Getting Fresh With McCormick!

McCormick is a word (or name, rather) that’s been in my vocabulary ever since I was a little girl. I grew up on their spices, and we always had them in the house. They even make my all-time favorite spice in the world: Old Bay. If you live in Maryland, Old Bay is something that is definitely in your pantry at all times. And for me, that spice is connected to a lot of memories from my childhood all the way through my young adult years. I associate it with getting together with family and friends and bonding over a bushel of crabs. Just the smell of it makes me think of summer!

I remember one of my absolute favorite graphic design professors in college, Joe Ferraro, telling my class that he used to be a graphic designer for McCormick. Given that I went to college in Baltimore, I thought that was just extra cool.

So, when I was presented with the opportunity to tour their factory as part of the Fitbloggin’ conference, I jumped at the chance! Luckily, everything was able to be worked out with the timing and being able to get there early enough- because now I know exactly what I would have missed out on! I really love McCormick’s emphasis on health and cooking with lots of herbs and spices in order to cut down on the fat and salt that we so often add to what we’re cooking.

As we left the McCormick building to head back into the city, we were each given a goodie bag full of all kinds of good stuff.

Everything in the bag looked great- and I couldn’t wait to start experimenting in the kitchen!

I was particularly intrigued by the Recipe Inspirations spice blend for Garlic Lime Chicken Fajitas.

It comes with all of the spices pre-measured for a specific meal, with a recipe card with perforated edges on the back (in case you want to save it!).

Now, I’ll be completely honest. If I saw this in the store, I might pass it by- just because I’d think I already have all of these spices at home. But, on the other hand, it is really nice to have something so convenient for nights that I don’t want to spend ten extra minutes digging out all of these different spices and measuring them. I love that these are pre-measured (and the measurement is even listed on the back of each separate container)!

One thing I really like about the Recipe Inspirations is that you can see every single ingredient that makes up the spice blend. No preservatives, no weird, funky, scary ingredients. You may have also noticed that there isn’t any salt- which is also a bonus. This allows you to control the sodium level of your dish!

Since I was just cooking for Greg and me, I used just half of the spices and put the rest away for another night (along with the recipe card).

I followed the directions and used 1/2 each of a lime and orange to get fresh squeezed juice (it makes such a difference!). I ended up just using 1 boneless chicken breast, which was about 6 oz., and set everything in a ziploc baggie to marinate.

The marinade smelled so good!

After a few hours of marinating in the fridge, it was time to prepare the rest of the meal! I chopped up some bell pepper, onion and a few mushrooms.

I cooked the chicken in a skillet, and set it on a plate to rest.

And then added the veggies, along with the rest of the marinade.I also threw in a few shrimp that I had in my freezer (they were begging to be used up!).

The vegetables cooked down pretty quickly, and the chicken was added back to the pan for the last minute.

I loaded up two little corn tortillas with the fajita mixture.

And, of course, added some cheese, salsa fresca and plain Greek yogurt on top!


For a side, I roasted some cauliflower that was coated with McCormick’s Fiesta Citrus spice from the Perfect Pinch collection. It was the perfect compliment to the fajitas!

This meal was so delicious and easy to throw together. And the best part is- I still have enough spice leftover to make it all over again!

What’s your favorite spice? Do any spices bring back special memories for you?

*McCormick provided the spices used for the making of this meal.


  1. I use cinnamon in a lot of baking and just every-day eats. That tour sounded like a fun opportunity!

  2. By far my favorite spice is cinnamon. But I’m also a big fan of high quality chili powder, turmeric and cumin. Looks like you had fun with all those spices!

  3. I’m not exactly sure what’s in either of these mixtures, but I like Emeril’s Essence and Goya Adobo spices. And for plain spices, I use a lot of cumin in things. I’m not even sure what, but I feel like I’m always out of it. How do you pronounce that anyway? Q-min or Cuu-min?

  4. We have the Penzey spice company where I live and I go to their shop and get spice all the time. Love it. My favorite right now is a Pumpkin Pie spice that I use in oatmeal, cranberry sauce, muffins, cupcakes, etc. you name it. I’ve seen the McCormick spice cards in the store, and I think I might have to try this one, cuz it sounds so good and easy to put together.

  5. Mmmm that looks SO delicious! I totally would NOT buy pre-packaged spices, but I always use cinnamon, cumin, and nutmeg (in Fall) and garlic!

  6. This looks AMAZING! What a neat idea – to have a whole recipe right there on a card. Perfect for someone who’s new to cooking and doesn’t have a fully stocked pantry!

  7. Those look so good! My favorite spice is definitely cinnamon. I use a ton of it on just about everything!

  8. Looks great! I love using different spices– they make such a difference to the meal. So fun that you got to take a tour!

  9. Yum!! Garlic lime sounds awesome!!!!!

  10. I’m happy to know this recipe is a winner! I tried the Asian Sesame Salmon last night (also one of the little cards – already had it in my cupboard!)…omg – it was soooo good. I just had to add soy sauce and honey (I subbed pure maple syrup b/c I didn’t have any honey. It was so good that my husband even “mmmm”d a few times throughout the meal! :) Those little packets are great for people like me who don’t really know what goes with what (yet). ;)

  11. These would be a great gift idea for college kids who are just starting to learn to cook! If my sister ever decides to move out of my parents house (I mean, c’mon she’s twenty already…I was but a distant memory by that age! Lol), I’ll keep these in mind for a little care package! :)

    I’m a HUGE cinnamon lover (like most bloggers) but my favorite spice? Hands down, smoked paprika! Man, does it take a dish to a whole new level!

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