Bar[s] Review + DIY Potato Chips

For not really being that much of a “bar person,” I sure have a lot of bars in my pantry….

The KIND company is pretty kind to me, indeed.

I’d usually rather “make” something for a snack- but sometimes it’s just easier to grab a bar when you’re on the run. And If I’m going to grab something, I’d like to know that it doesn’t contain scary ingredients, tons of sugar, or things that I can’t pronounce.

Recently, two other companies sent me a few different bars to try out- and I happily obliged. I’m pretty sure that all but one of them was either split with Greg or Brie before/during a hike, so that I could get their opinion as well.

First up: Two Degrees bars.


They sent me all four flavors to try. I had tried the chocolate banana variety a while back, and loved it, so I was excited to try out the other flavors. And I’m happy to report- they are all delicious! Though I still think that the chocolate banana is the best, the cherry almond may be a close second.

I also really love what the company stands for and their mission. For every bar you buy, they donate a meal to a hungry child. They are a grassroots company that is definitely doing great things, and I’m happy to support them!


Next up, Luna Protein bars.

I received this package of four different flavors- which included all except the chocolate cherry almond (which was actually the flavor that I was most looking forward to trying!). I went for the mint chocolate one first- and had half of it before teaching Bodypump and Spinning one day last week, and saved the other half to eat right after class. It was really tasty (like a candy bar!)- but a bit too rich to have before a workout, but was really great after.

Greg and I shared the chocolate peanut butter flavor during our early morning hike on Saturday, and that was the perfect amount of fuel, since we weren’t planning on having breakfast until later. I didn’t like that flavor as much as the mint- but it was still really good. Greg liked it a lot.

I haven’t tried the other two flavors yet, but I am pretty sure that they will be just as good. The bars have 12 grams of protein and all are under 200 calories. They have a little more sugar than I would like, but other than that I can’t complain.


Ever since I made Irish Nachos last week, I am obsessed with making potato chips! Who knew it was so easy? I now know why all of my attempts to bake them on a pan kept turning out way too soggy or completely burnt- because the secret it to use a wire baking rack!

I slice them thin and bake them for about 10-12 minutes at 400˚ (the time could vary depending on how thick you cut the chips). I’ve been making the chips for Greg for lunch every day, which makes for a very happy husband.

Yesterday I slice a small Yukon Gold potato and drizzled some truffle oil over it with some smoked sea salt before baking. I also sliced up some sweet potato, which was just cooked with a little olive oil spray and sea salt.

Why ever buy chips in a bag again?

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Are you a “bar” person? What’s your favorite? Have you ever made your own potato chips?


  1. One of my favorite dinner sides is baked sweet potato “chips”. I broil them until they are crispy and a little charred. Yum!

  2. I agree with your take on the Luna bars–like a candy bar. I’ll have one as a tray once in a while. I like the mint flavor. Otherwise my fav for the stats is by Quest. :)

  3. Jason tried to make potato chips recently and ended up with a burnt mess. I’ll have to tell him to use a wire rack.

    I like the Luna protein bars. They do taste like candy.

  4. Truffle oil and smoked sea salt chips? Swoon. Do you just use a knife to cut them? I often do eggplant like that on a wire rack, and then make a kind of faux-eggplant parm. mmm.
    I agree–Id rather make something or grab some fruit, but I do have some Cascadian Farms peanut pretzel bars at the moment, and the are pretty tasty. I love “sweet and salty”!

  5. Oh.My.Gosh! I AM definitely a bar person and dying over your pantry! LOOK AT ALL THOSE KIND BARS!!

    And I really like those Luna Protein bars. I’ve only tried the peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie dough and they definitely taste like candy bars. Kind of nice from time to time. ;)

  6. Oh bars. I always want to buy them, but I’m always lamenting over the sugar content. Plus I like to eat MORE FOOD and bars usually just seem too small. CHIPS on the other hand…. are the best! Is that the oven rack? How do you get them off? I am always nervous about baking things directly on the rack.

  7. I dig those 2 Degrees bars! i’m the same way with the sugar in bars though. One day there will me a magic, sugar-free solution…

  8. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    Homemade truffle oil potato chips? You are speaking my language – I’ll be over after work for my snacks (I wish!!). I’m going to steal this idea this week, I want truffle chips!

  9. So jealous of your Kind bar collection – they are great but kind of expensive for an every day snack! They fill me up for several hours and a few of the varieties don’t have too much sugar in them. I think Luna bars taste kind of artificial and are super sweet. I would rather just eat a candy bar.

  10. I’m not really a huge bar person.. I’m like you, I’d rather make something! :) About those chips…. can I come over??

  11. Mmmmm those chips looks awesome! I too am not a big bar person–I’d rather real food, baby!

  12. I prefer real food to bars/shakes/etc. But I work a full-time job, have a 2 year old daughter, a husband, teach aerobics, and volunteer at my church – so sometimes having a bar I can grab on the run is a true life-saver.

    You’ve inspired me to make my own potato chips. My husband is trying to lose some weight and has started taking his lunch to work vs eating out (he works in construction so meals out are usually buffets or fast food). But he still packs a bag of chips every day – granted it is the single serving size – but homemade potato chips would be a much better option. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. I’m not a bar person, but I am a chip girl. I’m loving your homemade version.

  14. yummm i love 2 degrees bars!! i also love kind bars :) especially the dark choc and sea salt flavor…so good!

    we grew a bunch of potatoes in our garden and i literally just baked them..i wish i made chips out of them-what a great idea!

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