It’s Good- Try It! [Strange Food Combinations]

One thing that I’ve learned from being a member of the healthy living bloggers community is that many of are pretty weird. More specifically, we eat some pretty weird stuff.

Actually- let me clarify that a bit.

To the general population, many of the food combinations that I see my fellow HLBs post on Instagram, Twitter and blog probably get a reaction like “that’s weird” or “that’s gross.” To me, most of these combos don’t seem weird at all… because I’m also a “weirdo.”

Some of my favorites:

#1 Mustard + Pizza

This is a very ugly picture of a flatbread pizza. I owe you a much prettier one that wasn’t taken with my iPhone.

I’ve mentioned this combination several times before- probably because we make pizza every single Friday night! And 9 times out of 10, you’ll find me squeezing mustard on my pizza. And though I am a huge fan of all types of mustard (especially spicy brown varieties)- plain ol’ yellow is best for pizza.

I started doing this in elementary school, because for some reason, it was the cool thing to do at lunch. Seriously, all the cool kids were doing it (and you know I had to be cool). It’s stuck with me for over 20 years! Yes, I know it sounds odd- but think about it: people put banana peppers on pizza all the time, which have a “mustard-y” flavor.

Every single person I know that has tried this combination has had the same reaction, which is “hey, that’s pretty good!”

#2 Siracha + Watermelon

This is one of Greg’s favorite combinations. Though we haven’t been eating much of it lately, I know that if you say the word watermelon to Greg, the word Siracha is soon to follow.

I don’t know why this combination works, but it does.

#3. Water + cucumber + Dill

The dill and cucumber actually stay in the pitcher. I put them in my glass for dramatic effect. :)

You may already know that I am slightly obsessed with cucumber water. I discovered it while we were in Colorado this summer, and have had a pitcher of it in my fridge at all times ever since. I recently discovered another ingredient to add to the water to make it even better: dill! The wonderful people at McCormick provided us with cucumber/dill water during our meal there, and I was in love!

#4: Cauliflower + Nutmeg + Sea Salt

This is a go-to veggie side for me. Cut up some cauliflower, sprinkle on some nutmeg and sea salt and let it roast in the oven. The combination of the nutmeg and salt just creates this amazing flavor! (You can also try using cinnamon, cayenne pepper, turmeric, cumin… endless possibilities here!)


These are just a few of my favorite “strange” food combinations… and come to think of it, they seem pretty normal compared to my Weird Foodie Friends Heather, Sarah, and Laura, who were kind enough to share some of their own combinations.

First up, this is from Heather:

My ALL TIME favorite combo = Peanut Butter + FROG Jam + BBQ seasoning
It all started with another blogger (Jessica from Healthy Exposures…unfortunately she doesn’t blog anymore) introducing me to the combo on her blog. The secret is using McCormick’s BBQ seasoning. It’s a little sweet so it goes perfectly with the jam and peanut butter. She got the idea from when she was a kid and liked to put BBQ chips on her PB&J sandwiches…done that too, it’s pretty damn good!
I’ve done variations of the same combo multiple times on my blog. Here are some posts that include them and I’ll also attach some pics…and a collage. That way you can choose what pic(s) you want to use for the post (which I think is a FABULOUS idea!) ;)
So I bet you’re thinking… what the heck is frog jam?! You can find out here, on her original post about this crazy good flavor combination:
Heather kept going with with this crazy flavor combination, and here are just a few of her other recipes that use it:
And now, onto Sarah’s favorite weird food combination, which includes the following:
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Wickles Pickle Relish
  • Mrs. Renfro’s Pomegranate Salsa
  • Libby’s Bavarian Style Sauerkraut
  • Hummus
  • Nutritional Yeast
The relish and sauerkraut can be substituted with a different brand, but these are, by far, the best! As long as the relish is on the slightly sweeter side. Hummus should be plain, roasted garlic, or roasted red pepper…but you know, that doesn’t really matter either.
It looks pretty darn good to me!
If you read Laura’s blog or follow her on Instagram, then you’ve definitely been introduced to the phenomenon that is PB & Jeggs (and Aggs, Peggs, Zeggs, etc….) This photo below is PB & Peggs (Peaches + eggs)
From Laura:

I do enjoy savory eggs, but sometimes you just want a PB&J. And eggs. It’s not as weird as it sounds. Really.

PB & Jeggs (1 serving)

  • 1/2 C egg whites
  • 2 T peanut flour
  • 2 T water
  • Shake of salt
  • 1/2 C berries (or peaches, squash, apples, zucchini…)
In a greased pan on med heat, scramble egg whites until 3/4 done (still a bit runny, ~2-3 mins). Meanwhile, mix together peanut flour, water, and salt to form your peanut butter (note: you could always use 2 T of your favorite nut butter here). Add peanut butter and fruit to the eggs. Scramble together and allow egg whites to complete cooking (~1-2 mins). Plate and enjoy!
Do any of the combinations above sound good to you (or do any totally gross you out)? What’s your favorite “strange” food combination?


