O What A Weekend

Hey there, Monday!

I’m going to attempt to keep this weekend wrap-up brief… and I think I can do it…


After not waking up to an alarm (yay!), Greg and I decided to make some coffee and head over to the park to take a little walk. As I’ve mentioned before, Saturday is the day that both of us have designated for rest, so in general (with the exception of last weekend at Fitbloggin’) there is no exercise to be done on this day. And man, by Saturday, my body needs that rest!

While walking around the park, we happened to come across a 5k race that was just getting started.

It was fun to see everyone take off!

We also saw ducks….

After a very brief but wonderful walk around the park, we went grocery shopping and hit the farmers’ market. The plan for the day was to go to a party for our friend Tony to celebrate his birthday.

We spent our afternoon there (it was so much fun) but I decided that it was one of those times that I really didn’t want to have my phone out and take pictures- just enjoying the party was much more fun. We came home later and threw together the world’s quickest dinner: grilled pork, red onion, red bell pepper, pineapple and roasted cauliflower.

The night ended with watching the movie Vegucated, which looked intriguing and was free with our new Amazon Prime membership. More on that movie later. I can’t really write about it in the same post where I talk about eating pork and chicken.



After teaching spin class, I came back home and quickly ate, showered, and started chopping up some veggies to throw into the slow cooker. These guys weren’t too happy that we were leaving them alone again all day.


Greg and I, along with our friends Justin and Matt we heading to Baltimore in the late morning to catch the Orioles game at Camden Yards!

I’m a big baseball fan, but I’ll admit it- I have not been excited about the Red Sox this season since we saw them play in Chicago. They traded my absolute favorite player (Kevin Youkilis) and then just went downhill from there. There hasn’t been much to cheer about, and well, they just kind of suck right now. But, I still did want to see them play in Baltimore. (Just to be clear- I’m a Boston baseball fan. I will root for the Orioles if they’re not playing the Red Sox. I am a Baltimore football fan. Go Ravens!)

Normally, I would wear a Red Sox jersey, a baseball hat and all kinds of other fan gear. But, since I’m not really too thrilled with my team right now, I kept it subtle and just wore by awesome Red Sox bling necklace and earrings.

In case you’re not familiar with what Red Sox games are like at Camden Yards, it’s usually about 75% Red Sox fans. But not now- the entire stadium was filled with orange!

I have to say- I really love going to Camden Yards. It is such a beautiful ballpark!

And here’s a random fact- I worked there when I was in college! I sold lemonade. :)

It’s been so long since the Orioles have had a good season, and it was just so weird to not seeany Sox fans around. It didn’t matter though, we still had a great time! This was Matt’s first time at Camden Yards and Justin’s second. They LOVED it.

We also met up (and sat) with our friends Dominique and Benaiah, and it was so good to see them.

Dom and I went to college AND grad school together and were definitely wild and crazy back in the day! Today? Not so much… :)

I got some really good Goose Island beer on draught

(I was nice and gave one of these to Greg)

And Greg got an Old Bay sausage.

In Maryland, we truly put Old Bay on everything.

The weather was SO beautiful, and it was a fun afternoon. And obviously, the O’s won.

They’re tied for the division lead… I just hope they beat the Yankees.

And when we came home, THIS was all cooked and waiting for us.

More details about that on my WIAW post later in the week. :)

Are you a sports fan? Do you root for the “home” team?


  1. I’ve written about this before – but I root for the Braves unless they are playing the Orioles, then I root for the Orioles. Same with football (which I could care less about honestly). I root for the Falcons unless they are playing the Redskins. (I’m a Washington, not Baltimore fan!)

    Do they have a day at Camden yards when you can take dogs? We did that a few years ago at Turner Field and it’s so fun to take pictures of Murphy watching a baseball game from the stands.

  2. For some reason, ducks always make me smile :-)
    The Mountaineers are on FIRE this year!! They are so fun to watch (10 touchdowns in their first big boy game!!), and MAN this whole town (young and old alike) goes wild and crazy for its football team! Its like a crush of blue and gold out there on game day, and outside of Spain during the World Cup, I’ve never been anywhere where the whole place is just overrun with fans. Its amazing. Go ‘eers!.

  3. Looks like a great time at the ballpark!! And your puppies are too sweet. I had a golden growing up named Tracker, and he was awesome. He lived to he was 16!! Maybe one day Ill get another, but for right now I have 2 others and thats more than enough!

  4. Go Red Sox! My dad is a Cardinals fan so growing up in IL where all of my mom’s siblings are either White Sox or Cubs fans, I always felt in the middle and didn’t pick sides. Now that I’m finding this huge draw to move back to Boston, I’m already calling myself a crazy Red Sox fan and man do I miss living behind Fenway Park!

  5. Baseball is definitely my favorite sport to watch. Football bores me to tears. Love your Red Sox jewelry, and Amazon Prime is amazing!

  6. I’m not a sports fan and never have been, but baseball is my absolute LEAST favorite of them all! hahaha don’t hate me! I can deal with hockey, basketball and occasionally football but I literally don’t know 1 rule for any sport. But my reason for commenting is because girl- you are lookin’ GREAT!! Super duper fabulous :) I want your legs! Also, amazon prime is amazing. One of my favorite shows of all time, The L Word, is on there and I’ve been re watching the whole series again. It’s about trendy L.A lesbians and it makes you want to be one, hahah!

  7. I want to go to a baseball game. I’ve never been. Not a huge baseball fan tho. If I was, I’d be a red sox fan, though I should be a cubs fan by default.

    Also, your dogs look pissed off.

  8. Looks like a great weekend! Your dogs faces are priceless in that photo!

  9. I think baseball is SO boring. I am so sorry :( But I am glad you had fun!!

    Your dogs are too cute–but they look mad at you in that pic. HAHA.

  10. Fun weekend! I love sports. Any sports… but I really love the Braves. I did love GA Tech football until we lost to Middle friggin’ Tennessee this weekend. Ugh.

  11. I have never been to a baseball game! I need to change that!! Looks like fun! I’m more of a football girl myself.

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