Fitbloggin’ 12 [the goodies]

When you attend a blogging conference, you get a lot of good swag. You may remember the amazing goodies that I received at the Blend Retreat last May

Well, we also got some pretty great stuff at Fitbloggin’- and that’s what I want to share with you today! (In case you missed the re-cap, click here.)

Since I was able to arrive early enough to do the McCormick Spice Tour, I also got a goodie bag to take home from that!

Inside the bag:

(Some of these spices may have actually been from the Fitbloggin’ swag bag- but I can’t remember which!)

There was nice set of measuring spoons, a whisk (that rotates so it’s flat- brilliant!), some hazelnut extract, two kinds of cinnamon, garlic and some special spice blends.

The salt-free line contains several different spices blended together- all of which sound amazing! I already used the Fiesta Citrus- and have been putting it on everything!

There were also these neat little kits:

This has all of the spices measured out for a specific recipe with instructions on how to make it attached. Probably not something I would buy… but I’m eager to try it out anyway!

We also got a coupon for 25% off an item from the McCormick store (which is in the Light Street Pavilion at the IH), where I bought these:

I looove smoked paprika, and was almost out of it at home. Perfect timing! And the salt blend is another one that I’ll be putting on everything.

Alright. On to the Fitbloggin’ swag.

We were each handed a nice Reebok gym bag upon checking in, which was filled with goodies!

No, it wasn’t only filled with Popchips, silly! There were all kinds of goodies…

Inside the bag:

- Popchips

- Erewhon Buckwheat & Hemp cereal

- Soyjoy bars

- a Zone Perfect Simple bar

- Naturemade vitamins

- a biPro whey protein sample packet

- a Blender bottle (a very cool one, at that!)

- a full size canister of fitmixer aminos

- a towel

- tons of coupons

- buttons

- shoelaces

- spices from McCormick

- maple syrup (which missed out on the group shot, so I got it to pose solo)

We were also handed a green Fitbloggin’ 12 shirt and Reebok tank (outside of the bag).

I really love the Fitbloggin’ t-shirt, but it’s HUGE (and mine is a small, so I have to wonder how big it is on the teeny tiny girls!). Like, ridiculously big and unflattering. The Reebok tanks fit like a GLOVE though- I want ten more of them! The Crossfit wristband also came from the Reebok table.

We also got a pair of Reebok RealFlex shoes. Yay, shoes!! We didn’t get to choose the color, and were each just handed a box. It was kind of fun to open them up to see which color you got…

I would have never picked out these shoes on my own in a million years… but they’re kind of growing on me! I bet Annette would like them. :)

There was also a lot of swag given away at the expo- and I definitely didn’t take advantage of all of it (I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one hoarding bags of Popchips!).

also got a sweet 3-pack of Reebok socks just for trying on a pair of shoes- and then another one for Tweeting this super sexy photo of myself.

#nofilter there, folks.

There were a couple of things that I forgot to photograph, because I had already put them away- like an apron, a bumper sticker (or two) and a stainless steel water bottle. There’s a good chance that I’m forgetting something else, too…

Between the conference itself and all of the swag, I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth!

Have you ever tried any of the products shown above? What do you think of those shoes?


  1. I love the Reebok shirt and shoes! I saw a few Tweets with the Reebok shoes this weekend and I am love them! I’m a big fan of the neon and grey combo :)

  2. I bought a pair of Reebok shoes a couple months ago (I think the Real Flex ones?) and it felt like I was walking on a rocking chair and had to return them. Maybe I didn’t try them long enough or maybe they just weren’t the right shoe for my feet, since we are all different. But I’ve heard some great things about their workout shirts and I’m trying to give ‘em a shot!

  3. I love Blender Bottles. I keep one at work, and one at home for whenever I want to make a protein drink. It works wonders–no clumps! :)

  4. Whoa — sweet haul!!!!!!!!!! I love it. I think those are similar to my new Reeboks, and I’m loving them! :)

  5. Is it bad that I want to go back and time to go to this just to get the swag?

  6. I love Swag! You sure did get some good stuff:-) Loving all the spices

  7. Holy swag! Fitbloggin’ really hooked ya’ll up. Looove the popchips :)

  8. dannnnnnnnnnnng

  9. BAHAHAHA. I had to laugh out loud because when I saw that pic of the shoes I thought to myself “I LOVE those!!” And then I saw your commment. Hahahaha.

    I want to go to FitBloggin just for the swag. WOW. That is sahhhhweeet.

  10. Man – I love all this swag. I need more workout clothes, so I’m really jealous of that top! I’m a little iffy on the shoes, just because I use my running shoes for running — did they ask running gait questions? Maybe they are just for the gym and not running? Either way – I’m so jealous – you racked up!

  11. Great goodies! I got the same shoes in blue from HLS! Loving the McCormick swag. Their perfect pinch salt free mixes are fantastic!

  12. I went to college outside of B’more too (where’d you go?) The McCormick factory was on my drive home and I always love the smell…they know how to market…very tricky (:

    Mmmm…love smoked paprika (and smoked chipotle powder too). Just makes everything taste a bit better especially on my air-popped popcorn concoctions.

    Fun, fun, fun…makes me want to start bloggin’

  13. Looks like fantastic goodies. I love those shoes :) And pop chips are delicious!

  14. awesome swag girl!! I loved me some smoked paprika!! I also really like that cereal. It is different, but good!

  15. Hmm, not sure how I feel about the shoes, but I know that i love those Pop Chips.

  16. Love all the spices!! I always have to be careful in the spice aisle of the grocery store, because if I’m not, I will buy the whole rack! :)

  17. I am OBSESSED with Popchips…especially the new tortilla line! I blame Blend for getting me addicted! Lol How do you like that Erewhon cereal? It sounds tasty! :)

    Love the shoes! Rock that pink girlie!!


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