  1. Yay for weirdos! Haha! I love this post and so glad you let Laura, Sarah, and me in on the fun!

    I’ve YET to try mustard on pizza, since I haven’t made any in WEEKS, but it’s definitely on my list! I used to dip my pizza in ketchup when I was in high school, so it’s not a far fetched idea to me!

    Another “weird” combo for me lately…grilled chicken dipped in nut butter! Mmm, mmm, mmm!

  2. I really like cottage cheese mixed with peanut butter, stevia and some sort of crunchy cereal and sometimes fruit. That’s my weird combo, which doesn’t really sound that weird to me.

  3. I totally want to try the PB and Jeggs!!! Sounds so weird, but I could see myself loving it. Thanks for the crazy idea!!!

  4. My most recent “weird” combination comes from Julie at PB Fingers with her egg, english muffin, cheese and jam combination. It’s sooooo good! I stuck my nose up at it at first, but tried it one morning and I am hooked!! The sweetness of the jam is fantastic with the egg, cheese and toasted english muffin.. yum!

  5. I keep meaning to try some mustard on my pizza! I also HAVE to have something spicy on my pizza…
    I like to sprinkle a little salt on my ice cream, which some people think is weird. It reminds me of the nostalgic taste of the home-cranked ice cream, where for some reason, inevitably, some of the salt gets in. I think this one is becoming more trendy though–last time I was in NYC, I had a “Salty Pimp”–vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, and a chocolate dip! omg heaven.

  6. I love our “weird” food combos. I’m out of peanut flour, and I’ve been craving PB&J. I’m going to have to try your dill / cuke water.

  7. I love sriracha on fruit! Sweet & spicy is the bomb. And guess what? I have sauerkraut AND spaghetti squash in my fridge, and now I just have to try putting the two together, thanks for sharing!

  8. LOVE all of these combos. If you can’t get your own FROG Jam, I made a version on my blog that is a little less sweet…and now I want to make it again so I can pair it with BBQ and NUTTY BUTTER. Or maybe I should just make a BBQ Nutty Butter? :)

    I don’t think ANY of your combos are weird at all…but I like that you are in the Weird Food Twins club, anyway.

  9. Mmmm, the cauliflower sounds great to me!

  10. I’m on board for the mustard on pizza and spicy watermelon, but I think I’m going to have to draw the line after that. :)

  11. Dude. Add some coca powder to the cauliflower. Just trust me.

    Thanks for giving my Jeggs a holla. Wait til you see what I ate this morning… ;)

    I need to make pizza for lunch so I can try that mustard combo.

  12. That’s hilarious!! I can’t think of anything too weird that I do. I’m a pretty picky eater and don’t like a lot of mixed foods. I do like PB&J with Cheetos! Lol.

  13. The only one I am iffy about is the cock sauced up watermelon. hmmm. But I love weird combos! Love love. Dipping burritos in milk, fries in ice cream, and peanut butter toast in veggie soup.

  14. Fun post and I love all the comments on other “weird” combos!

  15. Wow! I really can’t think of any strange combos that I like. I would second the nutmeg on veggies – I’ve started to use a lot more cloves, ginger, nutmeg in my cooking.

  16. Yep, there are some weirdos out there then! ;) HAH.

    I just don’t love mustard enough to ‘ruin’ the taste of pizza. But the cauliflower combo sounds REAL good. The BBQ sauce stuff…not so much. But I don’t love the taste of BBQ anyways….

  17. This is excellent! I love anything mixed together in a bowl, the more ingredients, the merrier! I made a protein shake the other morning & asked my b/f if he wanted some; his reply; “No way, I’ve seen what all you eat together!” Ha!

  18. I love odd food combos. I usually end up making them often because I add something spicy to everything just for good time :) I cook with mustard but it’s not my favorite thing all by itself.

  19. i’m so joining this club! i am BBQ freak and a srirachi freak. Can i please join? please?

  20. why can’t i spell? I mean Siracha

  21. Oh man… I could eat mustard on about anything… and hot sauce! I love hot sauce! I love you girls and your weird combos!!

  22. haha, this all looks so good. I could put mustard and hot sauce on anything!
    Love the nutmeg on the cauliflower. My go to way to roast brussel sprouts is with lemon juice and nutmeg.

  23. I’m the weirdo that doesn’t like peanut butter….or pickles.

    But I do like spaghetti + applesauce + cottage cheese. Its even better if the spaghetti is fried up first. And yes, that is hot spaghetti with cold applesauce and cottage cheese. Haven’t had this in a long time, I think I’m starting a grocery list, I need me some applesauce! ;)

  24. Love these – will have to try them. My fave is PB & Banana on Toast. The strangest I’ve seen so far is a work colleague eats Toast with Cheese, Salami & Strawberry Jam. Apparently it’s Swedish in origin..

  25. a hamburger with PEANUT BUTTER. try it.

  26. Cottage cheese and sriracha on toast

  27. Thank you! I’m 39 and have been eating mustard on pizza my entire life. It was something my mom did and has always been the preferred way to eat pizza in my household. My siblings and I have continued the “tradition.” Before this article, I’d never heard of anyone else doing it.


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