #onlyingeorgia

    So what were the best beers? I want to go make my own 6 pack and I don’t get many cheats… I need to know what’s most “worth it.” Was the Blue Moon really sweet? I don’t care for their regular flavor because it’s too fruity.

  10. I eat corn very haphazardly – lol. That bath looks incredible!! Love all the PUPPIES!!

  11. What a fun weekend!
    And I eat across like a typewriter one time and then I eat around. Was a combination of the two an option? ;)

  12. Oh man I love the Sam Adam Fat Jack! One of the best pumpkin beers this season!

  13. how do you eat shrimp with the little shell part still on? i am so terrrrrible at peeling the shrimps.


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