Fitbloggin ’12: The Sessions [What I REALLY Took Away From Fitbloggin']


You’ve read the re-cap. You’ve seen the swag.

Now it’s time to talk about what I really took away from Fitbloggin’ 12- and it wasn’t just this awesome tank top.


It was about what I got from people like this:

(Me with three gorgeous women: Lynda, Lena and Danielle. This is Lena’s photo)

As with other blogging conferences, Fitbloggin’ had a schedule of different sessions to choose from to attend each day. The sessions basically fell into two different categories: how to better your blog or how to better yourself. Before attending the conference, I had looked at the schedule online and made a mental list of the sessions that I thought I would like to attend. There were a few that really weren’t relevant to me, and then others that seemed to have my name stamped all over them.

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